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    Audio Bites: Week of September 29, 2103

    September 29, 2013 0 Comments

    Taylor Swift – tempo not important :41

    “For me, the songs all have their own back story and when I’m performing them live, I pretty much relive what I was feeling when I wrote them. I don’t think too much about, “We need more down tempo. We need more uptempo. We need more mid-tempo on the record.” Because to me, that seems a little scientific. I just want to make an album that’s well rounded emotionally. Whatever that takes, whatever combination that is, determines the overall tone of the album. Is it a sad record? Is it a happy record? Is it a mixture of all emotions? Thankfully, I think that’s what this record is: it’s a mixture of all the emotions that go along with the ups and downs of a relationship.”

    Tim McGraw – tour advice to Blake and Miranda :19

    “Oh gosh. I don’t know how I would give them any advice. I mean, God, they’re great. They’re both individual artists. I guess if there’s any advice to give it’s just never lose sight of your individuality as an artist. Because I think that that’s the driving force of what – as artists makes us smart, is to not lose sight of that.”

    Laura Bell Bundy – where does comedic flair come from :28

    “I don’t take a lot of things too seriously. I try to find the humor in life. My dad has a great sense of humor. My grandfather is a whippersnapper. He’s always coming up with funny little quips. He loves innuendo. My family, we’re loud old people from Kentucky. I think I get it from them. And also I just grew up loving comedy. I think it helped me look at my life in a way that was light and fun.”

    Danielle Bradbery – how spend free time :34

    “To keep that sixteen year old in me, I always, before everything, would love to go to my best friend’s house. Her house was a place that all my friends went to and we’d all hang out. She had a pool so we would go into the pool. I mean, we would just listen to music. I love going to her house. That’s probably the most place you would see me. Just hanging out with my friends. Going to fast food places. Just that normal teenage stuff.”

    Justin Moore – consulting with wife while recording :36

    “She’s great to bounce stuff off of because she has an uncalculated, unbiased opinion. I think some of us in the business, myself included, we overanalyze everything; is it too long? Is it get to the hook fast enough? Does it sound like a hit? She just goes off her gut and what she likes. So she’s a great tool to use as far as that goes. She’s been right more times than not. She’s picked our number ones and I ain’t picked one of ‘em. She’s doing better than I am.”

    Thomas Rhett – 5 of 10 songs with dad :50

    “I remember walking into my publishing company over at Sony the other day and we pulled up the chart and I was asking them where one of my songs was and he was like, “Well, this one is at eight. This one’s at seven.” We started looking and that was when we noticed that there was five songs in the top ten that were either written or recorded by me or dad or both of us. We told dad about it and he wasn’t convinced. He was looking on Google to see if Hank Williams, Senior and Junior had ever done it. As far as we know, until somebody tells us different, we might be the only father and son to accomplish that kind of thing. So it’s pretty wild. It really is. There aren’t a whole lot of words to say how cool it is besides it’s just really freaking cool. But it’s just one of those things that will never been forgotten, especially by me and for sure by him. I guess we’ll try to get a plaque made or something for the both of us.”

    The Band Perry – Don’t Let Me Be Lonely :30

    Kimberly - “Well we couldn’t be all spit. We had to show a little bit of, you know, show the vulnerability side of what we do.”

    Neil – “Hopeless romantics.”

    Kimberly – “And that’s what I’m so proud of on this album as a whole is that we definitely have that sense of being the underdog of snapping our fingers but also, we really wore our hearts on our sleeve more than ever before. ‘Don’t Let Me Be Lonely’ has one of my favorite melodies on the whole project. It sounds big but the lyrics are so small in the sense that they’re so personal, so vulnerable. It’s already a major moment live.”

    Eli Young Band – favorite bus video games :15

    James Young – “We play video games on the bus sometimes and I think the favorites would probably be the sports games. I think we’re playing Tiger Woods Golf right now. We’ll go head to head with each other. It’s a great time killer.”

    Florida Georgia Line – think music would be universal :27

    Brian – “You dream and you think you’ve got what it takes and you work hard but this past year and a half -- it pretty much exploded. Kinda blown our minds. I think it’s definitely surprised us. I mean, we were in Lincoln City, Oregon and that’s all the way in the west coast up top and I’m from all the way on the east coast, not on the bottom but it’s like all the way there and I think that’s just so cool. We get to travel and play our songs for people. And the passion of our fans, it’s something special right now.”

    Cassadee Pope – her sound in country music :25

    “I am very, very excited that country music is expanding it’s horizons. It has been for a little while now so I feel like I fit right in there with the country, pop, rock sound. I think if you put Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift in a blender it would have me. And actually throw Avril Lavigne in there too. That’s a big influence for me.”

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    Audio Bites: Week of September 22, 2013

    September 22, 2013 0 Comments

    Taylor Swift – music is centerpiece :43

    “I always see music as the centerpiece for every creative side project that I like to do. It’s been so much fun to get to create a fragrance line that’s based around a lyric from one of my songs. That way you can accurately tell a story and you can create this ad campaign that’s based around your music. I think that starting there, whenever I’m creating even the merch line; t-shirts, we’re gonna sell at the concerts or all the visuals that go along with the record, it all starts with what the music sounds like and how it makes you feel. And so, the things just kinda feel natural to me that way. And it feels like it’s not some sort of weird assembly line thing where we’re just doing things for the sake of doing them.”

    Tim McGraw – country and blue collar worker :55

    “Certainly, that’s where the roots of country comes from. Not only blue-collar, but rural to start with, and blue-collar workers. I think country music’s for everybody in a lot of different ways, and so I think it’s just about good music. You can sing a love song and anybody can relate to a love song. You can sing a song about your family and anybody can relate to a song about their family. I think country music at its core is a -- sort of a set of values that we represent when we sing and a set of values that we represent as a genre of music and I think that’s what really appeals to middle America and blue-collar workers, and who we are as people; who we are as artists. That being said, it certainly doesn’t say everything about who everybody is in country music, you know what I mean? But that is a basic core of what we all are all about. So I think that’s the appeal and it’s always been the appeal of country music.”

    Laura Bell Bundy – music ahead of acting :41

    “It’s funny because I told someone the other day that it’s not about me making the decision that I wanted to do with my music, it’s that it’s like oxygen: I can’t NOT do it. It’s like breathing for me. That was a really important lesson for me to learn. Because when I wasn’t doing it, I was miserable. So now I know it’s like, “I don’t wanna feel like that again.” But I’m really focused on the music right now and that’s first. I’m really excited for that to be first because it hasn’t been. I haven’t been allowed to have it be the first thing. When you don’t put music out for a while, you end up not being able to afford to live that you have to do other things like acting. I enjoy it. I love it, but this is coming first right now.”

    Danielle Bradbery – how family dealing :34

    “Of course for me it’s a lot to sink in and process, myself. But my family, of course, is overwhelmed with everything. They’re proud and they just try to do everything they can to help me out and have my back, which they have been. But, they just want to continue and even do better. Yeah, they’re doing a really good job at it. It’s really nice that I have them to fall back on ‘cause they’re always willing to help. I mean, they’re my family but yeah, they’ve been a big help.”

    Justin Moore – Cabela’s partnership :42

    “I’ve always been really careful about who I team up with. Because you attach your name to somebody, you got ‘em and they got you; good or bad. I couldn’t be happier with the folks there. They’re great people, first and foremost. I have a huge amount of respect for the way that company came about and has grown and they still do things the right way. And then, the more fun stuff – that’s right up my alley. I mean, I love to be outdoors: camping, hunting, fishing, etc. It just makes perfect sense. I feel like, it’s been mutually beneficial to the two of us and hopefully we can continue to grow that relationship.”

    Thomas Rhett – favorite sport to watch :22

    “First and foremost, it’s college football. That’s pretty much all I do during the Fall on Saturdays. Even though we have shows at night, I’m watching SportsCenter from 10 o’clock until we go on stage and then watching SportsCenter after we get off stage. So, college football is big for me. I recently got into playing golf a lot so I keep it on the Golf Channel a pretty good bit. I love watching everything golf. Because I like playing it, I like to watch other people play it too.”

    The Band Perry – part of family format :43

    Kimberly – “The country format is a family, among ourselves, all in this room. But, I also know that at our shows and at all the country shows I’ve been to, families come out to them. Our favorite thing is when we’re at a meet and greet, and we see a kid and her mother and the grandmother. Like, three generations. And I think country music is more about sharing it with each other as friends and family..”

    Neil – “Real life.”

    Kimberly – “…and it just makes our format so special and yeah, it is about real life. It feels very like, blue collar and normal. It’s applicable. It means something. And it’s not all about the bells and whistles. There’s certainly a place for that and pop music does that. The best of the best if that’s what you are in the market for. But for country, it’s true blue and we’re just really proud to be a part of it.”

    Eli Young Band – hangover cure :16

    Mike Eli – “Hangover cures are the thing that I haven’t ever figured out. I think I try to be pre-emptive the night before and make sure that somewhere between the drinks, I drink some water. That’s the only cure I’ve got. I haven’t quite figured it out.”

    Florida Georgia Line – make #1 look easy :19

    Brian – “You know, there’s a lot of things that people don’t see. They see the success but they don’t see the late hours and the early mornings and the autograph lines and us going out of our way to try make peoples days a little better; the studio time, the flights and all that stuff. There’s a lot of hard work into that. And there’s also an amazing team of support staff behind us that’s pushing just as hard as we are.”

    Cassadee Pope – people sharing personal stories :24

    “I find a lot of fans relate to this song. A lot of my fans are younger: they’re kids in high school and in college that are still going through love and all the different obstacles you face when you’re falling in love for the first time. So, I’ve gotten a lot of people saying that they’re going through the exact same thing right now as the song talks about, and that’s just getting over somebody that broke your heart.”

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    Audio Bites: Week of September 15, 2013

    September 15, 2013 0 Comments

    Taylor Swift – wrote novel at 13 1:02

    “I have a lot of different epiphanies. I’m always having different ideas as to like, “Ooh. You know, this would be a good idea.” One summer I was at the shore. We used to spend our summers in Stone Harbor, New Jersey and all my friends were back in Pennsylvania and so I had nothing to do. So I had this epiphany; I’m going to be a novelist and I’m gonna write novels and that’s gonna be my career path. So I would write different chapters of this book and send them back to my friends and I’d write them into the book under different names but totally describe their personalities. It was a really fun way to spend the summer. My parents were so frustrated because I would never go outside. I would just be locked in this little study with my computer. But I’ve always been a writer first. It’s my favorite thing is how you can convey a thought or a story or completely describe a character or a situation through words and the whole process of editing and re-editing and rethinking and imagining. I think that that’s what I loved about writing the novel and that’s what I love about poetry and that’s what I love about songwriting.”

    Tim McGraw – don’t text and drive :45

    “I’m not a big soap box guy so I’m not gonna stand on a soap box and tell everybody how they should live their lives and the things that they should do, and what you should and shouldn’t do. Having said that, having a 16-year old and a 15-year old daughter who are starting to drive, and my 16-year old has her license now, it’s a different world than when I was a kid. I mean, the idea of having a phone anywhere outside of your house—I remember not having a phone, period. So having a phone outside of your house and texting and talking on the phone and driving it’s not engrained as it is now, because we’ve lived with it for a while but that’s all they know. So it just felt like it was the right opportunity and I was in a position to feel like that. It really meant something for me to say it because I do have teenage daughters, so it wouldn’t be like just throwing a message out there for the hell of throwing a message out there.”

    Laura Bell Bundy – interest in fashion and style :33

    “Yeah, I mean, I’m a girl. I think most girls are interested in fashion and style. I always really love like vintage stuff. Like taking a vintage piece and then a brand new type of jacket—you know, I like to mix. Yeah, I actually think when it comes to fashion, I’m a bigger proponent of women wearing things that look good on their bodies than wearing things that are in Vogue. I just think that when a woman feels good about what they’re wearing, and wears a smile on their face, they look the best.”

    Danielle Bradbery – want to do high school stuff :29

    “I have this huge, amazing opportunity in front of me that I’m holding, but then again, I’m sixteen and I still want to live that prom or homecoming and hanging out with my friends’ life but now it’s getting to the point where it’s hard. It’s really hard. But I do sometimes have that separation between, ‘Wait. I love what I’m doing but I wanna go to prom.’ So I mean, yeah it’s difficult.”

    Justin Moore – new album most representative 1:04

    “I think, at the time, right now, yeah. You know, if I’m being perfectly honest, if I went and cut an album that I wanted to cut and I didn’t have to worry about the outside influences and I was just cutting an album of what I loved, I’d go cut an album that sounded like it was made in the ‘90s in country music. ‘Cause that’s my favorite thing to listen to and that’s my favorite thing to do. But, that ain’t what’s being played on the radio right now. At the end of the day, my job is to give an album to my record label that they feel like they can continue to help me grow my artistry and grow my career. So, in some regards, yeah. This is as much as I can bend each way, and it represents where I’m at as an artist right now. In some ways, no. I’d go cut stuff that had steel guitar going all the way through it. A very simple production and all that stuff. But you gotta change and grow and evolve as the music does.”

    Justin Moore – musical growth on new album :46

    “When I put my first album out four years ago, the songs that were on the radio then ain’t what’s on the radio now. That ain’t my decision. I can like it or not like it. I live in that world. Because of that, we took a few chances on this record. My goal with the record, and I feel like we accomplished it, was to stay true to who I am as an artist and what got me to this point in my career. In particular, for the fans that’ve been there from the get go. But also stretch myself and grow again in order to grow our fan base. I really feel like we did that. I think the nucleus of the album, people are accustomed to hearing that type of thing from me but I think there’s some songs on there that can help us achieve our next goals.”

    Thomas Rhett – being done with the album :41

    “I think as an artist, when you make a record, I’m not sure that you can ever find one artist who is fully satisfied with what they’ve done. Especially being an artist/songwriter like myself. I write so many songs that even if I was done with a record, I would have to have people talk me out of going back in and cutting ten more songs. Records these days, most of them have 11-15 songs. If I could pick, I would put thirty on my record. So, definitely, there’s been a bunch of points with me and my record label president and have decided to go back in and cut more songs. But there’s gotta come a point where you gotta be satisfied with it and you gotta know that you did the best job that you could and hope that everybody loves it. So we’ve definitely gone back a couple of times on this record and said, ‘You know, this one might need to be next and this one might need to be added.’”

    The Band Perry – Reid surprising to know :41

    Reid- “I’m probably the loudest mouth and the most stubborn, hard-headed one of The Band Perry.”

    Kimberly –“I’m glad you finally admitted it.”

    Reid – “I’m proud of it. I mean, I’m just gonna live up to it. Middle children rule.”

    Kimberly – “Yeah, but that’s more true behind the scenes. I will say, though, he has some silent stares that when Neil and I are running our mouths sometimes on stage or in interviews, he’s kinda communicating without opening his mouth. But yeah, you’re all invited on the tour bus to see this guy and his ‘powers of pursuasion’.”

    Reid – “I do, yes. I have this.. I have a great talent. It’s called ‘working on the wear down’. I normally get my way a lot of the times, right? Not my way; the right way.”

    Kimberly – “Only because you’re exhausting.”

    Eli Young Band – getting to hang with Kenny :23

    Mike Eli – “It was pretty surreal when we actually got to hang out with Kenny for the first time. I think he’s one of the biggest stars in country music and music in general. He’s got a reputation of being an incredibly nice dude and he lives up to that. Hanging out with Kenny has been pretty surreal but jumping up on stage every night in front of that many people, it’s one of those pinch-yourself moments.”

    Eli Young Band – where go from Kenny tour :12

    James Young – “Being out with Kenny Chesney has been amazing. We’ve never done it on this level before; stadiums and arenas. It’s one of the biggest tours, period. I wonder where we go from here. It’s just been an amazing summer.”

    Florida Georgia Line – where keep plaques and awards :27

    Brian – “Yeah, I’m gonna need to buy another house soon ‘cause I mean, the one I’m living in isn’t that big and the walls are getting kinda full. I mean, that’s just the testament to hard work and our amazing fans and country radio diggin’ what we’re doing, it’s completely changed our lives and we’re very, very thankful. Yeah, we just kinda hang around the house and…everytime…we’re not home much but everytime we come home, you kinda look at it and you’re like, “Well, I’m gonna try to work harder than last week and see if we can keep this thing rolling.” So it’s, I kinda use it as more of an inspiration than really anything.”

    Cassadee Pope – time with Rascal Flatts off stage :35

    “We do most of our hanging out backstage during the show. I don’t see The Band Perry a ton because they have so much going on during the day. But, I’ll see them every once in a while backstage in their dressing room. So anytime I get to hang out with them—everybody’s extremely nice and Flatts are always having me come out every night and sing with them. They did something really great for me and had about an hour long practice the first day of tour so I was comfortable with them. We just did it right on the stage and it was really cool to sing with them that up and close and personal.”

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    Audio Bites: Week of September 8, 2013

    September 8, 2013 0 Comments

    Taylor Swift – alternate versions of songs :28

    “I wanted people to hear where the songs start. The demo of ‘Red’ was a song that made me feel like the record could open up and be something different than what I had previously thought. And ‘State of Grace’ is a song that is so heavy hitting but it’s about such a delicate emotion and I wanted to portray that delicate emotion in a delicate way. And the same thing with ‘Treacherous’. The song became very big but it started off really, really small. So I want people to see those original places where those songs started off.”

    Tim McGraw – Highway possible CMA nom :45

    “Nominations and awards are awesome. I love ‘em. They’re sort of a watermark, I think, in your career and what your music is doing and how it’s being perceived and all those sort of things. And to have a nomination with Keith and Taylor I think, for me, it would be a cool thing. I’ve had some cool collaborations with my wife included, and Kenny and I won one. Kenny, Tracey and I won one together. So, it’s cool to have those sorta things. And I think that it’s just sort of – it shows what the spirit of music is when you can work together and you can have success like that together and everybody can be happy about it.”

    Laura Bell Bundy – touring with Rascal Flatts :46

    “I’m out there on the road with Rascal Flatts, who I love. I grew up being a big fan of theirs so it is exciting to be out on the road with them since I’ve actually become fairly good friends with them, Jay and I write together. He’s produced a couple of tracks of mine. So I have a great relationship with the band and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to go out and perform. Dance Y’all was going to be out with the Rascal Flatts for months now. I mean, it was pre-planned. Dance Y’all is a group that gets a crowd going by doing fun, country line dances, teaches line dances, but basically gets the crowd going in between The Band Perry and Rascal Flatts. They also have an EP that has country music remixes and includes ‘Two Step’. So, they brought me out. So I come out and I do the ‘Two Step’ every night.”

    Danielle Bradbery – kind of material looking for :24

    “There’s definitely going to be choices for me for my songs in what other people want to hear from me and what I wanna sing. It really depends on what I hear and what goes on in my life to be able to share out to people through my songs. Yeah, a lot of thinking into that but I’ll figure it out sooner or later.”

    Justin Moore – Off the Beaten Path metaphorical :51

    “Yeah, absolutely. That’s kinda where the title came from. Even after I cut the record, I didn’t know what the heck to call it. I’d bang my head against the wall and I’m going, ‘What in the world am I gonna call this now?’ And it just kinda came to me, Off The Beaten Path. Literally, that’s where I love to be: hunting, fishing, outdoors, all that stuff. But, metaphorically, I thought, ‘Well, that kinda makes sense.’ And it is, some of it is a little bit of a departure for me. Some of the beats … I was adamant, I will never put a loop in any of my songs ever. I’m not doing it. Of course, I did. But they’re subtle. And they’re not in your face. I think it added a new element that it sounds a little fresher than what we’ve done in the past. I’m really, really excited about it.”

    Justin Moore – describe Off the Beaten Path :42

    “It just was kinda defined by the music that I found and the music that I wrote. Album three, in some regards there was less pressure on me ‘cause I accomplished more than I had ever anticipated being able to accomplish in my career but at the same time, in other regards there’s more pressure because it’s like, ‘Okay you’ve done this. Now you can either stay right here or you can take that big leap and go play ball with the big boys.’ And I felt like in order for us to do that and grow our fan base to a level it hadn’t been yet, we had to step out and take a couple chances and grow the music.”

    Thomas Rhett – good on the grill :14

    “I am good on the grill. But we live in a condo and they don’t allow you to have an open flame at a condo. So they have a community grill up next to the pool, which we have not used yet because Lauren thinks it’s gross to use the same grill everyone else uses so I haven’t grilled anything yet.”

    The Band Perry – chance of CMA nomination :28

    Kimberly – “Who knows? I mean they’re just bad odds. I think it’s a really exciting time to be a part of the format. Of course, group nomination would be a really coveted one for us but man, I also feel like it’s one of the stiffest competitions in the whole batch so..”

    Neil – “And it’s also interesting to see the New Artist category too ‘cause again, there’s been like a great number of new artists coming out with Hunter Hayes, and Florida Georgia Line …all those acts so..”

    Kimberly – “The best thing is, we ain’t too proud to beg, so …”

    Neil – “Yeah! (laughs)”

    Eli Young Band – active online :33

    Mike Eli – “Early on in our career it was—our priority was going out after the show and meeting everyone we could. I mean, it was the whole thing of making one fan at a time. So, that gets harder and harder to do as you get bigger and bigger. It’s not that you don’t want to do it, but you just --- sometimes you just can’t. There’s no way to get out there. So we’ve tried to just make sure that we create new ways for our fans to feel like they’re kind of a part of what we’re doing ‘cause they’re a huge part of what we’re doing and we owe a lot of these people everything. And so, we just want to make sure that we let them know that.”

    Florida Georgia Line – where country music is at :22

    Brian – “You know, I’m excited about where country music’s going, man. I mean, music in general, all genres, is ever evolving. You look at Hank Williams, Sr. to Hank, Jr. to Alabama to Garth Brooks. It’s never really the same and I think that’s in a cool spot. There’s a lot of different writers and a lot of different artists that are coming out and have so many different influences and you get them in a room and it’s gonna sound like a fresh sound. And I think that’s really cool.”

    Cassadee Pope – Voice impact or change you as an artist

    The Voice helped me to really hone in on my sound. I started off on the show in my pop-rock stage and the more I sang on the show, the more I realized I can infuse my pop-rock influences with my country roots so that’s what I started doing on the show and the reaction from the crowd encouraged me to do that even after the fact. I also got better at singing, I felt. I mean, I really worked hard every day at practicing and exercising and making sure that my vocals were top notch and in shape for the show. So I learned a lot about my voice, also.”

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    Audio Bites: Week of September 1, 2013

    September 1, 2013 0 Comments

    Taylor Swift – album define place 1:09

    “I think, for me, different albums represent different chapters of my life. Fearless represents the breakthrough and all the discovery of, ‘Wow. There’s a big, wide world of music and I’ve just been thrown into it and I’m excited, and I’m scared.’ We had incredible luck at the Grammy’s with that album. And then I felt like I really had something to prove on Speak Now, because that last album, Fearless, was so big. I wanted to write a record by myself to prove that I could do it. To prove to myself that I could do it. So it was – in my mind it was a little bit lyrically dark and it was something that I’m always gonna be really proud of. With Red, I wanted to learn. I wanted to take my comfort zone, which at that point was writing songs alone, and I wanted to throw myself into a different realm, where I was out of my comfort zone. So I called up all these people I’m a fan of; producers, writers, artists, and just said, “I want you to be in on making this record with me. I want your influence.” So, I’d say it was me expanding and learning and taking risks I’d never taken before.”

    Tim McGraw – Southern Girl as next single :25

    “You know, it just felt like summertime. We’re out on tour and we’re playing a lot of things off of the new album. I think we play seven or eight songs off the new album, Fifty Lanes of Freedom record, on the tour this summer. That one just really stuck out to the reaction we got from the fans. More than anything it felt like summertime. And we knew it would be really playing on the radio right at the end of summer when it’s really hot and everybody’s going back to school and it just sorta fit the time that it would be out.”

    Laura Bell Bundy – obsessed with making country music :34

    “I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever been as inspired in my life as I am now. I feel completely open and free. To be inspired, is, they say, ‘in spirit’. There’s something very spiritual about creating and writing music. Sometimes you just feel like it’s not coming from you and even if it’s a silly, stupid dance song. It still feels like you’re channeling something. That you’re having a spiritual experience. That is addicting for me. I love it. Being on stage and doing my music, it is like the best drug you could ever take. I realize that I’m still gonna do this whether people listen or not.”

    Danielle Bradbery – person really want to meet :27

    “I would absolutely—I mean, I’ve always been saying this: Carrie Underwood. She’s huge in the country music. She has this powerhouse voice and she just looks so sweet. I would love to meet her. I sing all her songs all the time. She’s definitely someone —one of the many I would like to meet. Everybody is so amazing, but she’s definitely somebody that I would love to meet.”

    Justin Moore – Razorbacks football :32

    “I’m so excited to get the bad taste out of our mouth from last year. We were expected to do so good. I mean, we were pre-season Top 5 and then it just obviously went south for us. But I’m hopeful that we’re going in the right direction. I don’t know how good we’re gonna be this year. If we can make a Bowl game I think it would be a win for us. We’re young and we need to get some more talent in there. I’ve become friends with Coach Bielema, our new head coach, great guy. He’s got a proven record, proven track record, and I think he’s gonna get us going in the right direction.”

    Thomas Rhett – Jason Aldean tour :26

    “The tour with Jason has been a blessing. It’s been amazing being out there with a superstar like Jason and being on one of the biggest tours of the year. When we first started it was very intimidating. And now I feel like I’ve grown very comfortable playing in arenas and playing in front of Jason’s crowd and really trying to win those people over. It’s been a once in a lifetime thing. I really think this tour has really spurred my fan base. I love being out there with Jake and Jason and getting to know those guys. It’s been awesome.”

    The Band Perry – headlining tour ideas :24

    Neil – “We’re still kinda in the early phases of that.”

    Kimberly – “Well, I will tell you this, we are forcing our mother to get her pyrotechnic license officially. So there might be some fireworks. And on the Canadian leg, Lindsay Ell and Easton Corbin are coming out with us and those guys are both really great guitar players. So we’re thinking about doing the traditional mesh as a band, all three acts together, but maybe making it more instrumental, which might be fun.”

    The Band Perry – working on set ideas :27

    Reid – “We actually got out first designs about a couple of weeks ago, so we’re getting several in, gonna see which one really works for us and put it all together, but we actually will start in November in Europe. So we’re gonna get things started over there and then come back to North America.”

    Kimberly – “And we’re spending all of our sound checks working out the set list already because, you know, it’s quite a chemistry, the set list. So it’s fun to just talk about different mash ups and ways of doing medleys of different tracks off of Pioneer, so it’s exciting.”

    Eli Young Band – Drunk Last Night represent album :30

    Chris Thompson - “’Drunk Last Night’ represents what’s coming up on our next record in a lot of ways. First, the songwriting is so unique and different. We love titles that kinda lend themselves to one thing but actually tell a different kind of story. Those unexpected things. Those are the kind of songs that we love to write. Those are the kind of songs that we’re drawn to. So there’s a lot of that on this record. But also the sound on ‘Drunk Last Night’ is representative of the sound that we’re going for in this next record. There’s a lot of energy in it. There’s a lot of fun. And we feel like this is our record to do that. We want to put out songs that make people feel great and have a good time.”

    Florida Georgia Line – tailgating :25

    Tyler - “We probably have a case of beer and probably some cornhole.”

    Brian – “Some music.”

    Tyler – “Probably, definitely some speakers set up or a truck sound system. I don’t know. A couple lawn chairs. Maybe a couch in the back of the truck. I don’t know. Something I do want to do one day is put all plastic in the bed of my truck and fill it up with water and sit in it like a little hot tub.”

    Brian – “I saw that. I see that at the Aldean show with a guy that did that.”

    Tyler – “Yeah. That sounds like fun.”

    Cassadee Pope – international fan base :44

    “My band and I did a lot of touring overseas. We were lucky enough to be able to tour with the band Fallout Boy back when we first started in 2008. They took us on a world tour so we got a lot of our fans right off the bat overseas. And they just stuck with us through the years. We did a lot of touring in Japan and the U.K. so I think fans just saw us traveling the world and gravitated towards us because they thought maybe we were gonna be able to come to them. And then we also did a South American tour towards the end of our career together. But, we toured and that’s how we gained a lot of our fanbase. I think some fans did jump on the bandwagon after The Voice as well, so it’s kind of a mixture of both.”

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    Audio Bites: Week of August 25, 2013

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    Taylor Swift – songs open to interpret :25

    “For me, yeah, there’s a lot of curiosity about who each song is about and that’s kind of something that I love keeping to myself. Never really revealing who exactly these songs are about. Because I like for people to be able to paint their own picture of whether they want to think about their ex boyfriend or someone they know or make up their own mind about who they think I wrote it about. It’s all up to them, because I’m never telling.”

    Tim McGraw – Labor Day worst job :12

    “Picking tomatoes in Louisiana. I mean, I had a lot of bad jobs. Pulling coffee weeds in rice fields is not a good job either, especially with water moccasins in the river. Picking tomatoes..that’s a pretty nasty job.”

    Laura Bell Bundy – Labor Day worst job :22

    “I’ve really been fortunate not to have horrible jobs. I’ve been very blessed to be able to have my hobby be my job. I mean, I’ve been a bartender and I’ve been a hostess and I’ve been a coat check girl. I’ve done sales before I did real estate. Living in New York trying to make ends meet. That was pretty funny. I don’t think it was horrible, but it was funny.”

    Danielle Bradbery – when knew wanted to be a singer :440

    “When I was little, I always just watched the award shows and just other stars perform and I would just be in awe of how they were and I would try to picture myself up there. Of course, that little girl who just wants to be the superstar. But I never got the courage to actually try and do something about it. I mean, I was so shy. I didn’t want to get in front of anybody. So I just had this huge imagination and I just thought that I would just keep going. My mom was a big part of how this started because she signed me up for The Voice and I kinda went along with it to see how it went because I was so scared. From there, it just kept going.”

    Justin Moore – Labor Day Heroes program :57

    “We’ve been really fortunate to be involved with a program that Crown Royal has done for a number of years, but we’ve done it with them the last two or three and that’s called Your Heroes Name Here, where ultimately, a hometown hero who’s voted by fans as a winner online, has a Brickyard 400 named after him. In thinking about this year what we could do to help grow that program to a new level, on the music side of things, I had heard this song “Heroes” that Greg Bates actually wrote and I said, ‘Man, why don’t we go record that and actually do something with it’, What we did was put it up online. If you’re 21 or over, you can go to and download that for free and Crown Royal will donate a dollar for each time that’s downloaded to our Armed Forces Foundation. Yeah, it’s something for us that’s very easy to do that’s gonna help some folks out. Anytime we can do that, especially for our military servicemen and women, why not.”

    Thomas Rhett – perfect summer day :18

    “My perfect summer day would be on the golf course, to tell you the honest truth. Or sitting on the beach drinking a Bud Light. As a kid, we always used to go to Amelia Island. My family’s had a house down there since I can…as long as I can remember, so I’ve always been a big beach goer and anytime I get a chance when I’m off on the road to go to the beach, I’m going.”

    The Band Perry – difference in intl fans :39

    Kimberly – “I don’t really think there’s a lot of difference between playing for crowds in the United States and folks in the UK and Europe. Just a bunch of country lovers. The one interesting thing though, is that, when we played Scandinavia, there was a little bit of a language barrier when I would speak. I mean I’m very southern – ‘Y’all want some sweet tea?’

    Reid – “It wasn’t even that, but whenever she would tell a joke it would just be …”

    Neil – “Crickets. And you know, it was kind of deflating for Kimberly, but Reid and I would laugh on stage just to make her feel better.”

    Kimberly – “What wasn’t deflating though is that they knew the music. Music is such a universal language. Even when our language maybe isn’t as decipherable. I think the songs still speak.”

    Eli Young Band – American Idol stardom :32

    Mike Eli – “Our outlook on it is that we’ve kinda paved our road in a way that we’re building a foundation that we’ll be able to always turn back to. You build something, quality, that’s gonna be there for a long time and hopefully, we’ll be making music for a really long time. I think that in the age of the instant star I think that they still have to pay their dues. They just have to do it in a different way and they have to do it in front of people, a lot of people. Whereas, we got to pay our dues in front of no one. Many times.”

    Florida Georgia Line – writing inspiration from fans :26

    Tyler Hubbard – “We get ideas and inspiration from all walks of life and where we’re at, and what we’re experiencing. Right now, a lot of that has to do with fans and playing shows and traveling on a bus and all that good stuff. I’d say absolutely. Our fans are amazing. How they connect to us on stage is unreal. So when we’re writing, we’re also thinking about what we wanna be saying to our fans and how we want them to perceive us and all that kind of stuff, so it definitely has an impact on our writing.”

    Cassadee Pope – how spend day off :32

    “I love just sitting around. I love TV. I’m a sucker for reality shows on Bravo and CMT. I could sit there for hours and watch shows. But I also love spending time outside. I live in L.A. and there’s not a day that goes by where it’s not absolutely gorgeous out. So, if I can find a balcony or a patio situation, I will sit and read and sunbathe and just have my alone time and not speak. Not speaking is key.”

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    Audio Bites: Week of August 18, 2013

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    Taylor Swift – Red defined album :29

    “I think, for me, red defined this album because I wrote a song called ‘Red’ and it was a song about kinda correlating the emotions you went through in a breakup to different colors. It talks about blue and dark gray and then eventually admits that the reason it’s impossible to forget someone is if loving them was red: if it was intense; if it was passionate. And that doesn’t matter if it’s intensely good or intensely bad. It’s intensely unforgettable if it was red.”

    Tim McGraw – struggle creates best stuff 1:02

    “The times that you feel like that are really the times that you feel like that you’re struggling artistically. And when you’re struggling artistically, sometimes the best stuff comes out. It’s like when you’re playing ball, and you show up and are like, “Man, I really don’t feel like playing today.” It’s like, “I feel slow” or “My uniform’s not hanging right.” You know, all those sort of things that an athlete goes through and that’s really where all my sorta ‘How To’ comes from, is being an athlete, how I approach everything. And you look back and those were the days where usually you were 4 for 5, almost hitting the cycle. And you made diving plays at shortstop and you turned a couple double plays. They days when you didn’t feel like you could do it and the days that you felt like you were struggling and nothing felt right, are the days you usually played well. And it’s sort of the same thing musically. The times that you feel like you were struggling; the times that you felt like you’re challenged; times that you felt like things really aren’t clicking like they need to be clicking like they need to be clicking are the times that you really sorta hit homeruns with your music. So, they’re all those times you feel like that maybe you’re done or you don’t wanna do this anymore or you don’t feel like it’s the right thing to do; maybe you should do something else for a while. Other times, something good usually comes out of it.”

    Laura Bell Bundy – perfect way to spend summer day :38

    “I love being on a lake. I absolutely love anything on a lake. Skiing, tubing, drinking, whatever. I love being on the water and I grew up on a lake. So, it’s like home for me. I’m a very outdoorsy person. I love hiking, and loving being active. So the summer when it’s warm, you can be a lot more active and be outdoorsy like, I kinda hate being in a gym. It feels very stale to me. I like being out and about. I love traveling in the summer. Of course my job makes me travel. But yeah, I love the summertime. I love being warm. I’d rather be warm than cold, that’s for sure.”

    Danielle Bradbery – what do if not singer :30

    “Besides being a singer, I have my interests in a couple of things. I don’t know if I can act, but I’ve always watched these action movies, like those fighting movies I would see. I would try to match myself in those cool moments. You never know. I don’t know if I can act or not. But that’s just a side note. My mom’s a hairdresser and I’ve always watched her cut hair and all these cool hairstylists and that’d be kinda interesting for me. I’d like to cut hair.”

    Justin Moore – Point at You live :41

    “It’s definitely the way you draw it up. To have a big hit single right out of the gate to kick off a new album, and we’ve been lucky to do that both times, now three times, with all of our albums. ‘Point at You’ I heard was one of the first songs I heard for the album and I loved it right away. I thought it was a hit. Especially coming off “’Till My Last Day’, which was the first time we did something like that and it was so well received I thought this was a perfect extension and follow up to that. It was rockin’ still, even though it was a love song. Our fans are loving it. On the road it’s going great. It’s a lot of pointing going on. It’s rude to point, ain’t it? Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.”

    Thomas Rhett – least favorite house chore :20

    “Just cleaning up in general. When I was in college, my room was a wreck and it didn’t bother me. I would sleep on my bed with a suitcase on it, with shirts tucked into the mattress and all kind of mess. I don’t know. She always makes me make the bed. I never was a bed maker when I lived at home but she is and so, she makes me do it.”

    The Band Perry – Neil TV or film :18

    Neil – “My dream role was actually doing Gollum in the Hobbit, but that didn’t come out.”

    Reid – “Other than that it was like Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, right?”

    Kimberly – “Yeah, something…classic.”

    Neil – “I love like the golden age of film, that really kind of classic, black and white, romantic kind of stuff I love. But my whole life is an act, so for now I’m pretty good. But if the right opportunity came I would love to do it.”

    Eli Young Band – what learned on Kenny tour :26

    Chris – “Being on the Kenny Chesney tour is like having a shotgun seat to the biggest and greatest tour on the planet. We’ve learned so much from Kenny; everything from just how to perform on stage, how to keep the audience attention for two solid hours all the way down to actually how to run a tour behind the scenes. Kenny’s really hands on. He’s always around. He’s always tweeking the show. He’s always very active in everything that you see on stage and everything that happens behind the scenes. We’ve learned a ton from him and keep learning.”

    Florida Georgia Line – how stay grounded :31

    Tyler – “Just some close friends.”

    Brian – “We’ve always got each other.”

    Tyler – “We’ve got some close friends that, when we can, we try to get away and hang out with and just kinda remember how it used to be. A lot has to do with our family as well. My cousins…I go to Alabama and hang out with them and kinda get away and stuff like that. Just being home for a couple of days and doing things we like to do, like ride motorcycles and riding around with our windows down and listen to music. Just doing our thing kinda keeps us grounded. It’s definitely not always easy but taking some time to yourself and doing your thing, whatever that is, is kinda the key to what we found.”

    Cassadee Pope – must have on the road :36

    “I always have to have my guitar. I don’t play it on stage a ton but I love taking it in the back lounge and just writing ‘cause on tour it’s very inspiring and you just wanna sometimes write down what’s going on and what you’re seeing everyday. So my guitar. I love having little snacks on the bus. I’m a snacker. So anything from apples to hummus and chips and salsa, that stuff really goes a long way for me. And my computer. I’ve got a lot to keep up with when I’m on the road and the computer saves me.”

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    Audio Bites: Week of August 11, 2013

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    Taylor Swift – end of day treat or relax :18

    “I really like Japanese food and I really like…what I’m excited about doing after I get off of work sometimes is I’ll go out hiking. And I’ll listen to a new album that’s just come out or I’ll listen to new songs I’m liking. It’s just kind of a time for me to be away from a lot of people. Because I’m surrounded by a lot of people all the time.”

    Tim McGraw – Southern Girl 1 :27

    “You know, it sort of has a progressiveness about it and a freshness about it, but it also sort of really has a real sort of . . . I don’t know. It reminds you of something that you might of heard in the 70s, so it’s got a little bit of both of those worlds. It marries both of them together really nicely, and one of the greatest things I like about that song . . . I love the lyric and I love the melody, but I really love the lead write in that song where it goes to the lead break where it goes to sort of an unexpected place and the way it gets back out of that. It’s one of my favorite parts about that song.”

    Laura Bell Bundy – music for inner 16 year old :34

    “Well, my inner 16-year-old self drove her Jeep Wrangler to school listening to Tu-Pac and Shania and Dixie Chicks and Bone Thugs and Snoop Dog and Faith Hill. So it’s all this juxtaposition between hip hop and country. So I am now making music that kind of brings these two worlds together, ‘cause I think kids in the country, they listen to both. They listen to hip hop; they listen to country. So, my inner 16-year old wants to let loose and have fun and still wants to hear a fiddle.”

    Danielle Bradberry – most important winner of Voice :22

    “When you hear something like me being the most important to The Voice coming from Blake, it’s shocking. ‘Cause of course I never thought I would be named that. It’s crazy. Hopefully I will, of course, keep working hard and hopefully become that. Yeah, that’s insane to hear from him.”

    Justin Moore – baseball :55

    “First and foremost I’m a huge Braves fan and we’re 13 ½ games up in our division and I’m thrilled about that, but I think if they want to put a stop to what’s going on … one strike and you’re out. You’re banned from baseball for life, because what’s going on right now is you’re gonna pay some guy $40 million to play all season and if you get caught doing steroids you miss 50 games, so you lose three million dollars. Whoopty do. You still get out of there with $37 million so it’s worth the risk to these people. And I hate to see what’s going on. There’s a black cloud over major league baseball right now and I think the penalty needs to be stronger, in my opinion. That’s where my head’s at, but there’s too much money in that sport, along with the other sports, and too many TV dollars, and I don’t know if anybody’s got the balls to do it or not, but I hope they finally grow some.”

    Thomas Rhett – favorite movie of all time :22

    “My favorite movie of all time would have to be Golden Eye – James Bond. I was THE biggest James Bond fan on the planet. I used to have the Golden Eye N64 game that I would play all the time. I guess it just brings back a bunch of childhood memories . I used to dress up like James Bond with my grandmother and shoot weird home videos of me being James Bond solving a crime.”

    The Band Perry – DONE statement with title :22

    Reid – “DONE.. It’s a song that, well, it talks about giving and giving and someone taking, taking, and never giving back. It’s just that point where you’ve literally had all you can.”

    Kimberly – “Had enough.”

    Reid – “So I feel like all CAPS and the period just…well, like we say, it puts a period on the situation.”

    Kimberly – “Yeah, it’s very definitive. There’s no second, what, fifth chances, after this song.”

    Eli Young Band – families on the road LBT :35

    Chris – “We did a tour opening for Rascal Flatts and Little Big Town and we saw how Little Big Town could have a family on the road. They brought their babies out and the kids were out on probably 70 percent to 75 percent of the tour. I mean, that was really inspiring now that we’re having our own kids in the band. They really showed us that there’s ways to keep connected with your family on the road. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to be so far away from the people that you love. Our families are getting to come out more and more on the road nowadays. The kids are growing up a little bit more and they’re old enough to come out and hang out on the bus. I think we have a couple longer road trips coming up in the future.”

    Florida Georgia Line – vintage tshirts :20

    Brian – “Yes, and there’s a couple other sites that I will not give out. But, no, I’m always searching for different things and there are bands that I like. We got some cool Garth and George Strait tees and a couple Alabama ones that I really love. I like to rock ‘em and, especially the real vintage ones of some huge influences of both of us. I think it’s cool to show respect and rock ‘em.”

    Cassadee Pope – being in a group vs. solo :56

    “Being in Hey Monday as opposed to being solo has it’s differences, but for the most part, it’s very similar. I am still creating music with other people. I’m collaborating with songwriters and producers and it’s not my band. But, they are still human beings that I’m collaborating with. I’m not missing out on that, ‘cause that’s something that I really love to do. But being on stage, sometimes I think about the past and being with my old band and how we had cute little things that we used to do on stage together and the chemistry was really great. But I’ve created really, really great chemistry with my band right now. They’re not ‘in the band’ per se, and we’re not writing together and all of that, but we are creating a sound, my live show together. So, there’s a really great vibe with them on stage, even now. I’m not missing out on a ton of stuff. But I do miss the guys every once in a while.”

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    Audio Bites: Week of August 4, 2013

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    Taylor Swift – hints who songs are about :19

    “There are little hints in the album packaging, in the little linear notes, but the thing is people think they know who I’ve dated and they just don’t. They don’t know everything. And so, there are some of these secrets that may go completely unanswered and that’s fine with me. Because the one thing I have at the end of the day is that I never reveal who each song is about.”

    Tim McGraw – still to do in the future :27

    “I think it’s just a wide-open world. I think, for me, it’s about getting better. I think that I really am just started to sort of tap in musically to what I wanna do. Not discounting anything I’ve done. If I’d had half of the success and the career that I’ve had, I would have been more than happy to have it. But for me it’s about—personally, as an artist, getting better and honing my craft, I guess, is what I’m trying to say. And I really feel like that now, I’m just starting to get the hang of it.””

    Laura Bell Bundy – bad habit confession :33

    “Well, I have plenty of bad habits that I prefer not talking about. The bad habits that I’m open to talking about are I am addicted to Red Bull. I’m addicted to Sugar-Free Red Bull. I wake up every morning and I have a Sugar-Free Red Bull. If I don’t have it I get skittish. I have to have my Red Bull. It’s a problem. I’m also addicted to Lay’s Potato Chips and I have to have chocolate everyday. I really enjoy bourbon. I’m a Kentucky girl so I like my bourbon. So basically, everything I have a weakness on is food or drink.”

    Danielle Bradberry – friends keep you in check :20

    “Oh yeah, I have those friends, they’re my best friends, and they always tell me, “You’re just that Danielle to us so we don’t wanna lose that.” That helps me to just be myself in front of them and just not lose who I was before. But yeah, I definitely have help from them and they have my back.”

    Justin Moore – headlining tour :36

    “We finally got to that point where it’s time to do it or don’t. And that’s exciting. It’s exciting that we’ve had the amount of success that allows us to go do that and allows a promoter to take a chance on us and all those people that have to make those calls and said, “Hey. Let’s go do this.” I’m excited about it. It’ll be cool to do some hard tickets where they’re not coming there to listen to the DJ and then all of a sudden there’s a concert. They’re coming just to listen to us and our music. And it’s very, very exciting. And I anticipate it going really well.”

    Thomas Rhett – It Goes Like This represent album :26

    “I definitely think this is more the direction that we’re heading towards. I’ve gotten to play a lot on the road and I’ve gotten to see kinda what works for me and how I play shows and how it translates over to fans. We’re really just trying to write as many fun, uptempo songs and a lot of these—kinda like It Goes Like This on the record that are very girl-based. Just trying to have that element at our show where we can sing a party song and a girl song. Try to bring in all the guys and all the girls. So that’s kinda the direction we’re heading on this record.”

    The Band Perry – deluxe version of album :39

    Kimberly – “Well on the exclusive Target deluxe edition, we were so excited to put four songs that are previously been unreleased but have always been four of our favorites on this packaging. Well, Neil is actually playing drums.”

    Neil – “Yeah, I actually started out as the drummer but now I play mandolin. But I had the opportunity to play the drums on these four exclusive Target tracks.”

    Reid – “Which by the way, drums to mandolin is a very logical step in the musical evolution.”

    Neil – “The cool factor just went way down.”

    Kimberly – “But it also shows a lot of our rock-n-roll and soul roots in these four tracks.”

    Neil – “Kimberly also really shows off the raspiness of her voice in these four tracks.”

    Kimberly – “Yeah, they’re a little but more unchained, if you will, these four songs.”

    Eli Young Band – Drunk Last Night :36

    Jon Jones – “Drunk Last Night is the first single and has had such a great reaction. It’s something that we all believe in and when we all believe in something we really feel that that’s probably the right thing for us to do. But at this point, it’s in the fans’ hands. So far, the reaction has been great live and we can’t wait to get new music out. I think this song represents kinda the vibe and the energy of the next record and hopefully the next chapter for us. We’re really thankful for the fans that have stuck with us for all these years. This really does kinda boost our confidence for going forward into the next record and we can’t wait to get some more stuff out there.”

    Florida Georgia Line – speed of career :37

    Brian – “It feels fast from ‘Cruise’ kinda like, becoming ‘Cruise’ to going number one, that feel fast and certain things like that. But getting here, on the other hand, kinda not. I mean, we worked a lot of different jobs, a lot of different things, played a lot of different places that we were like, “Why are we even here? Nobody’s here.” Just some weird gigs. And we’ll still play those. We’ll pretty much play anywhere if anyone will have us. It’s a surreal feeling. It really is, because we just started writing songs on the back of Tyler’s tailgate and--I don’t think you ever set out to write a hit song. You wanna write a great song and hope somebody likes it; your friends like it and your fans like it.”

    Cassadee Pope – how is Rascal Flatts tour :42

    “Touring with Rascal Flatts has been such an eye opener. I mean, they have always been this unit and they’ve always had such a unique sound and they’ve stuck to it all these years. They’ve been headlining these amphitheaters for years now. It makes me feel like, as long as I stick to me, and I do my thing, I will eventually get there. They’re such an inspiring group to watch every night. They’re so, so talented. They’re the nicest guys in the entire world. They walk around backstage and interact with us so that’s all I can ask. As long as they are nice to me and they took me out, that’s all I could ask for.”

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    Audio Bites: Week of July 28, 2013

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    Taylor Swift – presenting refined image :49

    “I think for me it’s always been a really high priority. Having started this whole process when I was sixteen; putting out my first album, I got a lot of questions early on of, “Are you gonna grow up too fast? Are you gonna be a train wreck? What’s gonna happen?” and what I kinda gathered from all that is that it’s really important to grow up as you are the age that you are. Just for me personally that’s a priority. So I feel like when I was eighteen, I was eighteen. And when I was twenty, I was twenty. And now I’m twenty three and I’m just trying to kinda live my best version of being twenty three and to me that is expanding your horizons, challenging yourself musically, thinking outside the box for performances in ways you haven’t before. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Plays lots of shows. Try your best to be better than you’ve been before. So, wish me luck.”

    Tim McGraw – what made songs stand out :36

    “It’s more about how it feels to me when I’m doing it, so it’s gotta come—the ones that you really can tell are really working that you like a lot are the ones that come out really easily because you’re not paying attention to it. You’re not working at it. When you sing something and a pass goes the ones that feel good, feel good from the beginning. Rarely does one feel great. I mean, they all feel great. But rarely does one that goes down so smoothly and so easily and you sing it so naturally, doesn’t make the record. That rarely happens. You wanna keep singing it, keep singing it, keep singing it until the band’s like, ‘We got it. We don’t need to do this one anymore.’”

    Laura Bell Bundy – not giving up singing career 1:05

    “I kinda went through a semi-depression. Honestly. Like, I lost myself. And actually getting dropped ended up being a relief to me and it was very freeing to me ‘cause I could go, “Okay. I’m not attached. There’s nobody telling me what I should be doing. What do I really want to do? Do I wanna just focus on acting?” But, I think really what it was is that I tried to focus on my acting. I really did. I was like, “You know what? I’m gonna go and I’m really gonna focus on it. Maybe I’ll do a TV show or maybe do—“ I didn’t want to. All I did was go back into the studio. I wanted to combine beats and banjos and make this organic, cool, country dance music. That’s all I wanted to do. I became totally obsessed because I also felt free, finally, to just create. And I realized this is what I want to do. And I realized in that moment the light went off like, “You know what? I would rather fail being me having fun doing this than have some mediocre success playing pretend.”

    Danielle Bradberry – school and career plans :35

    “I started off high school in my huge, regular high school with everybody else but as this whole “Voice” thing started, I got an online schooling and it’s for students who travel, so that was a big help for that. But now that this is continuing, it’s kind of up in the air right now. But we’re definitely trying to figure out if I should go back to school or keep online schooling. It depends on my schedule. We’re thinking if I went back to my regular school, it’d be kinda crazy. We’re still trying to figure that out.”

    Brantley Gilbert – acting :35

    “As far as acting goes, my fiance’s an actress. We got ready to shoot the scene on “Nashville” and of course she had some pointers on that one, but I was playing myself so that’s something I’m pretty good at. I’m not too good at being fake or being somebody else. But if I read a script in the future that I feel like I could have a little fun with or that reflects me well, it may be one of those things that I try out. But of course music’s my number one priority. That’s always gonna come first. If we got time for the acting thing, maybe we’ll give it a little shot, a little try.”

    Justin Moore – Ella smart 1:11

    “Ella is—she is—I mean, I think everybody thinks that their kids are smart or advanced for their age, but she is. She’s a smart kid. She’s a little too smart at times. You have to really watch what you say. The latest story is she goes to gymnastics once a week and sometimes I take her and sometimes her mom takes her, but it’s pretty funny. She’s got a little boyfriend in there and she just took him down one day and was kissing all over him in a tunnel or whatever and it happened to be a day I wasn’t there. My wife called me and told me about it. So I had a little talk with her about that. I told her she wouldn’t be going back to gymnastics if that continued. She’s abided by it so far. The little boy actually told his mom ‘cause I took Ella after that and Ella wasn’t as affectionate to him. The little boy, who’s three, told his mom that, “I hope her dad don’t bring her back again. I want her mom to bring her. Her dad scares me.” So, I’m glad that I’ve got that effect on my daughter and a boy at three years old. If I can keep that going for the next twenty years, I’ll be doing alright.”

    Thomas Rhett – what kind of cook :20

    “I’m actually not a bad cook. I’m more of a breakfast cooker than I am any other kind of cooker. I’m a great omelet maker. I cook really good omelets. I’m good at French Toast. I don’t know. I love cooking turkey burgers; is that weird? I’ll marinate them in Worsteshire Sauce and just soak them and fry ‘em and they’re so good. I know that sounds really boring but I can only cook a certain amount of things.”

    The Band Perry – always gonna be a family band :46

    Reid – “I think doing it 13 years it kinda got pretty good at knowing how everyone works and we tried a little while not as a family band. Neil and I had our own band and Kimberly had hers but that didn’t really quite work out for us. I feel like as a family, we’re able to have the hard conversations but still get along at the end of things.”

    Kimberly – “Because in the early days we were in two separate bands because of the height difference. I’m five years older than Reid and he’s two years older than Neil. So both of the boys are this tall and I’m this tall. And we always knew that the family band was in the cards in the eventual plan but we had to wait for all the height logistics to even out.”

    Neil – “I think being a family band makes it a lot more enjoyable. Like Reid said, we don’t have to sugar coat what we say, which …

    Kimberly – “Well they can’t get rid of you in a family band.”

    Neil – “It doesn’t matter what any of us do, we’re all with each other.”

    Eli Young Band – partnership with Dickies :22

    Jon Jones – “Dickies is a brand that we as a band can really get behind. They’re a great American brand and they’re also a Texas-based company. They’re right down the street from where we started so we’ve got a lot in common. It’s hard-working clothes. There’s stuff we can wear on stage, off stage. They fit well. They’ve got good casual lines and good work clothes. It’s just a—it’s a no-brainer for us. They’re hard-working clothes and I think we’ve always been a hard-working band.”

    Florida Georgia Line – other rap artists collaborate :20

    Tyler - “Yeah, I mean, we’ve got a list of people that would be amazing to work with. We’ve always talked about working with Lil Wayne or Wiz Khalifa for sure. There’s probably a long list. We’re all about stepping out of the box and doing different things and collaborating and getting into other people’s world and let them into our world. There’s something cool about that so, who knows. We’re kinda up for anything.”

    Cassadee Pope – Wasted Tears empowering :34

    “It is an empowering song. It’s not a horrible thing to admit you’re heartbroken. I think a lot of people think they have to put on a front and say that they’re okay when really they just need to let it out. So the song is about being heartbroken, getting through all the phases of heartbreak and then coming out the other side a bigger, better person. And you just feel better when you let it all out and hopefully this song is something that people can listen to when they’re going through that and let it be their song that they just break down to and sit in their room and cry. (Laughter)”

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    Audio Bites: Week of July 21, 2013

    July 21, 2013 0 Comments

    Taylor Swift – album cover photo :38

    “Well, the cover photo is a picture that was taken in my friend’s backyard. The photographer, Sarah, is a friend of mine. She’s really young, she’s really wonderful and she’d never done an album shoot before. I guess the story behind the cover shoot is that as soon as I saw that photo, I knew that was the cover; I just knew. And we’ve never had that happen before. We’ve always been like, “Well, maybe this one – maybe that one --- maybe that one” but I knew it when I saw this photo because it’s really mysterious and you don’t quite know what I’m thinking and you can’t quite see me, but it’s got this kinda shocking red lip that’s the focal point.”

    Tim McGraw – road must have :18

    “When I’m on the road, I have to workout. I think that’s what sort of keeps me functioning and feeling like that I’m ready to go. I think it keeps my voice in a good spot. I just think that it mentally keeps me focused. So I think working out is probably the mainstay as to what I really need on the road.”

    Laura Bell Bundy – brickyard 1 :19

    “What I’m most excited about experiencing in Indy on race day is the race itself. I think there’s something totally exhilarating and exciting about racing. I mean it completely gives me this burst of adrenaline to just watch it and hear it and feel the heat of it all. So that’s what I’m most excited about.”

    Laura Bell Bundy – brickyard 2 1:09

    “I think I’ve become a fan of racing because I want to actually be in a race car myself. I love high risk sports, I love things that make my heart rate skyrocket, I love adrenaline provoking activities. I love it and I’ve been in a pace car a couple of times and it just didn’t go fast enough for me. So I think I kind of wish I was in the cars during the race (laughs). There’s something about it. It’s like watching danger go around in circles. It’s just amazing and it really gets me going. And I know that NASCAR fans are some of the most loyal. My sister for example is a huge NASCAR fan. Her and her husband are huge NASCAR fans and the day after their wedding was the Daytona 500 and they could not have cared less that they were married the day before or that they were about to go on a honeymoon. All they wanted to do was find a place where they could watch the race. So that was the main priority and they had full gear, jackets, everything. They were completely dressed for the occasion. And I think that’s the spirit is dedicated fans and fans that are kind of vicariously living through the drivers.”

    Danielle Bradberry – favorite subject in school :19

    “I like to write. I have trouble writing a song but…I like writing about essays. Not many people are big fans of that but I like writing and English. Yeah, that’s probably my best subject.”

    Cadillac Three – Brickyard 1 :18

    “The Cadillac Three is so excited about playing the Brickyard this year in Indy. It’s gonna be crazy. The fans are nuts. It’s kinda like going to a redneck circus. We just can’t wait to try to compete with the loudness of the cars and the fans with our guitars. It’s gonna be a blast and can’t wait to do it.”

    Cadillac Three – Brickyard 2 :31

    “I grew up going to the Daytona 500 in Talladega. My dad used to play drums at ‘em and we’d be down at the middle. There’s nothing like the sound of that first round when they get goin’. Man, it’s the loudest thing you’ll ever hear in your life. The fans are so cool and they’re so eat up with it. It’s very similar to going to a huge rock show. I love the whole diehard attitude that every NASCAR fan has because there’s nothing like it. There’s no other sport like it. You try to build your whole career with that kind of following as a musician and it’s pretty awesome.”

    Justin Moore – Brickyard 1 1:04

    “I was fortunate to get to do it last year and have been there a couple of times, and I’m a big NASCAR fan, so first and foremost it’ll be fun to be there as a fan of NASCAR and just taking in the race day stuff. But the fact that we’re getting to help some folks out along the way makes it even better. We were fortunate to get to do the ‘Crown Royal Your Heroes Name Here’ program with them last year and it’s pretty cool to be involved in a larger capacity this year. We cut a song called ‘Heroes’ that Greg Bates actually wrote. But in thinking about how to grow this thing and help them from our end we thought, ‘man, let’s cut this song.’ And smarter people than me came up with the idea that if we put it out there on the web site and let people download it for free, you can do so at, and a dollar will be donated to our Armed Forces Foundation each time that happens. So, looking forward to being there for the race but it’s even better to get to be a part of a program like the ‘Your Heroes Name Here’ program.”

    Justin Moore – Brickyard 2 :29

    “Growing up in Arkansas, I mean it was one of the big, big, big sports. I just always respected all of the moving parts that make a race what it is and make a race team what it is. It’s easy to look at the driver and go, ‘Well they won because they’re the best driver,’ or whatever, but there’s so many talented people on the pit crew and on the pit box. And it’s something for me that I realized I could never do but I respect the heck out of those guys for their talents.”

    Justin Moore – Brickyard 3 :20

    “We will be performing after the Nationwide Race on Saturday night and we’ll have the full production and all that stuff, which will be a lot of fun. And then it’ll be a lot of fun for us to do something we’ve not done. We’ll be playing trackside before the race and that’ll be a lot of fun, real exciting, and we’re looking forward to that for sure.”

    Thomas Rhett – getting married impact on songwriting :23

    “Before I was married, I didn’t write a whole lot of love songs. It was more party-animated songs. Ever since I’ve gotten married, my wife has really gotten on me about writing more love songs. So I’ve definitely taken experiences that me and Lauren have had and turned them into song ideas and brought them into co-writers and we’ve had some pretty cool stuff going on and songs that have actually been cut by other artists with songs that have been inspired by Lauren.”

    The Band Perry – favorite summer things :35

    Kimberly – “Summer, okay I’m the foodie of the bunch and I always equate summer with hot dogs and BBQ grills, cheeseburgers…”

    Reid – “Well, and I love playing in the summer too ‘cause I feel like there’s a whole new fervor in the crowds as well.”

    Kimberly – “You mean like on the slip ‘n slide or like on the stage?”

    Reid – “Both slip ‘n slides and the stage. But there is a big fervor – a dramatic difference in the energy in the crowd as well. I think some of it is ‘cause we are playing outside and it feels good out. But it’s always fun to be able to play shows in the summer months.”

    Neil – “We always say if the crowd’s not sweating, they’re not having a good enough time.”

    Kimberly – “They’re not dancing hard enough.”

    Neil – “Absolutely.”

    Eli Young Band – performing live :22

    Mike - “It’s addicting, and that energy…we can get up there and we can perform all we want and we can give it all we’ve got, but if that energy is not reflecting back from the crowd, it would be really tough. That’s when it becomes work, you know what I mean? But we’ve been really lucky to have fans that get into the show, and they sing those songs back to us and that energy just kind of explodes for that two hours of that show, you know?”

    Florida Georgia Line – where your music fits :28

    Brian - “I think there’s a place for it. Man, I still listen to Alabama and I love Waylon and –we love it all, to be honest with you. We love all genres of music so I don’t know what you would call our music. I definitely think it clearly fits somewhere in there and I don’t even know, man. We just wanted to do something fresh and something that – I heard this quote a long time ago and it’s, ‘If you try to write a Craig Wiseman song, he’s gonna beat you every time. So, write your own song.’ So we just try to find our own niche.”

    Cassadee Pope – Brickyard 1 :28

    “I’m so, so excited that my family gets to come to Brickyard. They’re all NASCAR fans and my grandpa actually races stock cars in Vandergift, Pennsylvania. They’re all driving to Indy for the race and I actually didn’t tell them about my name being on the side of the Nationwide car. So they’re going to be really surprised. I’m just excited to show them a good time. I, myself, am a NASCAR fan so it will be awesome for me as well.”

    Cassadee Pope – Brickyard 2 :30

    “I’ve always been a fan of NASCAR because of my family. I grew up loving country music first of all, but my grandpa is a huge fan. He races himself, so I just was always surrounded by it. I loved Dale Earnhardt; that was my favorite growing up. I just have a lot of memories going to races when I was a kid, especially dirt races in Pennsylvania. It’s a family thing. It reminds me of growing up and being a kid so it’s always had a good place in my heart.”

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    Audio Bites: Week of July 14, 2013

    July 14, 2013 0 Comments

    Taylor Swift – beginning of record, no predictable :41

    “I took two years to make this album and the first year was me writing and getting my thoughts together and going into the studio and creating demos. At the end of that year, I handed in all these songs to my label and my label said, “You’re done. Congratulations. This is the record.” I thought that I was just showing them what I’d written so far, but they thought, “This is the finished album—awesome.” The songs that I turned in were good, but I didn’t think they were different enough. One of my big fears is to end up making music that sounds the same every time, and being predictable, and having people go “Oh, I guess Taylor’s putting out another record again. I guess we’ll know what that’s gonna be.”

    Tim McGraw – music remains centerpiece 1:05

    “Anything that’s happened in my life has been really good - meeting my wife, the things that I’ve been able to do in my career, being in movies - it all comes from music. Music has sort of been the gas pedal to anything that’s happened in my life. All those things are driven musically. That’s what’s gotten me to this point. When things weren’t very good in my life, I had music that I could count on. I could have music that I could fall back on. And then when I had my family…when things weren’t going good, I had my family that I could fall back on. But there was always music. Always music that propelled everything forward. There’s always music that sort of could take you away; could bring you back. So I don’t think that I could ever, ever consider doing a movie without knowing that music’s the reason I’m doing it. They weren’t gonna come pick me off the street and say, ‘Hey, you wanna come be a movie star and be in my movie?” That would never happened had I not had a hit record. That’s where my heart is. That’s the one thing I feel like I can do well.”

    Laura Bell Bundy – dipping in video :43

    “I don’t currently dip. I’ve done it. I don’t particularly enjoy it, but I kinda thought that it would be authentic to the character that I’m playing in the video. My dad actually owns the factory, that’s his factory, and those outfits are from the factory. So it was just, basically, being the gal that I’ve seen my whole life. And all the girls in the video are my best friends. So all the other girls in the factory that get dressed up with me, they’re my best friends. My family’s in there doing the Two Step. People I went to dance class with, growing up, my 75-year-old dance teacher’s in the video. There’s so many friends and family. It was definitely a friends and family type of an event.”

    Danielle Bradberry – your style of music :38

    “What other people would want to hear from me that I would like to give out to them through my songs--I love all genres so I would kind of do a little bit of mix of that pop country. I like that mix in the music and I love country, of course, I would always stick to that. And I mean lyric-wise, I would like to give songs that inspire people, and of course young girls like me. I would love to have those songs where--if somebody is having a bad day or is having a problem, they have my songs to look upon. So that would be really cool.”*

    Brantley Gilbert – must have on the road :41

    “You know, I would have to say my cell phone and my iPad because my fiancé and I spend a lot of time apart. We try to talk as much as we can during the day. I learned about this new thing called Skype. I’m not really a technology-type guy. Jana said it surprised her when Jana and I first started talking. The first time I ever talked to her, she said it freaked her out. She was used to texting people and I actually made a phone call and called her. At that point, I was a pretty slow texter so it seemed like the right thing to do. Definitely need my cell phone out on the road and a guitar. You can’t forget that. Because you never know when a song’s gonna break out.”

    Justin Moore – details of next album 1:04

    “I wrote with all the same guys that I wrote the first two albums but I also wrote with a number of other guys to. It’s got all the songs that my fans would expect to hear from me on it. There’s gonna be 16 songs on the record, which I’m excited about. It’s more than we’ve ever had. I think that allowed us—also with the success of a song like “Till My Last Day” allowed us to experiment a little more. It’s not gonna sound pop or it’s not gonna be anything that can cross over. There’s some songs that I cut on this album that I don’t think earlier in my career I would have. I’m excited about it. Hopefully it’ll be good. There’s some stuff on there even I was going, “Uh. Really? You think I can do this?” I lived with them and lived with them. With the format the way it is, you have to continue to evolve as an artist. I’d love nothing more than to cut an album that sounded like Mark Chesnutt in 1994. I’m not very smart but I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know if I can get that played on the radio. It’s exciting for me to go out and try some different things. As an artist, it’s kinda fun.”

    Thomas Rhett – how stadium dates compare :52

    “A stadium date, like we did in Athens, was crazy, especially being from Georgia. Playing at the Bulldog Stadium was something that I think every guy from Georgia has always wanted to do. We got to say that we did it first, and that was very cool. Comparing it to a club date, it couldn’t be more different. The stadiums are so big that a lot of the time you feel disconnected from people that are in the back or way up in nosebleeds, but it’s still a blast to play somewhere that big and have all those speakers where it’s so loud in there. But compared to a club show, you can see everybody. I mean, it’s like a thousand-seater or something like that. It’s definitely more of an intimate show and you get to play longer. You kinda get to show fans who you are, like as a person not only as an entertainer, and you get to tell dumb stories and pull people up on stage and let them sing old cover songs. It’s just a more kinda whatever goes thing, compared to a stadium show when you have a very limited amount of time to where you can only do so much. But I love playing them both. It’s good to have a good balance.”

    The Band Perry – headlining :32

    Kimberly - “We’ve opened for Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw …”

    Neil – “Keith Urban …”

    Kimberly – “Reba, Brad Paisley and now Rascal Flatts. And so I mean we’ve gotten to be on all of our dream tours. We’ve learned so much from all of our heroes and the cool thing is this year we’ve been mixing up some of our own little headlining shows, dipping our toes in the water and we’re having a heck of a lot of fans come out. So it just feels like the right time. Gratefully we’ve had seven songs on the radio now and by the time we do that next year, hopefully a few more. So it just seems like the time to dive in and start building that hard ticket.”

    Eli Young Band – all four agree :20

    (Mike) “We’ve been pretty fortunate to be on the same page majority of the time (laughs), but sometimes we have our moments, all four of us. I think we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t, but for the most part, luckily, we kind of hashed out a lot of the early stuff, a lot of that stuff early on. So it’s been easy the last few years.”

    Florida Georgia Line – ‘Round Here :38

    Tyler – “Uhhh, yeah, we’re excited, man. “’Round Here’ is a—it’s a cool anthem. Everybody seems to be diggin’ it and can relate to it. We fell in love with it the first time we heard it.”

    Brian – “I remember where I was the first time I heard that song. I was driving my car. I think our manager sent it to us two years ago and we said if it was ever available we were gonna cut it. That’s kinda how we’ve been with outside songs. We don’t ever want to put it on an album and there’s songs that you wanna skip and it’s just songs that we wrote that aren’t good enough to really make it but they fill the CD up. We said better is better is better if we hear a song that we didn’t write that, if you didn’t look at the liner notes and you wouldn’t think anything different, then that’s the songs we’re gonna cut. It’s our life; work hard play hard.”

    Cassadee Pope – Voice influence on writing :24

    “It’s more about insecurities and getting through those things and kinda like empowering song. That experience was phenomenal and it was amazing but you tend to beat yourself down a lot and no matter how amazing the things that the coaches said to you, you think back to your performance and you nitpick and nitpick. That’s what I did. So, there’s a few songs on there that are about self-esteem and going through the other side of a bigger, better person.”

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