Where is Big Machine Label Group located?
Big Machine Label Group is located in Nashville, Tennessee. We are located on historical Music Row at 1219 16th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212.

How do I obtain information about employment and internships at your organization?
Big Machine Label Group (Big Machine Records, The Valory Music Company, and Republic Nashville) offers an excellent opportunity for college students to learn about the music business. Please continue to check our internship page http://bigmachinemusic.com/internships for available openings.

How do I submit a demo to Big Machine?
Unfortunately, legal restrictions prevent Big Machine Records from accepting requests to listen to music and/or song lyrics.

I am interested in licensing music for one of my projects (motion pictures, television and radio, commercial, live performance, home video, in-house video, ringtones, consumer products/merchandise, karaoke, and other projects)? How do I go about doing this?
For licensing inquiries, please contact us here.

I am interested in buying music from your company. Can I purchase this from you directly?
Absolutely! You can buy music from any of your favorite Big Machine artists by going to our online store.

How can I get artist autographs and backstage passes?
At this time, we cannot accept requests for autographs, backstage passes, and meet and greets.

How do I book a Big Machine Label Group band or artist in concert?
Check the artist’s official website for their booking agency and contact them for more information.

Can I send fan mail to your artists?
We do accept fan mail, but cannot take on any responsibility for responses to your letters.

I am a publicist, journalist, creative director or other media employee and would like to know how I can obtain photos, videos or other fully approved creative assets for Big Machine Label Group artists?
You can request assets for your professional work here.
NOTE: This is NOT a fan site or request form for Fan Club photos, this is strictly for profession use.