Radio Listeners Passionate About Rascal Flatts’ “Changed”

Country Radio Listeners are Passionate about “Changed” from Rascal Flatts. Passion/Favorite scoring is the song’s strength. Listeners 18+ at Callout America rank this song as their #5 Favorite song in the 35 song sample. Younger 18-34 year olds are at #9 Favorite. Adults in the Radio “Sweet Spot” of 25-54 rank the song as their #6 Favorite. Adults 35-54 are also at #6 Favorite and Adults 18-44 rank it as their #9 Favorite. Strong Favorite scoring across all demos.

Negative scoring is just NOT an issue with Dislike at 3%. Fatigue is a bit strong at 18% and mostly Male driven. Female Fatigue is just 11% and in fact, Female dislike is LESS than 1%. The down side of this song is Males. Females are at Heavy levels and should be the focus. With Females there are 12% in So-So scores and just 10% in remaining Neutrals. That is 22% in Uncommitted and the Female 7 to 1 Positive to Negative Conversion Ratio says any Conversions will be to Positives and keep this song strong.

FEMALES are the POWER for this song and overall 18+ rank it at # 7 (UP from #9) and as their #2 Favorite for the week. Younger Adult Females 25-34 are at #6 and the #2 Favorite. CORE 35-44 year oild Females are at #7 Positive and Favorite. Females 18-44 rank this song at #6 and as their #2 Favorite and Adult Females 25-54 are also at #6 and the #2 Favorite. Strong Female appeal.

Rascal Flatts is testing TOP 10 at Callout with Listeners in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Omaha, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence RI, Roanoke, Sacramento, Phoenix and Portland.

Active P1s are the strength of appeal for “Changed” from Rascal Flatts. Actives 12+ at Radiofeedback Digital rank the song as their #6 Favorite overall in the 40 song sample and as the #12 song overall. Adults 35-54 are at #8 and the #6 Favorite. Adults 25-54 are at #15 and the #12 Favorite in the demo. FEMALES are the overall strength at #12 and the #5 Favorite. Females 35-54 are at #6 and the #5 Favorite and Females 25-54 rank the song at #10 overall and as their #9 Favorite. Younger adult Females 18-34 rank it as their #7 favorite.

Radio Listeners Passionate About Rascal Flatts' "Changed"

Radio Listeners Passionate About Rascal Flatts' "Changed"