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Audio Bites: Week of May 5, 2013

May 5, 2013

Taylor Swift – bringing songs to life :37

“The most amazing feeling is to watch a song start out as just an idea that hits you in the middle of your day and kind of haunts you until you write it. And then you’re playing it in your living room on guitar. And then you take it to a studio and they put a band behind it. And then it goes out to the world and it becomes what it’s gonna be. And all of a sudden this idea that was just yours is now everybody else’s. They sing it in their cars and they sing it about their breakups or falling in love and they incorporate it into their lives. The fact that -- then you can look out into a crowd of fifty thousand people and see them singing that back to you, that whole process is my favorite thing in the world.”

Tim McGraw – picking a set list :37

“That’s the toughest part about putting a show together. You can throw lights up, throw a video up, and you can throw all those things up, but after doing this for so long, to narrow it down. We’re gonna do twenty-four songs, which is a lot of music in a two-hour period. You wanna get new stuff in. You wanna get a couple album cuts that I love I wanna get in. You wanna play some of the hits. You’re not gonna get all of them. You’ll probably disappoint some people but you just try to find the ones that you like to play and the ones you have the most fun playing. You put those in and then try to mix that with the ones you know everybody wants to hear and then try to find the new stuff to fit it all in. Somewhere in the middle you hope that you please enough people.”

Connie Britton – adopting son :33

“Eyob (pronounced Yoby) is his name and I adopted him when he was nine-months old. It was actually while I was shooting “American Horror Story” so the production was really wonderful because I had to go to Ethiopia twice in one month. One time to show up for a court appearance, which was very brief, but I still had to fly all the way to Ethiopia, go to this court appearance and come back. And then the second time to come home with my son. For anybody who watched “American Horror Story”, that was the period when I was in the looney bin. They put me in the looney bin and then I could go to Ethiopia and adopt my son.”

Brantley Gilbert – More Than Miles latest single :39

“I was actually on my way up to the writing appointment from Georgia. There was some stuff going on back home that I really thought I needed to take care of and priority wise I had to get them in order and I hadn’t. A little emotional battle, I guess you’d say, about halfway to Nashville, around Chattanooga, and I actually ended up turning around and going back home and taking care of the situation. But going on down the road, we rescheduled the appointment with John Eddie and I got in there with him and we ended up writing a song about the first time I was on the way up to write with him. And we came up with “More than Miles.”

Justin Moore – daughters’ personalities :45

“They’re totally different right now. From birth they’ve always been different. Ella is “spirited”, as my grandma likes to say. Ella’s the one who can give you a little bit of lip; can give you a run for your money. She’s fearless. She’s very smart and can be a smart aleck but she’s a lot of fun to be around and hilarious. Whereas Kennedy’s more passive; sweet as she can be; easygoing. Not as crazy as Ella at times. I think it’s cool that they’re totally different. I don’t think either one of them are shy but Ella’s definitely more stubborn and more independent.”

Thomas Rhett – playing Fenway Park :11

“First of all that blows my mind. To be the first country music artist ever to play at Fenway Park behind Jason Aldean is crazy. I really, seriously, can’t even believe it. I hope to one day be a part of a trivia question like that.”

The Band Perry – Neil’s photography :24

Neil – “I just really enjoy photography. That’s taken a lot of my free time.”

Reid – “We have to watch Neil with the pictures though cause sometimes he’ll take one on his phone and without asking if he can tweet it he’ll just go ahead …”

Kimberly – “Or Instagram it (that’s our new danger zone).”

Neil – “I pretty much have to get them to sign like a release, you know contract that lets me tweet a picture of them. It’s ridiculous.”

Kimberly – “But unfortunately this is because of experience that we’ve had to put some rules into place.”

Reid – “It is, yes.”

Neil – “Like photos of them sleeping on planes with their mouths open.”

Florida Georgia Line – balance each other out :18

Brian – “I like talking on the phone when I have to but there’s certain times I’ll be like, ‘T can you make that call, can you take care of that.’ So, certain things are like I’d rather not deal with; he’s stronger at. I definitely think – we totally balance each other out. It’s pretty cool to see – being on stage every night with your best friend to my left and then offstage how we balance each other out really well too.”

Cassadee Pope – album update :27

“I’ve been in Nashville the past three months. I’ve just been writing and recording. I had probably three albums worth of songs, way too many to even imagine. We dwindled it down to about twenty. We’ve recorded about 75% of the album and they’re being mixed right now. So it’s just a matter of deciding on the single. It’s getting harder the more we listen to these songs. It’s a good problem to have, I think.”

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