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Audio Bites: Week of August 11, 2013

August 11, 2013

Taylor Swift – end of day treat or relax :18

“I really like Japanese food and I really like…what I’m excited about doing after I get off of work sometimes is I’ll go out hiking. And I’ll listen to a new album that’s just come out or I’ll listen to new songs I’m liking. It’s just kind of a time for me to be away from a lot of people. Because I’m surrounded by a lot of people all the time.”

Tim McGraw – Southern Girl 1 :27

“You know, it sort of has a progressiveness about it and a freshness about it, but it also sort of really has a real sort of . . . I don’t know. It reminds you of something that you might of heard in the 70s, so it’s got a little bit of both of those worlds. It marries both of them together really nicely, and one of the greatest things I like about that song . . . I love the lyric and I love the melody, but I really love the lead write in that song where it goes to the lead break where it goes to sort of an unexpected place and the way it gets back out of that. It’s one of my favorite parts about that song.”

Laura Bell Bundy – music for inner 16 year old :34

“Well, my inner 16-year-old self drove her Jeep Wrangler to school listening to Tu-Pac and Shania and Dixie Chicks and Bone Thugs and Snoop Dog and Faith Hill. So it’s all this juxtaposition between hip hop and country. So I am now making music that kind of brings these two worlds together, ‘cause I think kids in the country, they listen to both. They listen to hip hop; they listen to country. So, my inner 16-year old wants to let loose and have fun and still wants to hear a fiddle.”

Danielle Bradberry – most important winner of Voice :22

“When you hear something like me being the most important to The Voice coming from Blake, it’s shocking. ‘Cause of course I never thought I would be named that. It’s crazy. Hopefully I will, of course, keep working hard and hopefully become that. Yeah, that’s insane to hear from him.”

Justin Moore – baseball :55

“First and foremost I’m a huge Braves fan and we’re 13 ½ games up in our division and I’m thrilled about that, but I think if they want to put a stop to what’s going on … one strike and you’re out. You’re banned from baseball for life, because what’s going on right now is you’re gonna pay some guy $40 million to play all season and if you get caught doing steroids you miss 50 games, so you lose three million dollars. Whoopty do. You still get out of there with $37 million so it’s worth the risk to these people. And I hate to see what’s going on. There’s a black cloud over major league baseball right now and I think the penalty needs to be stronger, in my opinion. That’s where my head’s at, but there’s too much money in that sport, along with the other sports, and too many TV dollars, and I don’t know if anybody’s got the balls to do it or not, but I hope they finally grow some.”

Thomas Rhett – favorite movie of all time :22

“My favorite movie of all time would have to be Golden Eye – James Bond. I was THE biggest James Bond fan on the planet. I used to have the Golden Eye N64 game that I would play all the time. I guess it just brings back a bunch of childhood memories . I used to dress up like James Bond with my grandmother and shoot weird home videos of me being James Bond solving a crime.”

The Band Perry – DONE statement with title :22

Reid – “DONE.. It’s a song that, well, it talks about giving and giving and someone taking, taking, and never giving back. It’s just that point where you’ve literally had all you can.”

Kimberly – “Had enough.”

Reid – “So I feel like all CAPS and the period just…well, like we say, it puts a period on the situation.”

Kimberly – “Yeah, it’s very definitive. There’s no second, what, fifth chances, after this song.”

Eli Young Band – families on the road LBT :35

Chris – “We did a tour opening for Rascal Flatts and Little Big Town and we saw how Little Big Town could have a family on the road. They brought their babies out and the kids were out on probably 70 percent to 75 percent of the tour. I mean, that was really inspiring now that we’re having our own kids in the band. They really showed us that there’s ways to keep connected with your family on the road. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to be so far away from the people that you love. Our families are getting to come out more and more on the road nowadays. The kids are growing up a little bit more and they’re old enough to come out and hang out on the bus. I think we have a couple longer road trips coming up in the future.”

Florida Georgia Line – vintage tshirts :20

Brian – “Yes, and there’s a couple other sites that I will not give out. But, no, I’m always searching for different things and there are bands that I like. We got some cool Garth and George Strait tees and a couple Alabama ones that I really love. I like to rock ‘em and, especially the real vintage ones of some huge influences of both of us. I think it’s cool to show respect and rock ‘em.”

Cassadee Pope – being in a group vs. solo :56

“Being in Hey Monday as opposed to being solo has it’s differences, but for the most part, it’s very similar. I am still creating music with other people. I’m collaborating with songwriters and producers and it’s not my band. But, they are still human beings that I’m collaborating with. I’m not missing out on that, ‘cause that’s something that I really love to do. But being on stage, sometimes I think about the past and being with my old band and how we had cute little things that we used to do on stage together and the chemistry was really great. But I’ve created really, really great chemistry with my band right now. They’re not ‘in the band’ per se, and we’re not writing together and all of that, but we are creating a sound, my live show together. So, there’s a really great vibe with them on stage, even now. I’m not missing out on a ton of stuff. But I do miss the guys every once in a while.”

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