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Audio Bites: Week of August 18, 2013

August 18, 2013

Taylor Swift – Red defined album :29

“I think, for me, red defined this album because I wrote a song called ‘Red’ and it was a song about kinda correlating the emotions you went through in a breakup to different colors. It talks about blue and dark gray and then eventually admits that the reason it’s impossible to forget someone is if loving them was red: if it was intense; if it was passionate. And that doesn’t matter if it’s intensely good or intensely bad. It’s intensely unforgettable if it was red.”

Tim McGraw – struggle creates best stuff 1:02

“The times that you feel like that are really the times that you feel like that you’re struggling artistically. And when you’re struggling artistically, sometimes the best stuff comes out. It’s like when you’re playing ball, and you show up and are like, “Man, I really don’t feel like playing today.” It’s like, “I feel slow” or “My uniform’s not hanging right.” You know, all those sort of things that an athlete goes through and that’s really where all my sorta ‘How To’ comes from, is being an athlete, how I approach everything. And you look back and those were the days where usually you were 4 for 5, almost hitting the cycle. And you made diving plays at shortstop and you turned a couple double plays. They days when you didn’t feel like you could do it and the days that you felt like you were struggling and nothing felt right, are the days you usually played well. And it’s sort of the same thing musically. The times that you feel like you were struggling; the times that you felt like you’re challenged; times that you felt like things really aren’t clicking like they need to be clicking like they need to be clicking are the times that you really sorta hit homeruns with your music. So, they’re all those times you feel like that maybe you’re done or you don’t wanna do this anymore or you don’t feel like it’s the right thing to do; maybe you should do something else for a while. Other times, something good usually comes out of it.”

Laura Bell Bundy – perfect way to spend summer day :38

“I love being on a lake. I absolutely love anything on a lake. Skiing, tubing, drinking, whatever. I love being on the water and I grew up on a lake. So, it’s like home for me. I’m a very outdoorsy person. I love hiking, and loving being active. So the summer when it’s warm, you can be a lot more active and be outdoorsy like, I kinda hate being in a gym. It feels very stale to me. I like being out and about. I love traveling in the summer. Of course my job makes me travel. But yeah, I love the summertime. I love being warm. I’d rather be warm than cold, that’s for sure.”

Danielle Bradbery – what do if not singer :30

“Besides being a singer, I have my interests in a couple of things. I don’t know if I can act, but I’ve always watched these action movies, like those fighting movies I would see. I would try to match myself in those cool moments. You never know. I don’t know if I can act or not. But that’s just a side note. My mom’s a hairdresser and I’ve always watched her cut hair and all these cool hairstylists and that’d be kinda interesting for me. I’d like to cut hair.”

Justin Moore – Point at You live :41

“It’s definitely the way you draw it up. To have a big hit single right out of the gate to kick off a new album, and we’ve been lucky to do that both times, now three times, with all of our albums. ‘Point at You’ I heard was one of the first songs I heard for the album and I loved it right away. I thought it was a hit. Especially coming off “’Till My Last Day’, which was the first time we did something like that and it was so well received I thought this was a perfect extension and follow up to that. It was rockin’ still, even though it was a love song. Our fans are loving it. On the road it’s going great. It’s a lot of pointing going on. It’s rude to point, ain’t it? Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.”

Thomas Rhett – least favorite house chore :20

“Just cleaning up in general. When I was in college, my room was a wreck and it didn’t bother me. I would sleep on my bed with a suitcase on it, with shirts tucked into the mattress and all kind of mess. I don’t know. She always makes me make the bed. I never was a bed maker when I lived at home but she is and so, she makes me do it.”

The Band Perry – Neil TV or film :18

Neil – “My dream role was actually doing Gollum in the Hobbit, but that didn’t come out.”

Reid – “Other than that it was like Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, right?”

Kimberly – “Yeah, something…classic.”

Neil – “I love like the golden age of film, that really kind of classic, black and white, romantic kind of stuff I love. But my whole life is an act, so for now I’m pretty good. But if the right opportunity came I would love to do it.”

Eli Young Band – what learned on Kenny tour :26

Chris – “Being on the Kenny Chesney tour is like having a shotgun seat to the biggest and greatest tour on the planet. We’ve learned so much from Kenny; everything from just how to perform on stage, how to keep the audience attention for two solid hours all the way down to actually how to run a tour behind the scenes. Kenny’s really hands on. He’s always around. He’s always tweeking the show. He’s always very active in everything that you see on stage and everything that happens behind the scenes. We’ve learned a ton from him and keep learning.”

Florida Georgia Line – how stay grounded :31

Tyler – “Just some close friends.”

Brian – “We’ve always got each other.”

Tyler – “We’ve got some close friends that, when we can, we try to get away and hang out with and just kinda remember how it used to be. A lot has to do with our family as well. My cousins…I go to Alabama and hang out with them and kinda get away and stuff like that. Just being home for a couple of days and doing things we like to do, like ride motorcycles and riding around with our windows down and listen to music. Just doing our thing kinda keeps us grounded. It’s definitely not always easy but taking some time to yourself and doing your thing, whatever that is, is kinda the key to what we found.”

Cassadee Pope – must have on the road :36

“I always have to have my guitar. I don’t play it on stage a ton but I love taking it in the back lounge and just writing ‘cause on tour it’s very inspiring and you just wanna sometimes write down what’s going on and what you’re seeing everyday. So my guitar. I love having little snacks on the bus. I’m a snacker. So anything from apples to hummus and chips and salsa, that stuff really goes a long way for me. And my computer. I’ve got a lot to keep up with when I’m on the road and the computer saves me.”

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