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Audio Bites: Week of August 25, 2013

August 25, 2013

Taylor Swift – songs open to interpret :25

“For me, yeah, there’s a lot of curiosity about who each song is about and that’s kind of something that I love keeping to myself. Never really revealing who exactly these songs are about. Because I like for people to be able to paint their own picture of whether they want to think about their ex boyfriend or someone they know or make up their own mind about who they think I wrote it about. It’s all up to them, because I’m never telling.”

Tim McGraw – Labor Day worst job :12

“Picking tomatoes in Louisiana. I mean, I had a lot of bad jobs. Pulling coffee weeds in rice fields is not a good job either, especially with water moccasins in the river. Picking tomatoes..that’s a pretty nasty job.”

Laura Bell Bundy – Labor Day worst job :22

“I’ve really been fortunate not to have horrible jobs. I’ve been very blessed to be able to have my hobby be my job. I mean, I’ve been a bartender and I’ve been a hostess and I’ve been a coat check girl. I’ve done sales before I did real estate. Living in New York trying to make ends meet. That was pretty funny. I don’t think it was horrible, but it was funny.”

Danielle Bradbery – when knew wanted to be a singer :440

“When I was little, I always just watched the award shows and just other stars perform and I would just be in awe of how they were and I would try to picture myself up there. Of course, that little girl who just wants to be the superstar. But I never got the courage to actually try and do something about it. I mean, I was so shy. I didn’t want to get in front of anybody. So I just had this huge imagination and I just thought that I would just keep going. My mom was a big part of how this started because she signed me up for The Voice and I kinda went along with it to see how it went because I was so scared. From there, it just kept going.”

Justin Moore – Labor Day Heroes program :57

“We’ve been really fortunate to be involved with a program that Crown Royal has done for a number of years, but we’ve done it with them the last two or three and that’s called Your Heroes Name Here, where ultimately, a hometown hero who’s voted by fans as a winner online, has a Brickyard 400 named after him. In thinking about this year what we could do to help grow that program to a new level, on the music side of things, I had heard this song “Heroes” that Greg Bates actually wrote and I said, ‘Man, why don’t we go record that and actually do something with it’, What we did was put it up online. If you’re 21 or over, you can go to and download that for free and Crown Royal will donate a dollar for each time that’s downloaded to our Armed Forces Foundation. Yeah, it’s something for us that’s very easy to do that’s gonna help some folks out. Anytime we can do that, especially for our military servicemen and women, why not.”

Thomas Rhett – perfect summer day :18

“My perfect summer day would be on the golf course, to tell you the honest truth. Or sitting on the beach drinking a Bud Light. As a kid, we always used to go to Amelia Island. My family’s had a house down there since I can…as long as I can remember, so I’ve always been a big beach goer and anytime I get a chance when I’m off on the road to go to the beach, I’m going.”

The Band Perry – difference in intl fans :39

Kimberly – “I don’t really think there’s a lot of difference between playing for crowds in the United States and folks in the UK and Europe. Just a bunch of country lovers. The one interesting thing though, is that, when we played Scandinavia, there was a little bit of a language barrier when I would speak. I mean I’m very southern – ‘Y’all want some sweet tea?’

Reid – “It wasn’t even that, but whenever she would tell a joke it would just be …”

Neil – “Crickets. And you know, it was kind of deflating for Kimberly, but Reid and I would laugh on stage just to make her feel better.”

Kimberly – “What wasn’t deflating though is that they knew the music. Music is such a universal language. Even when our language maybe isn’t as decipherable. I think the songs still speak.”

Eli Young Band – American Idol stardom :32

Mike Eli – “Our outlook on it is that we’ve kinda paved our road in a way that we’re building a foundation that we’ll be able to always turn back to. You build something, quality, that’s gonna be there for a long time and hopefully, we’ll be making music for a really long time. I think that in the age of the instant star I think that they still have to pay their dues. They just have to do it in a different way and they have to do it in front of people, a lot of people. Whereas, we got to pay our dues in front of no one. Many times.”

Florida Georgia Line – writing inspiration from fans :26

Tyler Hubbard – “We get ideas and inspiration from all walks of life and where we’re at, and what we’re experiencing. Right now, a lot of that has to do with fans and playing shows and traveling on a bus and all that good stuff. I’d say absolutely. Our fans are amazing. How they connect to us on stage is unreal. So when we’re writing, we’re also thinking about what we wanna be saying to our fans and how we want them to perceive us and all that kind of stuff, so it definitely has an impact on our writing.”

Cassadee Pope – how spend day off :32

“I love just sitting around. I love TV. I’m a sucker for reality shows on Bravo and CMT. I could sit there for hours and watch shows. But I also love spending time outside. I live in L.A. and there’s not a day that goes by where it’s not absolutely gorgeous out. So, if I can find a balcony or a patio situation, I will sit and read and sunbathe and just have my alone time and not speak. Not speaking is key.”

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