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Audio Bites: Week of August 4, 2013

August 4, 2013

Taylor Swift – hints who songs are about :19

“There are little hints in the album packaging, in the little linear notes, but the thing is people think they know who I’ve dated and they just don’t. They don’t know everything. And so, there are some of these secrets that may go completely unanswered and that’s fine with me. Because the one thing I have at the end of the day is that I never reveal who each song is about.”

Tim McGraw – still to do in the future :27

“I think it’s just a wide-open world. I think, for me, it’s about getting better. I think that I really am just started to sort of tap in musically to what I wanna do. Not discounting anything I’ve done. If I’d had half of the success and the career that I’ve had, I would have been more than happy to have it. But for me it’s about—personally, as an artist, getting better and honing my craft, I guess, is what I’m trying to say. And I really feel like that now, I’m just starting to get the hang of it.””

Laura Bell Bundy – bad habit confession :33

“Well, I have plenty of bad habits that I prefer not talking about. The bad habits that I’m open to talking about are I am addicted to Red Bull. I’m addicted to Sugar-Free Red Bull. I wake up every morning and I have a Sugar-Free Red Bull. If I don’t have it I get skittish. I have to have my Red Bull. It’s a problem. I’m also addicted to Lay’s Potato Chips and I have to have chocolate everyday. I really enjoy bourbon. I’m a Kentucky girl so I like my bourbon. So basically, everything I have a weakness on is food or drink.”

Danielle Bradberry – friends keep you in check :20

“Oh yeah, I have those friends, they’re my best friends, and they always tell me, “You’re just that Danielle to us so we don’t wanna lose that.” That helps me to just be myself in front of them and just not lose who I was before. But yeah, I definitely have help from them and they have my back.”

Justin Moore – headlining tour :36

“We finally got to that point where it’s time to do it or don’t. And that’s exciting. It’s exciting that we’ve had the amount of success that allows us to go do that and allows a promoter to take a chance on us and all those people that have to make those calls and said, “Hey. Let’s go do this.” I’m excited about it. It’ll be cool to do some hard tickets where they’re not coming there to listen to the DJ and then all of a sudden there’s a concert. They’re coming just to listen to us and our music. And it’s very, very exciting. And I anticipate it going really well.”

Thomas Rhett – It Goes Like This represent album :26

“I definitely think this is more the direction that we’re heading towards. I’ve gotten to play a lot on the road and I’ve gotten to see kinda what works for me and how I play shows and how it translates over to fans. We’re really just trying to write as many fun, uptempo songs and a lot of these—kinda like It Goes Like This on the record that are very girl-based. Just trying to have that element at our show where we can sing a party song and a girl song. Try to bring in all the guys and all the girls. So that’s kinda the direction we’re heading on this record.”

The Band Perry – deluxe version of album :39

Kimberly – “Well on the exclusive Target deluxe edition, we were so excited to put four songs that are previously been unreleased but have always been four of our favorites on this packaging. Well, Neil is actually playing drums.”

Neil – “Yeah, I actually started out as the drummer but now I play mandolin. But I had the opportunity to play the drums on these four exclusive Target tracks.”

Reid – “Which by the way, drums to mandolin is a very logical step in the musical evolution.”

Neil – “The cool factor just went way down.”

Kimberly – “But it also shows a lot of our rock-n-roll and soul roots in these four tracks.”

Neil – “Kimberly also really shows off the raspiness of her voice in these four tracks.”

Kimberly – “Yeah, they’re a little but more unchained, if you will, these four songs.”

Eli Young Band – Drunk Last Night :36

Jon Jones – “Drunk Last Night is the first single and has had such a great reaction. It’s something that we all believe in and when we all believe in something we really feel that that’s probably the right thing for us to do. But at this point, it’s in the fans’ hands. So far, the reaction has been great live and we can’t wait to get new music out. I think this song represents kinda the vibe and the energy of the next record and hopefully the next chapter for us. We’re really thankful for the fans that have stuck with us for all these years. This really does kinda boost our confidence for going forward into the next record and we can’t wait to get some more stuff out there.”

Florida Georgia Line – speed of career :37

Brian – “It feels fast from ‘Cruise’ kinda like, becoming ‘Cruise’ to going number one, that feel fast and certain things like that. But getting here, on the other hand, kinda not. I mean, we worked a lot of different jobs, a lot of different things, played a lot of different places that we were like, “Why are we even here? Nobody’s here.” Just some weird gigs. And we’ll still play those. We’ll pretty much play anywhere if anyone will have us. It’s a surreal feeling. It really is, because we just started writing songs on the back of Tyler’s tailgate and--I don’t think you ever set out to write a hit song. You wanna write a great song and hope somebody likes it; your friends like it and your fans like it.”

Cassadee Pope – how is Rascal Flatts tour :42

“Touring with Rascal Flatts has been such an eye opener. I mean, they have always been this unit and they’ve always had such a unique sound and they’ve stuck to it all these years. They’ve been headlining these amphitheaters for years now. It makes me feel like, as long as I stick to me, and I do my thing, I will eventually get there. They’re such an inspiring group to watch every night. They’re so, so talented. They’re the nicest guys in the entire world. They walk around backstage and interact with us so that’s all I can ask. As long as they are nice to me and they took me out, that’s all I could ask for.”

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