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Audio Bites: Week of July 14, 2013

July 14, 2013

Taylor Swift – beginning of record, no predictable :41

“I took two years to make this album and the first year was me writing and getting my thoughts together and going into the studio and creating demos. At the end of that year, I handed in all these songs to my label and my label said, “You’re done. Congratulations. This is the record.” I thought that I was just showing them what I’d written so far, but they thought, “This is the finished album—awesome.” The songs that I turned in were good, but I didn’t think they were different enough. One of my big fears is to end up making music that sounds the same every time, and being predictable, and having people go “Oh, I guess Taylor’s putting out another record again. I guess we’ll know what that’s gonna be.”

Tim McGraw – music remains centerpiece 1:05

“Anything that’s happened in my life has been really good - meeting my wife, the things that I’ve been able to do in my career, being in movies - it all comes from music. Music has sort of been the gas pedal to anything that’s happened in my life. All those things are driven musically. That’s what’s gotten me to this point. When things weren’t very good in my life, I had music that I could count on. I could have music that I could fall back on. And then when I had my family…when things weren’t going good, I had my family that I could fall back on. But there was always music. Always music that propelled everything forward. There’s always music that sort of could take you away; could bring you back. So I don’t think that I could ever, ever consider doing a movie without knowing that music’s the reason I’m doing it. They weren’t gonna come pick me off the street and say, ‘Hey, you wanna come be a movie star and be in my movie?” That would never happened had I not had a hit record. That’s where my heart is. That’s the one thing I feel like I can do well.”

Laura Bell Bundy – dipping in video :43

“I don’t currently dip. I’ve done it. I don’t particularly enjoy it, but I kinda thought that it would be authentic to the character that I’m playing in the video. My dad actually owns the factory, that’s his factory, and those outfits are from the factory. So it was just, basically, being the gal that I’ve seen my whole life. And all the girls in the video are my best friends. So all the other girls in the factory that get dressed up with me, they’re my best friends. My family’s in there doing the Two Step. People I went to dance class with, growing up, my 75-year-old dance teacher’s in the video. There’s so many friends and family. It was definitely a friends and family type of an event.”

Danielle Bradberry – your style of music :38

“What other people would want to hear from me that I would like to give out to them through my songs--I love all genres so I would kind of do a little bit of mix of that pop country. I like that mix in the music and I love country, of course, I would always stick to that. And I mean lyric-wise, I would like to give songs that inspire people, and of course young girls like me. I would love to have those songs where--if somebody is having a bad day or is having a problem, they have my songs to look upon. So that would be really cool.”*

Brantley Gilbert – must have on the road :41

“You know, I would have to say my cell phone and my iPad because my fiancé and I spend a lot of time apart. We try to talk as much as we can during the day. I learned about this new thing called Skype. I’m not really a technology-type guy. Jana said it surprised her when Jana and I first started talking. The first time I ever talked to her, she said it freaked her out. She was used to texting people and I actually made a phone call and called her. At that point, I was a pretty slow texter so it seemed like the right thing to do. Definitely need my cell phone out on the road and a guitar. You can’t forget that. Because you never know when a song’s gonna break out.”

Justin Moore – details of next album 1:04

“I wrote with all the same guys that I wrote the first two albums but I also wrote with a number of other guys to. It’s got all the songs that my fans would expect to hear from me on it. There’s gonna be 16 songs on the record, which I’m excited about. It’s more than we’ve ever had. I think that allowed us—also with the success of a song like “Till My Last Day” allowed us to experiment a little more. It’s not gonna sound pop or it’s not gonna be anything that can cross over. There’s some songs that I cut on this album that I don’t think earlier in my career I would have. I’m excited about it. Hopefully it’ll be good. There’s some stuff on there even I was going, “Uh. Really? You think I can do this?” I lived with them and lived with them. With the format the way it is, you have to continue to evolve as an artist. I’d love nothing more than to cut an album that sounded like Mark Chesnutt in 1994. I’m not very smart but I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know if I can get that played on the radio. It’s exciting for me to go out and try some different things. As an artist, it’s kinda fun.”

Thomas Rhett – how stadium dates compare :52

“A stadium date, like we did in Athens, was crazy, especially being from Georgia. Playing at the Bulldog Stadium was something that I think every guy from Georgia has always wanted to do. We got to say that we did it first, and that was very cool. Comparing it to a club date, it couldn’t be more different. The stadiums are so big that a lot of the time you feel disconnected from people that are in the back or way up in nosebleeds, but it’s still a blast to play somewhere that big and have all those speakers where it’s so loud in there. But compared to a club show, you can see everybody. I mean, it’s like a thousand-seater or something like that. It’s definitely more of an intimate show and you get to play longer. You kinda get to show fans who you are, like as a person not only as an entertainer, and you get to tell dumb stories and pull people up on stage and let them sing old cover songs. It’s just a more kinda whatever goes thing, compared to a stadium show when you have a very limited amount of time to where you can only do so much. But I love playing them both. It’s good to have a good balance.”

The Band Perry – headlining :32

Kimberly - “We’ve opened for Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw …”

Neil – “Keith Urban …”

Kimberly – “Reba, Brad Paisley and now Rascal Flatts. And so I mean we’ve gotten to be on all of our dream tours. We’ve learned so much from all of our heroes and the cool thing is this year we’ve been mixing up some of our own little headlining shows, dipping our toes in the water and we’re having a heck of a lot of fans come out. So it just feels like the right time. Gratefully we’ve had seven songs on the radio now and by the time we do that next year, hopefully a few more. So it just seems like the time to dive in and start building that hard ticket.”

Eli Young Band – all four agree :20

(Mike) “We’ve been pretty fortunate to be on the same page majority of the time (laughs), but sometimes we have our moments, all four of us. I think we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t, but for the most part, luckily, we kind of hashed out a lot of the early stuff, a lot of that stuff early on. So it’s been easy the last few years.”

Florida Georgia Line – ‘Round Here :38

Tyler – “Uhhh, yeah, we’re excited, man. “’Round Here’ is a—it’s a cool anthem. Everybody seems to be diggin’ it and can relate to it. We fell in love with it the first time we heard it.”

Brian – “I remember where I was the first time I heard that song. I was driving my car. I think our manager sent it to us two years ago and we said if it was ever available we were gonna cut it. That’s kinda how we’ve been with outside songs. We don’t ever want to put it on an album and there’s songs that you wanna skip and it’s just songs that we wrote that aren’t good enough to really make it but they fill the CD up. We said better is better is better if we hear a song that we didn’t write that, if you didn’t look at the liner notes and you wouldn’t think anything different, then that’s the songs we’re gonna cut. It’s our life; work hard play hard.”

Cassadee Pope – Voice influence on writing :24

“It’s more about insecurities and getting through those things and kinda like empowering song. That experience was phenomenal and it was amazing but you tend to beat yourself down a lot and no matter how amazing the things that the coaches said to you, you think back to your performance and you nitpick and nitpick. That’s what I did. So, there’s a few songs on there that are about self-esteem and going through the other side of a bigger, better person.”

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