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Audio Bites: Week of July 21, 2013

July 21, 2013

Taylor Swift – album cover photo :38

“Well, the cover photo is a picture that was taken in my friend’s backyard. The photographer, Sarah, is a friend of mine. She’s really young, she’s really wonderful and she’d never done an album shoot before. I guess the story behind the cover shoot is that as soon as I saw that photo, I knew that was the cover; I just knew. And we’ve never had that happen before. We’ve always been like, “Well, maybe this one – maybe that one --- maybe that one” but I knew it when I saw this photo because it’s really mysterious and you don’t quite know what I’m thinking and you can’t quite see me, but it’s got this kinda shocking red lip that’s the focal point.”

Tim McGraw – road must have :18

“When I’m on the road, I have to workout. I think that’s what sort of keeps me functioning and feeling like that I’m ready to go. I think it keeps my voice in a good spot. I just think that it mentally keeps me focused. So I think working out is probably the mainstay as to what I really need on the road.”

Laura Bell Bundy – brickyard 1 :19

“What I’m most excited about experiencing in Indy on race day is the race itself. I think there’s something totally exhilarating and exciting about racing. I mean it completely gives me this burst of adrenaline to just watch it and hear it and feel the heat of it all. So that’s what I’m most excited about.”

Laura Bell Bundy – brickyard 2 1:09

“I think I’ve become a fan of racing because I want to actually be in a race car myself. I love high risk sports, I love things that make my heart rate skyrocket, I love adrenaline provoking activities. I love it and I’ve been in a pace car a couple of times and it just didn’t go fast enough for me. So I think I kind of wish I was in the cars during the race (laughs). There’s something about it. It’s like watching danger go around in circles. It’s just amazing and it really gets me going. And I know that NASCAR fans are some of the most loyal. My sister for example is a huge NASCAR fan. Her and her husband are huge NASCAR fans and the day after their wedding was the Daytona 500 and they could not have cared less that they were married the day before or that they were about to go on a honeymoon. All they wanted to do was find a place where they could watch the race. So that was the main priority and they had full gear, jackets, everything. They were completely dressed for the occasion. And I think that’s the spirit is dedicated fans and fans that are kind of vicariously living through the drivers.”

Danielle Bradberry – favorite subject in school :19

“I like to write. I have trouble writing a song but…I like writing about essays. Not many people are big fans of that but I like writing and English. Yeah, that’s probably my best subject.”

Cadillac Three – Brickyard 1 :18

“The Cadillac Three is so excited about playing the Brickyard this year in Indy. It’s gonna be crazy. The fans are nuts. It’s kinda like going to a redneck circus. We just can’t wait to try to compete with the loudness of the cars and the fans with our guitars. It’s gonna be a blast and can’t wait to do it.”

Cadillac Three – Brickyard 2 :31

“I grew up going to the Daytona 500 in Talladega. My dad used to play drums at ‘em and we’d be down at the middle. There’s nothing like the sound of that first round when they get goin’. Man, it’s the loudest thing you’ll ever hear in your life. The fans are so cool and they’re so eat up with it. It’s very similar to going to a huge rock show. I love the whole diehard attitude that every NASCAR fan has because there’s nothing like it. There’s no other sport like it. You try to build your whole career with that kind of following as a musician and it’s pretty awesome.”

Justin Moore – Brickyard 1 1:04

“I was fortunate to get to do it last year and have been there a couple of times, and I’m a big NASCAR fan, so first and foremost it’ll be fun to be there as a fan of NASCAR and just taking in the race day stuff. But the fact that we’re getting to help some folks out along the way makes it even better. We were fortunate to get to do the ‘Crown Royal Your Heroes Name Here’ program with them last year and it’s pretty cool to be involved in a larger capacity this year. We cut a song called ‘Heroes’ that Greg Bates actually wrote. But in thinking about how to grow this thing and help them from our end we thought, ‘man, let’s cut this song.’ And smarter people than me came up with the idea that if we put it out there on the web site and let people download it for free, you can do so at, and a dollar will be donated to our Armed Forces Foundation each time that happens. So, looking forward to being there for the race but it’s even better to get to be a part of a program like the ‘Your Heroes Name Here’ program.”

Justin Moore – Brickyard 2 :29

“Growing up in Arkansas, I mean it was one of the big, big, big sports. I just always respected all of the moving parts that make a race what it is and make a race team what it is. It’s easy to look at the driver and go, ‘Well they won because they’re the best driver,’ or whatever, but there’s so many talented people on the pit crew and on the pit box. And it’s something for me that I realized I could never do but I respect the heck out of those guys for their talents.”

Justin Moore – Brickyard 3 :20

“We will be performing after the Nationwide Race on Saturday night and we’ll have the full production and all that stuff, which will be a lot of fun. And then it’ll be a lot of fun for us to do something we’ve not done. We’ll be playing trackside before the race and that’ll be a lot of fun, real exciting, and we’re looking forward to that for sure.”

Thomas Rhett – getting married impact on songwriting :23

“Before I was married, I didn’t write a whole lot of love songs. It was more party-animated songs. Ever since I’ve gotten married, my wife has really gotten on me about writing more love songs. So I’ve definitely taken experiences that me and Lauren have had and turned them into song ideas and brought them into co-writers and we’ve had some pretty cool stuff going on and songs that have actually been cut by other artists with songs that have been inspired by Lauren.”

The Band Perry – favorite summer things :35

Kimberly – “Summer, okay I’m the foodie of the bunch and I always equate summer with hot dogs and BBQ grills, cheeseburgers…”

Reid – “Well, and I love playing in the summer too ‘cause I feel like there’s a whole new fervor in the crowds as well.”

Kimberly – “You mean like on the slip ‘n slide or like on the stage?”

Reid – “Both slip ‘n slides and the stage. But there is a big fervor – a dramatic difference in the energy in the crowd as well. I think some of it is ‘cause we are playing outside and it feels good out. But it’s always fun to be able to play shows in the summer months.”

Neil – “We always say if the crowd’s not sweating, they’re not having a good enough time.”

Kimberly – “They’re not dancing hard enough.”

Neil – “Absolutely.”

Eli Young Band – performing live :22

Mike - “It’s addicting, and that energy…we can get up there and we can perform all we want and we can give it all we’ve got, but if that energy is not reflecting back from the crowd, it would be really tough. That’s when it becomes work, you know what I mean? But we’ve been really lucky to have fans that get into the show, and they sing those songs back to us and that energy just kind of explodes for that two hours of that show, you know?”

Florida Georgia Line – where your music fits :28

Brian - “I think there’s a place for it. Man, I still listen to Alabama and I love Waylon and –we love it all, to be honest with you. We love all genres of music so I don’t know what you would call our music. I definitely think it clearly fits somewhere in there and I don’t even know, man. We just wanted to do something fresh and something that – I heard this quote a long time ago and it’s, ‘If you try to write a Craig Wiseman song, he’s gonna beat you every time. So, write your own song.’ So we just try to find our own niche.”

Cassadee Pope – Brickyard 1 :28

“I’m so, so excited that my family gets to come to Brickyard. They’re all NASCAR fans and my grandpa actually races stock cars in Vandergift, Pennsylvania. They’re all driving to Indy for the race and I actually didn’t tell them about my name being on the side of the Nationwide car. So they’re going to be really surprised. I’m just excited to show them a good time. I, myself, am a NASCAR fan so it will be awesome for me as well.”

Cassadee Pope – Brickyard 2 :30

“I’ve always been a fan of NASCAR because of my family. I grew up loving country music first of all, but my grandpa is a huge fan. He races himself, so I just was always surrounded by it. I loved Dale Earnhardt; that was my favorite growing up. I just have a lot of memories going to races when I was a kid, especially dirt races in Pennsylvania. It’s a family thing. It reminds me of growing up and being a kid so it’s always had a good place in my heart.”

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