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Audio Bites: Week of September 1, 2013

September 1, 2013

Taylor Swift – album define place 1:09

“I think, for me, different albums represent different chapters of my life. Fearless represents the breakthrough and all the discovery of, ‘Wow. There’s a big, wide world of music and I’ve just been thrown into it and I’m excited, and I’m scared.’ We had incredible luck at the Grammy’s with that album. And then I felt like I really had something to prove on Speak Now, because that last album, Fearless, was so big. I wanted to write a record by myself to prove that I could do it. To prove to myself that I could do it. So it was – in my mind it was a little bit lyrically dark and it was something that I’m always gonna be really proud of. With Red, I wanted to learn. I wanted to take my comfort zone, which at that point was writing songs alone, and I wanted to throw myself into a different realm, where I was out of my comfort zone. So I called up all these people I’m a fan of; producers, writers, artists, and just said, “I want you to be in on making this record with me. I want your influence.” So, I’d say it was me expanding and learning and taking risks I’d never taken before.”

Tim McGraw – Southern Girl as next single :25

“You know, it just felt like summertime. We’re out on tour and we’re playing a lot of things off of the new album. I think we play seven or eight songs off the new album, Fifty Lanes of Freedom record, on the tour this summer. That one just really stuck out to the reaction we got from the fans. More than anything it felt like summertime. And we knew it would be really playing on the radio right at the end of summer when it’s really hot and everybody’s going back to school and it just sorta fit the time that it would be out.”

Laura Bell Bundy – obsessed with making country music :34

“I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever been as inspired in my life as I am now. I feel completely open and free. To be inspired, is, they say, ‘in spirit’. There’s something very spiritual about creating and writing music. Sometimes you just feel like it’s not coming from you and even if it’s a silly, stupid dance song. It still feels like you’re channeling something. That you’re having a spiritual experience. That is addicting for me. I love it. Being on stage and doing my music, it is like the best drug you could ever take. I realize that I’m still gonna do this whether people listen or not.”

Danielle Bradbery – person really want to meet :27

“I would absolutely—I mean, I’ve always been saying this: Carrie Underwood. She’s huge in the country music. She has this powerhouse voice and she just looks so sweet. I would love to meet her. I sing all her songs all the time. She’s definitely someone —one of the many I would like to meet. Everybody is so amazing, but she’s definitely somebody that I would love to meet.”

Justin Moore – Razorbacks football :32

“I’m so excited to get the bad taste out of our mouth from last year. We were expected to do so good. I mean, we were pre-season Top 5 and then it just obviously went south for us. But I’m hopeful that we’re going in the right direction. I don’t know how good we’re gonna be this year. If we can make a Bowl game I think it would be a win for us. We’re young and we need to get some more talent in there. I’ve become friends with Coach Bielema, our new head coach, great guy. He’s got a proven record, proven track record, and I think he’s gonna get us going in the right direction.”

Thomas Rhett – Jason Aldean tour :26

“The tour with Jason has been a blessing. It’s been amazing being out there with a superstar like Jason and being on one of the biggest tours of the year. When we first started it was very intimidating. And now I feel like I’ve grown very comfortable playing in arenas and playing in front of Jason’s crowd and really trying to win those people over. It’s been a once in a lifetime thing. I really think this tour has really spurred my fan base. I love being out there with Jake and Jason and getting to know those guys. It’s been awesome.”

The Band Perry – headlining tour ideas :24

Neil – “We’re still kinda in the early phases of that.”

Kimberly – “Well, I will tell you this, we are forcing our mother to get her pyrotechnic license officially. So there might be some fireworks. And on the Canadian leg, Lindsay Ell and Easton Corbin are coming out with us and those guys are both really great guitar players. So we’re thinking about doing the traditional mesh as a band, all three acts together, but maybe making it more instrumental, which might be fun.”

The Band Perry – working on set ideas :27

Reid – “We actually got out first designs about a couple of weeks ago, so we’re getting several in, gonna see which one really works for us and put it all together, but we actually will start in November in Europe. So we’re gonna get things started over there and then come back to North America.”

Kimberly – “And we’re spending all of our sound checks working out the set list already because, you know, it’s quite a chemistry, the set list. So it’s fun to just talk about different mash ups and ways of doing medleys of different tracks off of Pioneer, so it’s exciting.”

Eli Young Band – Drunk Last Night represent album :30

Chris Thompson - “’Drunk Last Night’ represents what’s coming up on our next record in a lot of ways. First, the songwriting is so unique and different. We love titles that kinda lend themselves to one thing but actually tell a different kind of story. Those unexpected things. Those are the kind of songs that we love to write. Those are the kind of songs that we’re drawn to. So there’s a lot of that on this record. But also the sound on ‘Drunk Last Night’ is representative of the sound that we’re going for in this next record. There’s a lot of energy in it. There’s a lot of fun. And we feel like this is our record to do that. We want to put out songs that make people feel great and have a good time.”

Florida Georgia Line – tailgating :25

Tyler - “We probably have a case of beer and probably some cornhole.”

Brian – “Some music.”

Tyler – “Probably, definitely some speakers set up or a truck sound system. I don’t know. A couple lawn chairs. Maybe a couch in the back of the truck. I don’t know. Something I do want to do one day is put all plastic in the bed of my truck and fill it up with water and sit in it like a little hot tub.”

Brian – “I saw that. I see that at the Aldean show with a guy that did that.”

Tyler – “Yeah. That sounds like fun.”

Cassadee Pope – international fan base :44

“My band and I did a lot of touring overseas. We were lucky enough to be able to tour with the band Fallout Boy back when we first started in 2008. They took us on a world tour so we got a lot of our fans right off the bat overseas. And they just stuck with us through the years. We did a lot of touring in Japan and the U.K. so I think fans just saw us traveling the world and gravitated towards us because they thought maybe we were gonna be able to come to them. And then we also did a South American tour towards the end of our career together. But, we toured and that’s how we gained a lot of our fanbase. I think some fans did jump on the bandwagon after The Voice as well, so it’s kind of a mixture of both.”

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