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Audio Bites: Week of September 22, 2013

September 22, 2013

Taylor Swift – music is centerpiece :43

“I always see music as the centerpiece for every creative side project that I like to do. It’s been so much fun to get to create a fragrance line that’s based around a lyric from one of my songs. That way you can accurately tell a story and you can create this ad campaign that’s based around your music. I think that starting there, whenever I’m creating even the merch line; t-shirts, we’re gonna sell at the concerts or all the visuals that go along with the record, it all starts with what the music sounds like and how it makes you feel. And so, the things just kinda feel natural to me that way. And it feels like it’s not some sort of weird assembly line thing where we’re just doing things for the sake of doing them.”

Tim McGraw – country and blue collar worker :55

“Certainly, that’s where the roots of country comes from. Not only blue-collar, but rural to start with, and blue-collar workers. I think country music’s for everybody in a lot of different ways, and so I think it’s just about good music. You can sing a love song and anybody can relate to a love song. You can sing a song about your family and anybody can relate to a song about their family. I think country music at its core is a -- sort of a set of values that we represent when we sing and a set of values that we represent as a genre of music and I think that’s what really appeals to middle America and blue-collar workers, and who we are as people; who we are as artists. That being said, it certainly doesn’t say everything about who everybody is in country music, you know what I mean? But that is a basic core of what we all are all about. So I think that’s the appeal and it’s always been the appeal of country music.”

Laura Bell Bundy – music ahead of acting :41

“It’s funny because I told someone the other day that it’s not about me making the decision that I wanted to do with my music, it’s that it’s like oxygen: I can’t NOT do it. It’s like breathing for me. That was a really important lesson for me to learn. Because when I wasn’t doing it, I was miserable. So now I know it’s like, “I don’t wanna feel like that again.” But I’m really focused on the music right now and that’s first. I’m really excited for that to be first because it hasn’t been. I haven’t been allowed to have it be the first thing. When you don’t put music out for a while, you end up not being able to afford to live that you have to do other things like acting. I enjoy it. I love it, but this is coming first right now.”

Danielle Bradbery – how family dealing :34

“Of course for me it’s a lot to sink in and process, myself. But my family, of course, is overwhelmed with everything. They’re proud and they just try to do everything they can to help me out and have my back, which they have been. But, they just want to continue and even do better. Yeah, they’re doing a really good job at it. It’s really nice that I have them to fall back on ‘cause they’re always willing to help. I mean, they’re my family but yeah, they’ve been a big help.”

Justin Moore – Cabela’s partnership :42

“I’ve always been really careful about who I team up with. Because you attach your name to somebody, you got ‘em and they got you; good or bad. I couldn’t be happier with the folks there. They’re great people, first and foremost. I have a huge amount of respect for the way that company came about and has grown and they still do things the right way. And then, the more fun stuff – that’s right up my alley. I mean, I love to be outdoors: camping, hunting, fishing, etc. It just makes perfect sense. I feel like, it’s been mutually beneficial to the two of us and hopefully we can continue to grow that relationship.”

Thomas Rhett – favorite sport to watch :22

“First and foremost, it’s college football. That’s pretty much all I do during the Fall on Saturdays. Even though we have shows at night, I’m watching SportsCenter from 10 o’clock until we go on stage and then watching SportsCenter after we get off stage. So, college football is big for me. I recently got into playing golf a lot so I keep it on the Golf Channel a pretty good bit. I love watching everything golf. Because I like playing it, I like to watch other people play it too.”

The Band Perry – part of family format :43

Kimberly – “The country format is a family, among ourselves, all in this room. But, I also know that at our shows and at all the country shows I’ve been to, families come out to them. Our favorite thing is when we’re at a meet and greet, and we see a kid and her mother and the grandmother. Like, three generations. And I think country music is more about sharing it with each other as friends and family..”

Neil – “Real life.”

Kimberly – “…and it just makes our format so special and yeah, it is about real life. It feels very like, blue collar and normal. It’s applicable. It means something. And it’s not all about the bells and whistles. There’s certainly a place for that and pop music does that. The best of the best if that’s what you are in the market for. But for country, it’s true blue and we’re just really proud to be a part of it.”

Eli Young Band – hangover cure :16

Mike Eli – “Hangover cures are the thing that I haven’t ever figured out. I think I try to be pre-emptive the night before and make sure that somewhere between the drinks, I drink some water. That’s the only cure I’ve got. I haven’t quite figured it out.”

Florida Georgia Line – make #1 look easy :19

Brian – “You know, there’s a lot of things that people don’t see. They see the success but they don’t see the late hours and the early mornings and the autograph lines and us going out of our way to try make peoples days a little better; the studio time, the flights and all that stuff. There’s a lot of hard work into that. And there’s also an amazing team of support staff behind us that’s pushing just as hard as we are.”

Cassadee Pope – people sharing personal stories :24

“I find a lot of fans relate to this song. A lot of my fans are younger: they’re kids in high school and in college that are still going through love and all the different obstacles you face when you’re falling in love for the first time. So, I’ve gotten a lot of people saying that they’re going through the exact same thing right now as the song talks about, and that’s just getting over somebody that broke your heart.”

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