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Audio Bites: Week of September 29, 2103

September 29, 2013

Taylor Swift – tempo not important :41

“For me, the songs all have their own back story and when I’m performing them live, I pretty much relive what I was feeling when I wrote them. I don’t think too much about, “We need more down tempo. We need more uptempo. We need more mid-tempo on the record.” Because to me, that seems a little scientific. I just want to make an album that’s well rounded emotionally. Whatever that takes, whatever combination that is, determines the overall tone of the album. Is it a sad record? Is it a happy record? Is it a mixture of all emotions? Thankfully, I think that’s what this record is: it’s a mixture of all the emotions that go along with the ups and downs of a relationship.”

Tim McGraw – tour advice to Blake and Miranda :19

“Oh gosh. I don’t know how I would give them any advice. I mean, God, they’re great. They’re both individual artists. I guess if there’s any advice to give it’s just never lose sight of your individuality as an artist. Because I think that that’s the driving force of what – as artists makes us smart, is to not lose sight of that.”

Laura Bell Bundy – where does comedic flair come from :28

“I don’t take a lot of things too seriously. I try to find the humor in life. My dad has a great sense of humor. My grandfather is a whippersnapper. He’s always coming up with funny little quips. He loves innuendo. My family, we’re loud old people from Kentucky. I think I get it from them. And also I just grew up loving comedy. I think it helped me look at my life in a way that was light and fun.”

Danielle Bradbery – how spend free time :34

“To keep that sixteen year old in me, I always, before everything, would love to go to my best friend’s house. Her house was a place that all my friends went to and we’d all hang out. She had a pool so we would go into the pool. I mean, we would just listen to music. I love going to her house. That’s probably the most place you would see me. Just hanging out with my friends. Going to fast food places. Just that normal teenage stuff.”

Justin Moore – consulting with wife while recording :36

“She’s great to bounce stuff off of because she has an uncalculated, unbiased opinion. I think some of us in the business, myself included, we overanalyze everything; is it too long? Is it get to the hook fast enough? Does it sound like a hit? She just goes off her gut and what she likes. So she’s a great tool to use as far as that goes. She’s been right more times than not. She’s picked our number ones and I ain’t picked one of ‘em. She’s doing better than I am.”

Thomas Rhett – 5 of 10 songs with dad :50

“I remember walking into my publishing company over at Sony the other day and we pulled up the chart and I was asking them where one of my songs was and he was like, “Well, this one is at eight. This one’s at seven.” We started looking and that was when we noticed that there was five songs in the top ten that were either written or recorded by me or dad or both of us. We told dad about it and he wasn’t convinced. He was looking on Google to see if Hank Williams, Senior and Junior had ever done it. As far as we know, until somebody tells us different, we might be the only father and son to accomplish that kind of thing. So it’s pretty wild. It really is. There aren’t a whole lot of words to say how cool it is besides it’s just really freaking cool. But it’s just one of those things that will never been forgotten, especially by me and for sure by him. I guess we’ll try to get a plaque made or something for the both of us.”

The Band Perry – Don’t Let Me Be Lonely :30

Kimberly - “Well we couldn’t be all spit. We had to show a little bit of, you know, show the vulnerability side of what we do.”

Neil – “Hopeless romantics.”

Kimberly – “And that’s what I’m so proud of on this album as a whole is that we definitely have that sense of being the underdog of snapping our fingers but also, we really wore our hearts on our sleeve more than ever before. ‘Don’t Let Me Be Lonely’ has one of my favorite melodies on the whole project. It sounds big but the lyrics are so small in the sense that they’re so personal, so vulnerable. It’s already a major moment live.”

Eli Young Band – favorite bus video games :15

James Young – “We play video games on the bus sometimes and I think the favorites would probably be the sports games. I think we’re playing Tiger Woods Golf right now. We’ll go head to head with each other. It’s a great time killer.”

Florida Georgia Line – think music would be universal :27

Brian – “You dream and you think you’ve got what it takes and you work hard but this past year and a half -- it pretty much exploded. Kinda blown our minds. I think it’s definitely surprised us. I mean, we were in Lincoln City, Oregon and that’s all the way in the west coast up top and I’m from all the way on the east coast, not on the bottom but it’s like all the way there and I think that’s just so cool. We get to travel and play our songs for people. And the passion of our fans, it’s something special right now.”

Cassadee Pope – her sound in country music :25

“I am very, very excited that country music is expanding it’s horizons. It has been for a little while now so I feel like I fit right in there with the country, pop, rock sound. I think if you put Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift in a blender it would have me. And actually throw Avril Lavigne in there too. That’s a big influence for me.”

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