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Audio Bites: Week of September 8, 2013

September 8, 2013

Taylor Swift – alternate versions of songs :28

“I wanted people to hear where the songs start. The demo of ‘Red’ was a song that made me feel like the record could open up and be something different than what I had previously thought. And ‘State of Grace’ is a song that is so heavy hitting but it’s about such a delicate emotion and I wanted to portray that delicate emotion in a delicate way. And the same thing with ‘Treacherous’. The song became very big but it started off really, really small. So I want people to see those original places where those songs started off.”

Tim McGraw – Highway possible CMA nom :45

“Nominations and awards are awesome. I love ‘em. They’re sort of a watermark, I think, in your career and what your music is doing and how it’s being perceived and all those sort of things. And to have a nomination with Keith and Taylor I think, for me, it would be a cool thing. I’ve had some cool collaborations with my wife included, and Kenny and I won one. Kenny, Tracey and I won one together. So, it’s cool to have those sorta things. And I think that it’s just sort of – it shows what the spirit of music is when you can work together and you can have success like that together and everybody can be happy about it.”

Laura Bell Bundy – touring with Rascal Flatts :46

“I’m out there on the road with Rascal Flatts, who I love. I grew up being a big fan of theirs so it is exciting to be out on the road with them since I’ve actually become fairly good friends with them, Jay and I write together. He’s produced a couple of tracks of mine. So I have a great relationship with the band and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to go out and perform. Dance Y’all was going to be out with the Rascal Flatts for months now. I mean, it was pre-planned. Dance Y’all is a group that gets a crowd going by doing fun, country line dances, teaches line dances, but basically gets the crowd going in between The Band Perry and Rascal Flatts. They also have an EP that has country music remixes and includes ‘Two Step’. So, they brought me out. So I come out and I do the ‘Two Step’ every night.”

Danielle Bradbery – kind of material looking for :24

“There’s definitely going to be choices for me for my songs in what other people want to hear from me and what I wanna sing. It really depends on what I hear and what goes on in my life to be able to share out to people through my songs. Yeah, a lot of thinking into that but I’ll figure it out sooner or later.”

Justin Moore – Off the Beaten Path metaphorical :51

“Yeah, absolutely. That’s kinda where the title came from. Even after I cut the record, I didn’t know what the heck to call it. I’d bang my head against the wall and I’m going, ‘What in the world am I gonna call this now?’ And it just kinda came to me, Off The Beaten Path. Literally, that’s where I love to be: hunting, fishing, outdoors, all that stuff. But, metaphorically, I thought, ‘Well, that kinda makes sense.’ And it is, some of it is a little bit of a departure for me. Some of the beats … I was adamant, I will never put a loop in any of my songs ever. I’m not doing it. Of course, I did. But they’re subtle. And they’re not in your face. I think it added a new element that it sounds a little fresher than what we’ve done in the past. I’m really, really excited about it.”

Justin Moore – describe Off the Beaten Path :42

“It just was kinda defined by the music that I found and the music that I wrote. Album three, in some regards there was less pressure on me ‘cause I accomplished more than I had ever anticipated being able to accomplish in my career but at the same time, in other regards there’s more pressure because it’s like, ‘Okay you’ve done this. Now you can either stay right here or you can take that big leap and go play ball with the big boys.’ And I felt like in order for us to do that and grow our fan base to a level it hadn’t been yet, we had to step out and take a couple chances and grow the music.”

Thomas Rhett – good on the grill :14

“I am good on the grill. But we live in a condo and they don’t allow you to have an open flame at a condo. So they have a community grill up next to the pool, which we have not used yet because Lauren thinks it’s gross to use the same grill everyone else uses so I haven’t grilled anything yet.”

The Band Perry – chance of CMA nomination :28

Kimberly – “Who knows? I mean they’re just bad odds. I think it’s a really exciting time to be a part of the format. Of course, group nomination would be a really coveted one for us but man, I also feel like it’s one of the stiffest competitions in the whole batch so..”

Neil – “And it’s also interesting to see the New Artist category too ‘cause again, there’s been like a great number of new artists coming out with Hunter Hayes, and Florida Georgia Line …all those acts so..”

Kimberly – “The best thing is, we ain’t too proud to beg, so …”

Neil – “Yeah! (laughs)”

Eli Young Band – active online :33

Mike Eli – “Early on in our career it was—our priority was going out after the show and meeting everyone we could. I mean, it was the whole thing of making one fan at a time. So, that gets harder and harder to do as you get bigger and bigger. It’s not that you don’t want to do it, but you just --- sometimes you just can’t. There’s no way to get out there. So we’ve tried to just make sure that we create new ways for our fans to feel like they’re kind of a part of what we’re doing ‘cause they’re a huge part of what we’re doing and we owe a lot of these people everything. And so, we just want to make sure that we let them know that.”

Florida Georgia Line – where country music is at :22

Brian – “You know, I’m excited about where country music’s going, man. I mean, music in general, all genres, is ever evolving. You look at Hank Williams, Sr. to Hank, Jr. to Alabama to Garth Brooks. It’s never really the same and I think that’s in a cool spot. There’s a lot of different writers and a lot of different artists that are coming out and have so many different influences and you get them in a room and it’s gonna sound like a fresh sound. And I think that’s really cool.”

Cassadee Pope – Voice impact or change you as an artist

The Voice helped me to really hone in on my sound. I started off on the show in my pop-rock stage and the more I sang on the show, the more I realized I can infuse my pop-rock influences with my country roots so that’s what I started doing on the show and the reaction from the crowd encouraged me to do that even after the fact. I also got better at singing, I felt. I mean, I really worked hard every day at practicing and exercising and making sure that my vocals were top notch and in shape for the show. So I learned a lot about my voice, also.”

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