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(AUDIO) Taylor Swift Honored Before Nashville Show

September 20, 2013

Taylor Swift was excited to wrap the U.S. leg of her spectacular Red Tour with three shows in her adopted hometown of Nashville, Sept, 19, 20 and 21.

Taylor expressed her unbridled joy, and also received some industry plaudits, at an invitation-only pre-show reception at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, Thursday night (Sept. 19).

“We’re going to spend our last shows in Nashville,” Taylor said. “On the Speak Now Tour, the last show was in New York. [For this tour], I realized that this is my hometown and one of the craziest crowds we play for.”

Scott Borchetta, the CEO of Big Machine Records, Taylor’s label, led an industry toast to Taylor for her recent accomplishments. “She’s about taking chances. She is fearless,” noted the label head.

Taylor was presented with a variety of plaques, including one marking 6 million sales of her album Red and another for her No. 1 single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Honors also came from overseas as David Joseph, CEO of Universal Music Group UK, gave Taylor a plaque for her sales achievements in the UK. Taylor’s single “Begin Again” sold 1 million downloads, while Red exceeded sales of 4 million copies. “I didn’t know it was that many,” an astonished Taylor noted. “This is so awesome.”

Taylor’s show itself proved an entertaining spectacle of music, colorful wardrobes and innovative staging. She promised that a special guest would join her on each of the Nashville shows and she did not disappoint on her opening evening. Luke Bryan took the stage to a crescendo of loud applause and performed a duet with Taylor on his hit “I Don’t Want This Night to End.”

Attendees at the show likely felt the same way, but the evening nonetheless had to come to a close. Taylor wrapped it in an explosive finale, sporting a ringmaster costume and leading a group singalong on “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” followed by a dazzling shower of confetti.

Listen to and download audio bites from the presentation below:

“I decided to spend the last show in Nashville because on the last tour, on the Speak Now Tour, we spent our last show in New York and spend Nashville sort of in the middle of the tour. Upon playing Nashville in the middle of the tour, I realized not only is this my hometown, but this is one of the craziest crowds that we play to over the course of a tour so it just made sense. I made a mental note that we’re going to end in Nashville next time, so I’m just thrilled.”

“What’s next is we’re actually gonna go to Australia with the RED Tour, so it’s kind of over for North America but it’s never over for me! So we’re going to Australia and then we’re going to other parts of the world that we haven’t yet announced the on-sale dates for, which is really exciting. So in between all that, I’ll be in the studio and just figuring out what comes next because I really like to take two years to write a record and I’ve been kind of writing and doing stuff for the last year and this is kind of the year that it goes into overdrive and it’s all I think about.”

*Scott – “You’ve been known to have surprise guests…

Taylor – “Oh, yes we have! Speaking of surprise guests…”

Scott – “Can we expect anything this week?”

Taylor – “Yes!”

Scott – “Yes! Do you want to tell us?”

Taylor – “No.”

Scott – “Okay…”

Taylor - “Don’t be the kid that’s going through the house looking for Christmas presents early. That’s annoying. I’m trying to surprise everyone.”

Scott – “I was opening the doors backstage…”

Taylor – “..looking for who it is? But, if I was going to tell you very vaguely that we might have a guest for each night here, you know, I would vaguely tell you that I’d be really excited about all guests that we might have here for the three days.”*

“I am so honored that all of you wanted to be here tonight. I’m seeing faces that I’ve known for years and I’m so happy that you still want to see me come and play a show. This is the most exciting night of the tour for me and honestly, the fact that I get to share it with all of you makes me so happy. Thank you for wanting to be here. You have incredibly busy jobs. I really appreciate you being here."

Story courtesy of Bob Paxman (Country Weekly).


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