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Females Are The Strength Of Appeal For "Highway Don't Care"

April 21, 2013

Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift continue to put up POWER Level Female numbers at Callout America ranking "Highway Don't Know" as the #8 Favorite song with Females 18+ (UP from #12) and the #10 song overall for the week (UP from #13). Younger adult Females 18-34 are at #4 and the #10 Favorite. Adult Females 45-54 are at #9 and the #3 Favorite. Active P1 Females scoring online at Radiofeedback are also strong with Females 12+ the #8 Favorite for the week. CORE Females 25-44 are at #4 Favorite and Females 18-34 rank this song as their #5 Favorite. Adult Females 35-54 are at #9 Favorite. MALE strength with Active P1s is with 18-34 year olds at #2 overall.

Negative scoring is NOT an issue this week, as dislikes are at 2.5% and Fatigue at 10%. There are 14% in So-So scoring and 15% in remaining Neutrals. That 29% Uncommitted will drive growth as they convert along this song's healthy 4 to 1 Positive to Negative Conversion Ratio. This is Plenty of Upside and NO RED FLAGS.

This song is seeing TOP 10 Appeal at Callout with Listeners in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence RI, Rochester, Denver and Portland. It is testing TOP 20 in Kansas City, Wichita, Columbia SC, Charlotte, Nashville, Roanoke, Sacramento and Phoenix.


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