Cover Art Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

NASHVILLE, TN (October 8, 2021) – Rising artist ABBEY CONE proposes pure love on her debut “Rhinestone Ring,” out now via The Valory Music Co. The Texas native united with Heather Morgan and her producer Nathan Spicer to craft the heartfelt song that offers true devotion over material items. Listen here:
“When I was a little girl I used to dream not of my future husband, but my perfect wedding – the dress, the cake, the flowers and how many people would be there,” explains Cone. “But then, when you meet the right person you realize you don’t need all of those things that you thought you did so ‘Rhinestone Ring’ comes from that perspective. It’s saying, I vow to this person that love is the part of the day that matters most.”
With soaring vocals over tender lyrics Cone proudly sings: 

With a rhinestone ring in a little black dress
Under neon lights, baby I’d say yes
Don’t need no church, just a barstool aisle
‘Cause it just feels right
Raise a whiskey glass, no, I wouldn’t think twice
Havin’ our first dance to a jukebox choir
Baby I don’t care, wear your old blue jeans
Yeah, I’d marry you right now with a rhinestone ring, mm

Cone first made the trek to Nashville at age 12, actively beginning to hone her craft and find her voice. As a young woman writing authentic and emotionally resonant music, she connects with a new generation of Country listeners and beyond. Cone brings clever songwriting, and an individuality that expresses a palpable realness and vulnerability listeners can feel across each of her songs. With an induction into CMT’s Next Women of Country’s 2020 class, the 22-year-old is poised to make her mark and has already collaborated with some of Nashville’s most accomplished songwriters, such as Lori McKenna, Shane McAnally, Nicolle Gallyon and Jessie Jo Dillon. Expanding on their works, Cone credits Spicer with helping to find her unique sound as she begins to carve her own path as a performer. For more information, visit