Cover Art Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

NASHVILLE, TN (January 28, 2022) – Rising artist ABBEY CONE thinks a lot about love, expressing, “I’m an emotional ass girl. I love it when a song brings out pure emotion.” Her new song “Hate Me,” out now via The Valory Music Co., vividly describes the mixed emotions of a breakup and the conflicted feelings around the end of a relationship. 


“’Hate Me’ is about the feelings you wrestle with post-breakup and wanting to be remembered,” says Cone. “If the opposite of love is not hate it’s indifference – this song is about the root of that feeling of wanting to be remembered.”

Listen HERE and watch the video HERE.  

Written by Abbey Cone, Jessie Jo Dillon and Nathan Spicer, the chorus pleads:

If you don’t love me I hope that you hate me
Say we broke up ‘cause you think that I’m crazy
Take us back tell me that you regret it
But baby just don’t you forget it
If you talk shit then I hope it’s about me
‘Cause at least boy you still talk about me
And the truth is you feelin’ somethin’
Is better than you feelin’ nothin’
If you don’t love me I hope that you hate me

Following her debut release “Rhinestone Ring,” the new song arrives as she joins Brittney Spencer for her IN A PERFECT WORLD TOUR  with select dates starting this week. Named one of Pandora’s 10 Country Artists To Watch in 2022, keep up with Cone while she brings her widely relatable music to fans by tuning in as she takes over CMT’s Instagram page today (1/28) and Morning Hangover’s (2/2).

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