Photo Credit: Delaney Royer

NASHVILLE, TN (July 30, 2020) – Pop trio AVENUE BEAT are breaking barriers and forging their own lane. Sam Backoff, Savana Santos and Sami Bearden have skewered the pandemic, social isolation, dead pets, bad romance and a failed release as they surreptitiously dropped “F2020” on TikTok. Now, with over 14 million video views and 8 million global streams, “F2020” is currently No. 3 on Spotify’s US Viral 50 chart and No. 6 globally as over 70 Pop radio stations embrace it, including Z100 in New York, KIIS in Los Angeles and Capital FM in the UK. Offering a time capsule of how hard the year is sucking, “F2020” has struck a chord and been endorsed by artists like Maren Morris, Bebe Rexha, Anne Marie and Kristin Chenoweth, while TechCrunch Editor-in-Chief Matthew Panzarino tweeted it’s the “Song of the Year.” Lead singer Savana produced “F2020” and also created the official lyric video, watch here.
Their comedic take on a year that seriously must be a joke is what we all really needed right now:

“Their angelic harmonies shine through the bleak subject matter, and Santos’ production matches, if not exceeds, the caliber of any other pop song topping radio charts.” – LADYGUNN
“…a hit for this horrid year.” – TEEN VOGUE
“‘F2020’ (the F stands for what you’d expect) slyly mingles personal frustrations and societal calamity” 
“…the ultimate Fuck 2020 anthem.” – i-D
 “…it’s heartening to see a band turn this mess of a year into a win…” – ROLLING STONE
“It was, as the kids say, a major mood, summing up the depressing circumstances of the current moment while still managing to hit that special Gen Z blend of self-deprecation and, but also, we’re totally serious.” – NYLON
“…a song that perfectly captures this clusterfuck of a year.” – JUNKEE
“…most of all, we resonated with how the trio dishes out everything that went wrong this year with their resting bitch faces—an all-pervasive mood right now. That’s us right there.” – VICE

Evoking Robert Palmer’s dead-panned vixens of “Addicted To Love,” Avenue Beat is nobody’s back-up prop. The trio of theater nerds from Quincy, Illinois write, program, harmonize and conceptualize everything – commando-style – with a wink and nudge to how F’d things can be. They may not have any answers, but they believe in collective consciousness. Having written the song, that pretty succinctly says it all, they just want you to sing along. For the latest information and more, visit AvenueBeat.com and follow along on Instagram and TikTok.