Brantley Gilbert + Lindsay Ell’s “What Happens In A Small Town” Video Available Everywhere Now

Photo Credit: Joseph Llanes

“What Happens In A Small Town” Gets CMT World Premiere
Sweeping Track Continues Blazing Trails to BG Nation

NASHVILLE, TN (January 18, 2019) – Having taken the unconventional route of making his new music available to fans first with a release to all partners on December 14, the video for “What Happens In A Small Town” hit CMT for a world premiere January 17. As the track lands at Country radio this week, BG Nation has already driven the powerful duet – featuring not just vocals but blazing guitarwork from Lindsay Ell – to No. 1 at iTunes over the holidays. Watch the video here:
Now the Shaun Silva-directed clip, which traces the torment of the memories you can’t outrun when you break up in a small town, arrives with CMT special consideration at the same time it hits most added at Country radio. In classic Silva-style, the CMA Awards Music Video of the Year winner sought to capture the reality of the lyrics and scouted several small towns before landing on Columbia, TN, which he found had the authenticity to match Gilbert’s message and the pair’s wide-open performance. Watch the behind the scenes here:

“Every word of this is true,” Gilbert says with a laugh. “You know, it’s not the big things that really get you when you break up with someone you love in a place like this: it’s the small stuff. That’s what tears into you.”
Gilbert knows by heart. Moving back to South Georgia after deciding he would always be a man whose heart is where he was raised, he plugged back into his roots – and found himself wondering about the girl he’d written all those songs about. Life, though, has a way of being good to the good-hearted. Though a circuitous route to get there, today that woman is his wife.
“It happened to me,” Gilbert admits. “But it happens to a lot of people out there. Whether you’ve found your way back to them, or not, those feelings don’t always stop just because you’ve broken up. ‘What Happens In A Small Town’ is as much about the memories as it is the fact you’re going to keep running into each other. So, maybe this song will help some people save time!”
Teaming with Lindsay Ell, whose musicianship and intensity equals Gilbert, their passion for the music defines in their performance in the clip. Add the young couple – shown in the moment and in flashbacks to all the moments that relationships are built from – and “What Happens In A Small Town” offers a core sample of why love right where you are with someone who knows everything about where you come from are the ones that define us.