Art Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

NASHVILLE, TN (December 14, 2018) – Brantley Gilbert’s BG Nation are a passionate group of people who live beyond the obvious, have their own code of honor and believe in the lives they lead. Gilbert has always been the voice of the outsiders, the small towners, the stay up all-nighters and people who believe in the principles our nation was founded on – and that includes the unyielding power of real love.
When “What Happens In A Small Town,” the sweeping duet with Lindsay Ell about never being able to shake the places and people who shape us, no matter the wreckage, started being played for people, its immediacy was undeniable. With the single slated for adds at country radio on January 14, Gilbert and Co. didn’t want to wait for the new year to get the music to the fans.
“I think everybody’s lived this,” Gilbert says. “There’s that one person, and you can’t quite shake’em. You can break up, but you don’t let go. And you know, it’s never worse than at the holidays. So, when we were talking to Scott about the song, we realized it needs to be out now, when it can – maybe – do people some good.”

“The evolution of Brantley Gilbert the man and the artist are on full display here,” says Big Machine Label Group President/CEO Scott Borchetta. “He has worked tirelessly on his new music and everyone at The Valory Music Co. and the label group are so proud of him and equally fired up for the BG Nation to get new music.  2019 is going to be an incredible year for Brantley with new music and a new tour that are going to blow people’s minds.  It’s on…”
Teaming with Lindsay Ell, a woman whose musicianship and intensity equals Gilbert, the passion of what the best loves are made of, even when they’re short-circuiting, shines in their performance. Add Ell’s equally combustive guitarwork, and the burn of knowing you can live with the memories everywhere you go – or figure out how to make it work leaps from the track.
Starting today, fans can get “What Happens In A Small Town” (The Valory Music Co.) first, available digitally everywhere here: and can also watch the lyric video here:
Gilbert, who’s always contended “every album is a chapter of my life,” certainly resembles “What Happens In A Small Town.” The insurgent mainstream star certainly lost, was haunted by and eventually reunited with that one girl he could never outrun. Today, he and his wife Amber live in the same small town with a song that says it all.
“Music, especially music that rocks like this, crashes through pride, ego and whatever else is in the way,” Ell continues. “Being able to play on this opened up the feelings to me. When I went in to do the vocal, it was all about really channeling that pain.”

“It’s not exactly a Christmas song,” Gilbert offered. “But at this time of year, most people really do have a harder time with this sort of thing. The holidays can make it terrible, or maybe make people figure stuff out. So I’m glad we’re able to do something a little outside the box, something that plugs straight into the BG Nation with a song that might just make the holidays turn out a little different than they started.”