NASHVILLE, TN (February 6, 2017) – The BG Nation was felt last week, as they made THE DEVIL DON’T SLEEP the No. 1 album on the Top 200 Albums, Top Country Albums and Country Year-To-Date Debut. While Migos claimed the Top 200 Consumption chart, Brantley Gilbert’s fans bought more copies of his third release on The Valory Music Co. than any album in the nation. One of only four acts to have back-to-back platinum records with his HALFWAY TO HEAVEN and 2014 American Music Awards Favorite Country Album JUST AS I AM, Gilbert continues connecting a hardcore fan-base with the songs that contain their lives.

“Leave it to the BG Nation, who are always right there,” says Gilbert. “They’ve been waiting for this music, and now they’ve got it. We kicked off THE DEVIL DON’T SLEEP TOUR, and they’re already singing all of the new songs. They were ready for this music, and I’m so proud to give it to them.”

Entertainment Weekly concurs, writing, “With swaggering guitars, catchy hooks, and a DGAF attitude, Devil promises to keep the ‘One Hell of an Amen’ singer at the top of the country charts,” while Nashville’s daily The Tennessean offered in a front page A-1 profile, “there also are nods to his new way of living on the album, for which he co-wrote all the songs. In the most beautiful track, ‘Three Feet of Water,’ Gilbert writes of redemption and baptism, and in the album’s title track, Gilbert sings about remaining vigilant against anything that might drag him back down.” And Nashville’s alt-weekly Nashville Scene also weighed in with “now the thoughtful side of Gilbert’s new music is attracting as much attention as the rowdy stuff. A boozy jam called ‘The Weekend’ is Devil’s first single, but the title track is all about the daily struggle to outrun personal demons, not embrace them.”

Capturing a young man escaping from the clutches of addiction, restoring the love of the woman he lost and still maintaining his ability to kick it out, The Devil Don’t Sleep is Gilbert’s most fully formed project. With “The Weekend” just hitting the Top 15 at country radio and “It’s About To Get Dirty” burning it up on Madden NFL 17, the Jefferson, Georgian proves that his fans are about the whole of the record more than any given track – and his approach to making/marketing music reflects that.

“I want to thank Scott Borchetta and the whole Valory team, my manager Rich Egan and all of Hard 8 Management, and of course, my band and crew,” shared Gilbert, “We do things a little different, and these people are the most supportive group of people I could ever ask for. They let me be me, and I will never take that for granted. We are a team, and this is a team effort all the way.”

With sixteen songs on the regular disc and ten more on the deluxe edition, it’s a whole lot of music – and it’s also a lot of life lived. And for the people finding themselves on any number of fault lines, The Devil Don’t Sleep finds insight, resolve and good times amidst the trouble.

“Life isn’t just chapters,” explains the songwriter/rocker. “What happens before influences what happens next. Not always the way you’d expect. Sometimes you don’t even see it ‘til later. But with these CDs, I feel like it’s the story and then more of the story. You know, depending on how deep you want to go, it’s a way to understand the journey to and through The Devil Don’t Sleep.”