NASHVILLE, TN (January 26, 2024) – Country riser Chase McDaniel today releases his debut EP Blame It All On Country Musicavailable now via Big Machine Records. Showcasing his versatility and passion for the genre, the 6-track EP includes a handful of previously released tracks like his gut-wrenching “Your Daughter” as well as two new tracks including the sobering “Somebody Like Me,” all of which were co-written by the young talent.

Listen to Blame It All On Country Music HERE

Selected as the title track for the collection, “Blame It All On Country Music” is an origin story wrapped up into a love letter to Country music that mixes Chase’s baritone vocals with references to the legends before him like McGraw, Willie, Strait, and Cash, honky tonk imagery with a nod to the iconic “Chattahoochie” guitar riff. Penned by McDaniel alongside Clay Barker, Justin Holt and Jerry Jacobs (who produced the track), the rowdy track takes listeners on Chase’s journey with Country music, sharing how much it has shaped him and his life. Heavily influenced by early 00’s Country, the ode to the genre and catalyst for his career path features a heavy Rock beat, Kentucky-inspired banjo licks, a verse so quick it is almost rapped and a dash of hell raisin’.

“Everybody has those things that make them who they are—my papaw raised me on the classics and I felt their beat in my DNA. From sneaking in to play in smokey bars, the memories/mistakes I made on crazy nights, to chasing the dream of singing my own songs in Nashville, I can blame it all on Country music,” shares McDaniel. “This EP is a little bit of a mosaic of who I am, each song was written about a thought, situation or mood I’ve experienced or observed. It’s a brief introduction—and I look forward to sharing even more.”

This irreplaceable vulnerability rings true on the EP’s final track “Somebody Like Me,” bringing the conversation of feeling lost in the struggle of mental health to the forefront, a reality that drives McDaniel’s passion and artistry. 

Chase is continuing to build a loyal fan base through versatile performing, thoughtful honesty and his Country/Rock flair and rich baritone vocals. Ready to hit the ground running with his usual determination, the Kentucky-native is only getting started with more new music and more tour dates to be announced soon. For more information, please visit


1. “Blame It All On Country Music” | Chase McDaniel, Clay Barker, Jerry Jacobs, Justin Holt

2. “Relapse” |Chase McDaniel

3. “Your Daughter” | Chase McDaniel, Jerry Alan Jacobs

4. “Drop Your Tailgate” | Chase McDaniel, Jerry Alan Jacobs

5. “Project” | Chase McDaniel, Jerry Alan Jacobs

6. “Somebody Like Me” | Chase McDaniel, Jerry Alan Jacobs


Raised in the small town of Greensburg, Kentucky by his grandparents, Chase McDaniel is one of Nashville’s most tenacious singer-songwriters and shining example of how kindness, persistence and curiosity pays off. After graduating from University of Louisville, he chased his dream of Country music all the way to Nashville but the streetwise go-getter, who is no stranger to hard times, found misfortune once again—this time courtesy of the pandemic. Jobless and down to his last $12, he almost packed it up and headed home, if not for a friend who loaned him enough to cover rent for just a few more weeks. He gave this shot everything he had — in those weeks, he submitted more than 50 job applications until he got one, began working double shifts, sleeping as little as four hours a night and writing and recording with his producer and best friend Jerry Jacobs every other minute of the day. Grateful for the second chance, Chase put his heart and soul into making his music, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly – and fans have connected with his strength through vulnerability and honesty—as well as his enigmatic swagger. The self-aware “Project” landed the No.1 spot on the Billboard Digital Sales and iTunes Country single charts and the heartbreaking track written about his sister “Your Daughter” reached No. 3 (all genre), an unprecedented feat for the 28-year-old talent, who was recently signed to Big Machine Records/Big Machine Label Group and released his debut EP Blame It All On Country Music. Now taking his Country/Rock flair and rich baritone vocals (it’s no surprise Josh Turner’s Long Back Train was his first CD) on the road in front of sold-out audiences across the country, he is aiming to help others find the light and is working on new music. To keep up with Chase McDaniel, please visit