New Song “Heart Still Works” Out July 19 

NASHVILLE, TN (July 10, 2024) – Big Machine Records’ singer/songwriter Chase McDaniel brought the Grand Ole Opry to its feet Friday night (7/5) while he made his long-awaited debut. The Greensburg, KY, native had been dreaming of stepping into the hallowed circle since he was roughly five years old after being introduced to the world-famous stage by his Great Papaw. An emotional night for all was made even more special, as it happened to fall on the anniversary of his late Great Papaw and Great Mamaw’s anniversary. 

“My Great Papaw was always my biggest supporter of this crazy dream and the only thing he loved more than Country music was my Great Mamaw, so the fact that my debut fell on their wedding anniversary makes me feel like he is right there with me, still cheering me on,” shared Chase McDaniel. “I’ve wanted to play ‘the most important stage in Country music’ since I was about five years old and the magnitude of the moment is indescribable. I’m so unbelievably grateful to all of the wonderful people that are in my corner, cheering me on and making this two-plus decade-long dream a reality. I’m overwhelmed with emotions.” 

McDaniel kicked off his set with his forthcoming song “Heart Still Works” (arriving July 19), before sharing a bit of his story with the crowd, explaining just what a feat like his debut meant to the young talent and inspiring hope that for anybody struggling with something, it gets better—he is proof. Read more in Today’s Country Magazine HERE. Hearing his words, the crowd roared with applause, giving the newcomer a standing ovation before he launched into his heart-wrenching track “Your Daughter,” which was met with another round of thunderous applause.  

In the crowd sat the two that raised him, his Mamaw and Papaw, who made their very first trek to Nashville to be a part of the momentous occasion, making the night even more special. Throughout Chase’s less than smooth journey to the Grand Ole Opry stage, they have been constant supporters, lifting him up at every peak and valley, helping make sure he doesn’t throw in the towel before his next second chance comes around the corner. It’s that resilience and perseverance that led McDaniel to the place he is today. 

Channeling all of his experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) into his music, the 28-year-old success story has many more milestones ahead of him as fans have connected with his strength through vulnerability. Following the release of his debut EP Blame It All On Country Music, McDaniel is putting his rich baritone vocals to work and will soon share more of the honest, reflective Country music with a Rock flair that fans have come to expect from the newly minted Grand Ole Opry performer. 

Raised in the small town of Greensburg, Kentucky by his grandparents, Chase McDaniel is one of Nashville’s most tenacious singer-songwriters and shining example of how kindness, persistence and curiosity pays off. After graduating from University of Louisville, he chased his dream of Country music all the way to Nashville but the streetwise go-getter, who is no stranger to hard times, found misfortune once again—this time courtesy of the pandemic. Jobless and down to his last $12, he almost packed it up and headed home, if not for a friend who loaned him enough to cover rent for just a few more weeks. He gave this shot everything he had — in those weeks, he submitted more than 50 job applications until he got one, began working double shifts, sleeping as little as four hours a night and writing and recording with his producer and best friend Jerry Jacobs every other minute of the day. Grateful for the second chance, Chase put his heart and soul into making his music, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly – and fans have connected with his strength through vulnerability and honesty—as well as his enigmatic swagger. The self-aware “Project” landed the No.1 spot on the Billboard Digital Sales and iTunes Country single charts and the heartbreaking track written about his sister “Your Daughter” reached No. 3 (all genre), an unprecedented feat for the 28-year-old talent, who was recently signed to Big Machine Records/Big Machine Label Group and released his debut EP Blame It All On Country Music. Now taking his Country/Rock flair and rich baritone vocals (it’s no surprise Josh Turner’s Long Back Train was his first CD) on the road in front of sold-out audiences across the country, he is aiming to help others find the light and is working on new music. To keep up with Chase McDaniel, please visit 

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