Courtesy of Big Machine Records

NASHVILLE, TN (September 20, 2021) — Today, CreatiVets delivers another veteran-written song in partnership with Big Machine Label Group, this time touching on veterans’ experience coming home after combat.

Bringing Me Home” was written by veteran Bret McCauley, Richard Casper of CreatiVets, and songwriters Robert Arthur and Jesse Murphy. 

McCauley deployed to Fallujah, Iraq in 2004 as part of the Marine Corps. In September of that year, he and the 14 other men on his team were subject to a suicide bombing, left massively injured and their lives “completely changed.” McCauley was one of only five men that survived the attack.

From then on he battled addiction and depression, specifically feelings of isolation and despair.

“My youth was stolen from me,” he said. The event sent him “spiraling downhill.”

He participated in CreatiVets’ songwriting program in early 2021, reasoning, “I’ve learned that the creative pathway is the only way a lot of these deep injuries can be reached.”

“Bringing Me Home” details several small acts of kindness McCauley experienced upon returning home from duty. He was inspired to express his gratitude in song to all those who had unknowingly helped him heal; as the chorus of the song reads,  “So many have carried me so far/and I hope you know who you are/Thank you for bringing me home.”

Arthur praised the writing experience. “This particular song, I felt it was a poignant representation of at least some of the thought process of a veteran coming home after having served,” saying veterans have always held a “dear place” in his heart. “My father (World War II veteran) instilled in me the need to honor those who have served.”

Murphy weighed in, “It was a humbling experience… different than other writes because the purpose was to help Bret tell his story, and let the songwriting process do the rest.” He continued, “To see his reaction, when we finished the song and recorded the work tape, just made my day.”

The song is CreatiVets’ 11th release in partnership with BMLG. The team has been releasing veteran music on the 20th of each month to recognize the approximate 20 suicides that happen in the veteran space each day. CreatiVets’ ultimate mission is to end veteran suicide.

Listen to “Bringing Me Home” featuring Jesse Murphy HERE.