Courtesy of Big Machine Records

NASHVILLE, TN (September 2, 2022) – Danielle Bradbery’s always been a young woman who’s long on spunk and short on wasting time. With the chunky grooved “A Special Place,” she puts a seriously awful cad down with a wink, a laugh and a singularly dreadful exit locale. Employing her smoky, power vocals and definitive sparkle, Bradbery brings the Southern aphorism “telling someone to go to Hell in a way that makes them think they’re going to enjoy the trip…” to life with a performance that’s pure delight. Watch the lyric video here.
“You know the type of song that ignites something in you when it comes on?,” Bradbery asks, setting up her new single. “‘A Special Place’ is that one for me. It has the strong-willed attitude I’ve been looking for and makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs. We’ve all felt like ‘I don’t hate you, but I sure don’t wish you well’ about that certain someone… So channel your inner fire and let it out with me!”
That fire starts stoking today as the “Break My Heart Again” and “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots” power vocalist delivers her latest single to fans. With that stomping beat, the electric guitar blasts and descending melody on the bridge, there’s plenty of swerve to the plucky anthem of rebuke set at a last resort of a particularly awful stripe.
While she smiles and sings, “I don’t hate you, but I sure don’t wish you well,” she’s booked her former paramour to a zero star hotel where the room is hot, the pool’s cold, the mini bar’s empty and the sleeping’s to be done between the Honeymoon Suite and an ‘80s vending machine. And that’s just the start of the pleasure-packed getaway her sweeping song of “over it” explains to the now gone lover, “It ain’t like you got a soul to sell/ So save your prayers for someone else/ the concierge won’t be no help/ He’s always on vacation…”
It’s the sort of post-classic Country that can paint a picture, pierce a moment and deliver the kind of come-uppance that would make Loretta Lynn proud. Leave it to songwriters Shane McAnally, Maren Morris, Jimmy Robbins and Sasha Sloan to throw down with a gusto rarely seen – and producers Nathan Chapman and Derek Wells to capture that unrepentant joy with an equally robust track.
Every fall a record lands that combines attitude and pure fun. As the high school dances, college parties and grown-ups falling apart heat up for the coming winter, Danielle Bradbery created a song for the clear-eyed young woman who knows when to gate-check a not-good-enough former flame in a way that absolutely suits the person in question.
And the best news is: guys have been there, too! Bradbery, who’s sung “Goodbye, Summer” with Thomas Rhett and “Shallow” with Parker McCollum, knows that if the pain fits, share it! Any man who’s been there, turn up the volume, throw down the gauntlet and sing right along.