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NASHVILLE, TN (October 22, 2018) – Delta Rae raises their voices with an empowering new anthem that calls for persistent resisters to get their “Hands Dirty” and vote for equality. Released October 19 on The Valory Music Co., the unflinching lyrics were a culmination of gender biases and resurfaced wounds in the #MeToo movement era. Opening up about her own personal experience lead vocalist Brittany Holljes wrote the song alongside her brother and bandmate Ian. She spoke with The Washington Post about being a woman in Country music and how the industry has reacted. In print today, read the full article here:
Brittany told writer Emily Yahr, “I wanted to make sure that they knew this song is about female empowerment, but it is also coming from someone who doesn’t always feel powerful, who experienced someone trying to take my power from me. We can rise from that place. … We have to change this environment and narrative so that the next generation and women don’t have to experience this kind of misogyny.”
The Holljes siblings, including brother Eric, joined bandmates Liz Hopkins, Mike McKee and Grant Emerson for Elaina Smith’s podcast “Women Want to Hear Women.” As the host notes, “the only way to change the conversation is by working together,” so Delta Rae offered a perfect mix of female and male voices to the episode. Delta Rae jumped headfirst into the conversation with Ian sharing, “when we started the band we all lived together in a house in the woods in Durham, NC. The perspective we had kinda first-hand with Liz and Britt really informed our writing and still does.” He went on to share about the strong women he’s grown up around from his mom and sister to his wife, explaining, “I feel so grateful for that and think it’s important that men look at the world around them and consider how they can be allies and advocates.” Delta Rae wrapped the visit with two live performances – “Hands Dirty” and a stunning cover of “Diane,” from one of their favorite female artists Cam. Listen to their performances and interview here –
Each Wednesday night through December 19, Delta Rae performs activism-invoking songs like “Hands Dirty” and more from their hearty catalogue during their residency at The Basement in Nashville. Their immersive musical experience is aptly titled The Delta Rae Revival and features fresh openers plus special guests in addition to their 90-minute headline set. Tickets are still available for the intimate shows and can be purchased at