Photo Credit: David McClister


NASHVILLE, TN (April 19, 2019) – Following their anthemic “Hands Dirty,” six-piece band DELTA RAEcontinues to do just that with a stacked release schedule this Spring. They will launch seven new songs across all digital platforms via The Valory Music Co. beginning today with “Heart Won’t Break.”


“’Heart Won’t Break’ is about claiming your grief, your anger, your strength — whatever your process is — after someone breaks your heart,” shares Ian Hölljes. “I love how human the story is and how the central message is both forceful and vulnerable. To me, that’s the sweet spot of telling a true story.”


Bandmates and brothers Eric and Ian are primary composers on the full lineup:

4/19: “Heart Won’t Break” | Written by Eric Hölljes, Ian Hölljes, Alex Wong
4/26: “One Good Cry” | Written by Eric Hölljes, Jessi Alexander, Brett James
5/3: “You Can Tell Him” | Written by Eric Hölljes, Ian Hölljes
5/10: “Hitch A Ride” | Written by Eric Hölljes, Ian Hölljes
5/17: “No Dry Eye In The Chapel” | Written by Eric Hölljes, Ian Hölljes, Tia Sillers
5/24: “Walk With Me” | Written by Orianthi Panagaris, Richie Sambora
5/31: “If I Loved You” | Written by Ian Hölljes

Ian continues, “When I walked into Eric’s apartment one morning, he was playing a beautiful melody on piano and singing the lyric ‘a heart will never break the way you want.’ I loved it. We jumped into the song immediately, kept making small refinements, brought in all our favorite musical collaborators, and ‘Heart Won’t Break’ became one of my favorite songs we’ve ever written. As always, Liz brought the lead vocal to life, pulling both the power and pain out of the story, and I love how Delta Rae’s harmonies punch in at the first chorus. It’s one of riskiest songs we’ve ever produced, and I think it pays off.”


Offering his perspective, Eric reflects, “I was at my piano writing a sad song a month before a breakup I knew was coming. Ian came over and I played him this sad melody and lyric on the piano. He helped me transform it into something more defiant and upbeat. As soon as a relationship is over you have to go from caring about a person more than anyone to acting like you don’t care at all. It’s the worst. You might as well have a song to dance to when you’re going through something like that.”


The collection offers vivid pictures set to familial four-part harmony as the brothers sing alongside sister Brittany and longtime friend Liz Hopkins with rounded out instrumentation from Mike McKee and Grant Emerson.


Often opening up about their own personal experiences through song, Delta Rae has actively lent their voices to how the Country music industry has reacted to #MeToo – read The Washington Post article – pushed for equality, encouraged people to vote and celebrated mentors with Tickets for Teachers at each tour stop. The socially-conscious comrades shared with NPR Music why they strongly believe music should reflect their core values and “responsibility as citizen[s] to speak up when you see injustice happened in your community.” Their passion for humanity and emotion-driven lyrics fuel Delta Rae’s larger-than-life performances as audience nationwide join the immersive musical experience for its highs, lows and feelings of community. Said the Nashville Scene, “Their vocal harmonies are powerful, their stage show is impassioned, and frankly they are the nicest bunch of folks out there…” With the band’s consistent tour schedule and mainstay on the festival circuit, it’s no wonder Rolling Stone, Billboard andCMT have name Delta Rae Artists to Watch. For dates and more,