Photo Credit: Delaney Royer

NASHVILLE, TN (December 31, 2020) – When Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff couldn’t take the cultural hostility, COVID-19 shutdown, Say Their Names injustice and general anxiety this year turned into, they did what they do best: broke out their keyboards, whipped up some loops and started channeling their inner truths to create what felt like a slinky minimalist pop jam, but actually spoke massive truth of the moment – and launched a viral sensation.
The Big Machine Records trio send this year off with a bang by releasing two music videos for  “F2020”— a song that also tops The New York Times prestigious Best Songs of 2020 list for lead critic Jon Pareles alongside a headline that said, “Powerful Statements, Memorable Hooks.”
Writing “What the ‘F’ stands for sums up a simple, nigh-universal sentiment about this year, which helped this song easily explode on TikTok. It’s delivered with a droll, self-conscious shrug, airy harmonies and twitchy percussion; for the remix, Jessie Reyez adds some survivor’s guilt,” Pareles distills the essential lightning strike impact of the song in two sentences. What started as three girls sorting through their own discouragement, dysthymia and disgust turned into a lofi expression of an entire culture’s response to an unthinkable year.
“All we were trying to do was laugh at our problems,” Santos explains. “It was so major, so much bigger than any of us – and it’s stuff we didn’t create, but we were being flattened by. As theater kids, we’re always about ‘What action can we take?’ As songwriters and artists, we figured, ‘Let’s create a song…’”
“We didn’t tell anyone,” Bearden continues, “because we didn’t think it mattered, or would matter. That parts in the song, too.”
“Then all of a sudden, it blew up,” Backoff says. “Our record company didn’t know, our manager didn’t know… and it’s not like we got in trouble, but nobody saw it coming. Kinda like this year that needs to be over. WHAM! ‘F2020’ took off, and said what I guess a lot of people wanted to say or were feeling.”
“And we all say, ‘Hell, yeah!’,” Santos concludes. “If you feel bad, you freestyle your own verses, fill in your own stuff. That’s why Jessie joining us was so great: it says we’re not alone.”
In a year seemingly without mercy, Avenue Beat’s channeling our frustration tapped more than a vein. As 2020 lurches to a close, it is a song that – evidently – speaks truth to power for even the most critical listeners at one of America’s most discerning newspapers.
The trio teams up with TikTok, the platform that started it all, for a New Years Eve celebration sending off this horrid year with a performance of “F2020.” Hosted by Lil Yachty, the event kicks off on the app tonight at 9:30 p.m ET.