CHICAGO, IL (June 26, 2020) – Chicago Alt-Rockers Friday Pilots Club today unload “Breaking My Bones,” the pummeling lead track off their forthcoming EP for Big Machine/John Varvatos Records. The duo’s chief masterminds – lead singer Caleb Hiltunen and multi-instrumentalist Drew Polovick – were inspired by the internal pressure that comes with trying to unrealistically appeal to society while in pursuit of the unattainable. Listen here:
Polovick explains “Breaking My Bones is about the struggle with your “digital self” and the lengths we go to for the validation of strangers on the internet. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the song feels especially relevant given that we are all increasingly reliant on the internet and social media to communicate with one another. As we spend more time online, it is increasingly easy to lose track of the version of ourselves that we choose to present, as well as it is easy to lose ourselves in the false realities and personalities presented by others.”
Hiltunen goes further with the example “You know that feeling you get when you see “social media stars” bringing photographers to a protest, snapping a picture, and then leaving almost immediately? That’s what this song is about; we know social media and the internet can be incredibly positive tools for change and connection, but we can’t let it contort us into in-genuine immoral beings.”
As many experience a view of life through a filtered lens, the pair describe the lengths we go to in order to get what we want with lyrics:

Happiness or vanity
Where do you find your clarity
How do you get off
Who do you call god
Never mind, just stare at me
Let it kill you, then tell all your friends
Pretty people make the pages of the DSM

Friday Pilots Club has emerged from the Windy City music scene as one of the hottest new alt-rock acts — a fiery duo creating the sort of no-nonsense, multi-dimensional and exploratory music that’s both immediately recognizable and undoubtedly fresh-sounding. With their sweet Pop-infused sound influenced as much by early-aughts indie bands as the Classic Rock touchstones of their youth, their talents complement one another. Hiltunen as the unorthodox naturalist and Polovick the classically trained stickler for sonic details, their sonic union has coalesced into something truly special. For the latest updates visit