Courtesy of Big Machine/John Varvatos Record

CHICAGO, IL (January 29, 2021) – Chicago Alt-Rockers Friday Pilots Club release their latest effort “I Don’t Care” today via Big Machine/John Varvatos Records. Listen here: The carefree anthem was penned by lead singer Caleb Hiltunen and multi-instrumentalist Drew Polovick who describes the track as a “3-minute journey to get out of your head.” Their genre-blending sound and buoyant melody echo throughout the verses as they sing a reminder of giving less energy to the general overthinking and anxieties that we allow to cloud our days. 

Loosen up and let it down
I need to know how
I got these doubts
So call me back or call me out
My head’s in the clouds
But now I’m bringing you down

“’I Don’t Care’ is about the moment you catch yourself daydreaming of a life where nothing ever mattered, and you never cared what other people thought or what other people did. It was a song I found myself having to try and write simply as an attempt to exorcise my anxieties and stop giving a damn,” Polovick explained. 
Hiltunen adds, “There is so much we don’t have agency in and learning how to get over it has been one of the most important skills I’ve ever learned and if you don’t agree with that then ‘I Don’t Care.’”
Friday Pilots Club has emerged from the Windy City music scene as one of the hottest new alt-rock acts — a fiery duo creating the sort of no-nonsense, multi-dimensional and exploratory music that’s both immediately recognizable and undoubtedly fresh-sounding. With their sweet Pop-infused sound influenced as much by early-aughts indie bands as the Classic Rock touchstones of their youth, their talents complement one another in their most recent releases “Breaking My Bones” and “Look Better in Gold” which put their effortless blend of serious undertones wrapped in explosive memorable hooks and eclectic musical sensibilities on display. Hiltunen as the unorthodox naturalist and Polovick the classically trained stickler for sonic details, their sonic union has coalesced into something truly special. For the latest updates visit