Art Courtesy of Big Machine/John Varvatos Records

CHICAGO, IL (May 7, 2021) – Chicago alt-rock band FRIDAY PILOTS CLUB deliver their self-titled collection today via Big Machine/John Varvatos Records. Recently highlighted as one of Alternative Press Magazine’s ‘Artists You Need to Know’ the pair hold nothing back on their newest collection, six tracks of lustrous alt-rock explosiveness with a gut-punch of character. Listen here:
There’s something almost unspoken about the art of musical connection. That seemingly pristine way in which certain individuals are able to connect with one another so seamlessly as to produce music together of the highest caliber. As the chief masterminds of fiery alternative act, Friday Pilots Club, Caleb Hiltunen and Drew Polovick know this feeling all too well. They’ve experienced it together. And they know it’s a beautiful rarity. It’s the way their talents complement one another — Hiltunen as the unorthodox naturalist; Polovick the classically trained stickler for sonic details — that’s since coalesced into something truly special.“Everything is right on the mark,” Hiltunen says of their sweet pop-infused sound, influenced as much by early-aughts indie bands as the classic rock touchstones of their youth. “I just want people to feel something based off what we create.”
“We’ve had moments of defeat,” Polovick admits of Friday Pilot Club’s intense multi-year journey to the present. “But the thing that always kept us going is the fact that no matter what happened, we’d turn around the next week and write maybe our best song yet. We believed in it so much. We have each other and we have these songs so we always knew it was going somewhere.”
Songs that now appear on FRIDAY PILOTS CLUB showcase the group’s range and diversity, from the call-and-response “Look Better In Gold,” to the pummeling “Breaking My Bones,” the infectious pop bounce of “Change For You” and the meditative “Glad To Be Here,” the latter a highly personal cut that Hiltunen says “means the world to me.” Taken on the whole, the project showcases the duo’s flair for the dramatic, and, more importantly, a musical chemistry equal-parts crisp and cunning. It all comes together with Hiltunen’s undeniably soulful vocals – an uncommon and much sought-after mix of sultry, scathing and sweet.


  1. “Look Better In Gold” (Caleb Hiltunen, Drew Polovick)
  2. “Change For You” (Caleb Hiltunen, Drew Polovick)
  3. “I Don’t Care” (Caleb Hiltunen, Drew Polovick, Sean Burke, James Kourafas)
  4. “Cut Me Up” (Caleb Hiltunen, Drew Polovick, James Kourafas)
  5. “Breaking My Bones” (Caleb Hiltunen, Drew Polovick)
  6. “Glad To Be Here” (Caleb Hiltunen, Drew Polovick)

Friday Pilots Club has emerged from the Windy City music scene as one of the hottest new alt-rock acts — a fiery duo creating the sort of no-nonsense, multi-dimensional and exploratory music that’s both immediately recognizable and undoubtedly fresh-sounding. For the latest updates visit