Cover Art Courtesy of Big Machine/John Varvatos Records

CHICAGO, IL (September 4, 2020) – Breakout Chicago Alt-Rockers Friday Pilots Club strike gold today with “Look Better In Gold,” the latest effort from their forthcoming EP via Big Machine/John Varvatos Records. Penned by singer Caleb Hiltunen and multi-instrumentalist Drew Polovick, the duo seamlessly come together to create the anthemic track celebrating our differences. Listen here:
Hiltunen explains, “This is stream of conscious writing in a way. Drew and I are actively trying to see the world as a better place and that starts with the way we see other people. That’s what this song is about; ridding our minds of bias and choosing to see that people are all just striving to be the best version of themselves.”
“As millennials; as young people entering the workforce; as creatives trying to make a name for ourselves; a lot of our daily lives involve how we are perceived as individuals and how we perceive others’ successes in relation to our own and “Look Better In Gold” is a rejection of that,” Polovick adds. 
Often incorporating societal pressures and challenging social norms into their lyrics, “Look Better In Gold” amplifies their message of acceptance and appreciating the scars of others while pushing through our own traumas:


If we could be just who we wanna
Betcha they’d see that nothing’s really gotta change
Cause it all turns gold when the kids are saying
Tough luck, that’s bold
It’s safe to say we look better in gold, in gold
But I can’t, you know
That’s just what I’ve, what I’ve been sold, been sold
We look better in gold


Coming on the heels of their recent single “Breaking My Bones,” their effortless blend of serious undertones wrapped in explosive memorable hooks and eclectic musical sensibilities work to bring a fresh sound to the world of Rock music. Alt Press premiered the track accompanied by the bold new lyric video saying “Look Better In Gold’ holds a steady groove and slick bass and is centered around the idea that you should be free to be your truest self despite what others might think.”
Friday Pilots Club has emerged from the Windy City music scene as one of the hottest new alt-rock acts — a fiery duo creating the sort of no-nonsense, multi-dimensional and exploratory music that’s both immediately recognizable and undoubtedly fresh-sounding. With their sweet Pop-infused sound influenced as much by early-aughts indie bands as the Classic Rock touchstones of their youth, their talents complement one another. Hiltunen as the unorthodox naturalist and Polovick the classically trained stickler for sonic details, their sonic union has coalesced into something truly special. For the latest updates visit