Courtesy of Big Machine Records

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 23, 2020) – With the energy of a rock star, eloquence of a troubadour and spirit of a champion, GUNNAR GEHL makes the most of every moment on his debut ONE SECOND OF ONE DAY EP, available today via Big Machine Records. Throughout the 9-track collection, Gunnar boasts stadium-size guitar lines, clever lyrics and universal hooks, exploring love inside and out without pulling any punches or sparing the smallest details. Listen now:


Teasing the project with releases such as the pulsating “Nobody Knows” while tackling vulnerability in “Lose Myself,” Gunnar beckons listeners to join in for the rest of his journey through the anxiety and pressure in “Good Enough” and the rollercoaster of sparks flying in “Missing Someone.” Co-writing every tune alongside a collection of A-List writers and producers including Julian Bunetta and AFTRHRS, Gunnar imparts a piece of himself on the project and perfectly introduces his signature heart-on-his-sleeve writing with “an infectious collision of guitar-fueled Rock and timeless Pop” (Celeb Secrets).

“It feels absolutely incredible to share this chapter,” Gunnar says, “I’ve been holding on to this music for a long time and it couldn’t feel better to finally let the world hear it!”
1. “One Night” | Gunnar Gehl, Jordan Palmer, Ryan Tutton
2. “Pleasure & Pain” | Gunnar Gehl, Mags Duval, Ricky Manning, Jordan Palmer, Ryan Tutton 
3. “Lose Myself” | Gunnar Gehl, Grant Averill, Andrew Bergthold, Mags Duval, Ricky Manning
4. “Not Even In My Dreams” | Gunnar Gehl, Andrew James Haas (pka AFTRHRS), Ian Zachary Franzino (pka AFTRHRS), Mags Duval, Jacob Casey Torrey
5. “Good Enough” | Gunnar Gehl, Gino Borri, Nick Lee
6. “Nobody Knows” | Gunnar Gehl, Grant Averill, Andrew Bergthold, Mags Duval, Joe Kirk 
7. “Want Me Back” | Gunnar Gehl, Luke Fitton, Ryan Tutton
8. “One Piece” | Gunnar Gehl, Chris Lyon, Dewain Whitmore, Jacqueline Christina Young
9. “Missing Someone” | Gunnar Gehl, Andrew Bergthold, Ivory Lane, Sean Murray

While COVID-19 is forcing many musical artists put a hold on their creativity, Gunnar has seen this time as an opportunity to reach out and inspire people. That’s precisely why he launched the aptly titled One Second of One Day Livestream Campaign which featured performances by incredible musical artists Loren Gray and Nessa Barrett as well as discussions with guests such as Tori Spelling and an appearance by Demi Lovato stressing the impact of this time on mental health and how to overcome the rising difficulties of the era. Gunnar recently wrapped the series but continues to use his platform to educate and normalize the common feelings America’s Youth is experiencing right now. Relive the entire series now. 
Coming a long way since he formed a garage band at age eight with his buddies, the California native has all the makings of the new people’s champ of pop rock. Just over a year ago, he hit the stage for his official live debut, blowing the doors off Seattle’s 1,000-capacity Neptune Theatre opening for PRETTYMUCH. As he introduces his music to the world, Gunnar holds one major hope for his debut project: to expand and deepen that already-close connection with his fans. For the latest updates, visit and follow @gunnargehl on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.