Job Title: Director, Streaming & Playlist Strategy

Department:  Marketing

Direct Report: (EVP, Label Operations)

Indirect Report: (COO, BMLG)

Position Overview

BMLG is looking for a Director of Streaming & Playlist Strategy, focusing across all genres. This role will focus on streaming growth, playlisting strategy, and promoting our new releases across all DSPs (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, etc.). This role will be responsible for building strong relationships at our partners, analyzing data, and developing/optimizing our streaming strategy across our labels’ releases with primary focus on playlisting and product strategies.

Essential Job Functions

  • Primarily responsible for working with DSP/Streaming partners for placement and maximization of BMLG releases to appropriate playlists within the DSP platforms (i.e., Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube, etc).
  • Primary focus is global playlists but will also be responsible for understanding global playlisting impact in US and will help to communicate and work in tandem with our International team to strategize and formulate international plans and efforts.
  • Develop strong relationships across our streaming partners; working with our DSP partners to drive message and release strategy utilizing marketing, cultural capital and data to drive consumption of our repertoire
  • Create customized playlisting strategy and approach for each artist on roster and communicate effectively both internally and externally to label and artist management team members
  • Work in collaboration with BMLG’s data and finance teams team and Stream Team account leads to align streaming strategy with overall account strategy for each artist releases.
  • Responsible for ensuring artist roster and profiles on DSP platforms are organized and maintained according to best practices and optimized for maximizing fan engagement, discovery and revenue and based on project goals .
  • Optimize existing and create new catalog and frontline playlists; implement strategies to achieve/exceed growth, revenue, market share, engagement and retention goals
  • Effectively communicate insights, analysis, opportunities, and recommendations with partners to improve our business; this communication will occur both internally, to our artists/management partners and to DSP partners.
  • Work with in-house label partners to drive strategy and deliver necessary assets for the best go-to-market approach, while being available for meetings as a resource for advice, providing regular reporting, etc.
  • Use consumer insights and analytics to inform effective playlisting initiatives, commercial and marketing decisions
  • Use insights and data from partner feeds to understand overall health of a track, source of stream, engagement, etc in order to help inform best strategy and pivot to alternate approached based on track performance.
  • Learn and share best practices across all internal teams and generally continue to educate label and artist/management partners as the streaming platforms continue to evolve their offerings and platforms.


  • Previous administrative experience preferred (managing an executive calendar, knowledge of travel logistics, etc.)
  • Strong proficiency in MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel).
  • Experience with additional programs/software like Mediabase, Music Connect, Adobe Photoshop, Concur, Smartsheet, various CRMs, etc. preferred but not required.
  • Proactive with strong time management and organizational skills, and a high attention to detail.
  • Ability to prioritize and juggle multiple projects and duties on a daily basis with a positive and professional demeanor.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Flexibility with an ability to adapt to a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.
  • Highly responsive and adept at following through on all duties and requests.
  • Ability to work with various personalities.
  • Ability to manage confidential information with sensitivity and discretion.
  • Takes pride in your work and ownership over projects that you lead.

Strong interest in the music business and growing at Big Machine Label Group.

To apply, please e-mail resume to


Job Title: Catalog Curator

Department:  Marketing

Direct Report: EVP, Label Operations

Indirect Report: COO

Position Overview

Big Machine Records is seeking exceptional candidates.  For the right candidate, this will present the opportunity for career growth, development, and expansion of professional, entertainment industry skills.

Essential Job Functions

  • Identify and substantiate playlist hypotheses, i.e. the perfect running playlist or music for a date night or a dinner with friends.
  • Curate and maintain a large number of varied playlists.
  • Proactively look for DSP users that are also great curators.
  • Analyze analytics and performance indicators of your own work.
  • Work with International Team and cross-functional teams to progress towards various content objectives.
  • Write music articles, perform interviews around music and lifestyle moments and various topics to support our “You Have To Hear This” initiative.


  • A passion for music in multiple genres.
  • Perfect English is a must for this position. Both speaking and writing.
  • Excellent knowledge of Global music and culture.
  • A keen sense of what makes music appropriate for different situations, and an ability to identify great songs to fit.
  • A strong understanding of and experience with multiple platforms as a user and fan.
  • Team spirit, excellent work ethic, and friendly and warm attitude…BMLG is a very close-knit family!
  • Exceptional verbal communication and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work with and respond to analytics.
  • Keen attention to detail.
  • Strong propensity to take initiative and thrive on change.
  • Ability to work with cross-functional, multi-geo teams toward mutual objectives.
  • Experience in programming music, or work in the music industry could prove interesting, but is not a key requirement.
  • The right person will have a relevant background from the music industry (our competitors, partners, music labels or radio/tv) and also professional experience in working with curating playlists and interacting with other playlist curators.

To apply, please e-mail resume to


If you are interested in working at Big Machine Label Group, please contact us via the webform here and select “Employment” under “Subject.”