Cover Art Courtesy of Big Machine Records

NASHVILLE, TN (April 30, 2021) – Odenton, Maryland native Jackson Dean isn’t like most of the other young male Country acts. Steeped in real life, selling out Maryland’s famed Ram’s Head and Union Jacks while still in high school, the 20-year-old songwriter has a raw knuckle approach to music. A little more complicated, a little more thrown down, the singer/songwriter is unafraid to be himself in his debut collection JACKSON DEAN out via Big Machine Records. Listen HERE.

In his self-titled collection, Jackson captures the granular reality of the life he’s lived without dropping into cliches or bloated bravado. The result is a kind of Country that’s rough on the outside, seeking when you listen and grounded in real instruments played with a sense of purpose. 

Not one to apologize for where he’s been or what he’s done, everything he sings or brings to the table is about showing people how real music can be, whether through the terse “Don’t Come Lookin’,” the haunted and vulnerable “Fearless,” the sweeping tortured grasp of “Love You Anymore,” the Shovels & Rope kind of vibe of “Don’t Take Much,” or the moody “Wings.”

Dean’s debut project has the terseness of a grown man maintaining honesty in the strain of how hard life can be. With a minimal lyric, his earthy baritone echoes with both loneliness and a hunger to rise above.

1. “Don’t Come Lookin’” | Jackson Dean, Luke Dick
2. “Fearless” | Jackson Dean, Luke Dick, Jonathan Scott Sherwood
3. “Love You Anymore” | Jackson Dean, Brian Bunn, Phillip Lammonds
4. “Don’t Take Much” | Jackson Dean, Marv Green, JT Harding
5. “Wings” | Jackson Dean, Park Chisolm