WATCH: “Heavens To Betsy (Live At The Ryman)”

ACM New Male Artist of the Year Nominee to Perform “Fearless” on The Kelly Clarkson Show April 18

NASHVILLE, TN (April 14, 2023) –Fresh off receiving an ACM Awards nomination for New Male Artist of the YearJackson Dean today shares his spellbinding Live At the Ryman album (via Big Machine Records). Taking listeners to church as he seamlessly fuses his thoughtful writing, powerhouse vocals, stage savvy and electric energy across the eight-song set, Dean reaffirms he is a “sensation-in-the-making” (American Songwriter) and deserving of his recent windfall of industry recognition. Flowing exactly as it did on the iconic Ryman Auditorium stage, the reigning MusicRow Breakout Artist of the Year shares the magic of his live show, where his talent truly soars, as he rips through his catalog with a “style that contains zero electronic trickery” (Journal Star).
The 35-minute album whizzes by as Dean grips the Mother Church with rousing performances of songs from his critically acclaimed debut album, Greenbroke, in addition to two previously unreleased tracks, the show staple written with his longtime band members, “1971” and the highly-demanded “Heavens To Betsy.” Flipping the old-fashioned idiom into a more literal interpretation, “Heavens To Betsy” was written as a late father’s attempt to make amends with his daughter from the great beyond. Starting out as a stoic admission backed by acoustic guitar, the chorus comes in with an almost angelic five-part harmony before bursting into the second verse as it continues to build in intensity.  A crowd favorite at his live shows, fans have been begging for a recorded version of the heartfelt tune—and Dean is delivering in the exact style they’ve come to know—live and full of vigor.

Watch Heavens To Betsy (Live At The Ryman)” HERE.
Listen to the Live At The Ryman album HERE.

“Every night the boys and I put on a show that is all flesh and bone. We have an idea of a set list but as far as the music goes it’s purely fueled by the attitude and energy in the air and the Ryman was an atmosphere that will stick with me forever,” said Jackson. “Those versions of ‘Wings’ and ‘Heavens To Betsy’ might be my favorite passes we’ve ever done. I’m grateful to be sharing those moments with the rest of the world.” 
One of the fastest-rising talents in Country music right now, in the past two weeks alone, in addition to releasing Live At The Ryman and its accompanying videos, Jackson has:

  • Earned an ACM Awards nomination for New Male Artist Of The Year
  • Been selected as an Apple Music Country Riser
  • Announced he will be performing on The Kelly Clarkson Show on April 18
  • Made his CMT Music Awards debut, complete with a performance and nomination
  • Premiered the epic music video for “Fearless (The Echo)
  • Been announced as part of the Opry Nextstage Class of 2023

The 22-year-old’s current single, Fearless (The Echo) was the Most Added upon its impact on Country radio and is currently climbing through the charts. The track was lauded by Billboard as “an honest, desperate, manly expression of the life-changing power of his mate” saying “the verses harness a Waylon Jennings-like gruffness in his lower range while the chorus showcases a Chris Cornell-ish ferocity in Dean’s upper reaches” and is the follow up to his history-making debut single “Don’t Come Lookin’.


Live At The Ryman Track List:
1. “Greenbroke (Live at the Ryman)” | Jackson Dean, Jeff Hyde
2. “Trailer Park (Live at the Ryman)” | Jackson Dean, Cary Barlowe, Jesse Frasure
3. “Fearless (Live at the Ryman)” | Jackson Dean, Luke Dick, Jonathan Scott Sherwood
4. “Wings (Live at the Ryman)” | Jackson Dean, Park Chisolm
5. “Heavens To Betsy (Live at the Ryman)” | Jackson Dean, Benjy Davis, Driver Williams
6. “1971 (Live at the Ryman)” | Jackson Dean, Brandon Aksteter, Rich Kolm, Sean Mercer
7. “Don’t Come Lookin’ (Live at the Ryman)” | Jackson Dean, Luke Dick
8. “Red Light (Metal Version / Live at the Ryman)” | Jackson Dean, Jonathan Scott Sherwood, Ryan Tyndell
More information including tour dates can be found at www.JacksonDeanMusic.com.