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NASHVILLE, TN (December 21, 2021) – After landing inclusion in The New York Times’ “Best Albums of 2021” year-end list and amassing tens of millions of streams, rising Country phenomenon Kidd G is set to expand his critically acclaimed debut album, with a special Deluxe Edition on December 24. 


He re-energizes the original with four new tracks just in time for the holidays. Among those, his forthcoming track “I Don’t Wanna” highlights his uncanny ability to bust, break, and blend genres like no other, taking Country into uncharted territory time and time again. 


DOWN HOME BOY has emerged as a homegrown phenomenon unto itself. Beyond generating 15 million-plus streams on Spotify, The New York Times championed it “the year’s best country debut album.” The Honey Pop raved “blending elements of genres like old-school country, hip-hop, and pop, he breaks the barriers of being stuck to any particular area of music,” while Country Swag described it as “like nothing you have ever listened to before.”


As the project only continues to generate plays in the millions and gain traction among tastemakers, Kidd G serves up the definitive vision of his debut with DOWN HOME BOY: GONE SINCE LAST OCTOBER (DELUXE). Pre-save and pre-order HERE


Co-writing each song on the 18-track collection, the deluxe highlights Kidd G’s Southern roots and relatability with the slice-of-life songwriting his fans have come to know and love. In addition to his debut radio single “Summer In A Small Town” and recently released favorites “Paper Hearts (F-150),” and “Whiskey & Wine” the album also features “If Heaven Had A Phone,” which generated a huge fan response on his first headline tour which wrapped this Fall.  


Down Home Boy: Gone Since Last October Official Track List: 

1.    “I Don’t Wanna” | Morgan O’Connor, William Keating, Michael Robinson, Jake Saghi, Blake Redferrin, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
2.    “Last October” | Mike Woods, Kevin White, Marc Scibilia, Jake Saghi, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
3.    “Use A Drink” | Juan Guerrieri-Maril, Nicole Spooner, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
4.    “Only 16” | Nicholas Thompson, Jake Mark Sordelet, Joseph Boyden, Jacob Saghi, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
5.    “Down Home Boy” | Chris Destefano, Rhett Atkins, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
6.    “Paper Hearts (F-150)” | Jesse Frasure, Ernest Smith, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
7.    “What It’s Like” | Kyle Fishman, Ben Hayslip, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
8.    “If Heaven Had A Phone” | Bonnie Dymond, Jake Saghi, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
9.    “2000 & IDK” | Johann Elliot, Bonnie Dymond, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
10.  “Break Up Song” | Simon Jonasson, Nicole Spooner, Juan Guerrieri-Maril, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
11.  “Whiskey & Wine” | Bonnie Dymond, Christopher Luc Nyhus, Dantavius Walker, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
12.  “I Think I Love Her” | John Charles Reno Prentice, Jake Rose, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
13.  “Summer In A Small Town” | John Thomas “J.T.” Harding, Rhett Atkins, Jacob Rice, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
14.  “Ordinary Girl” | Morgan O’Connor, William Keating, Blake Hubbard, Jarrod Ingram, Jacob Saghi, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
15.  “UNKNWN Number” | Bonnie Dymond, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
16.  “You Could Use Me” | Bonnie Dymond, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
17.  “Folks Back Home” | Bonnie Dymond, Lawrence Stoll, Ryan Jeffrey Anderson,  Jonathan Gabriel Horne
18.  “Last Call” | Bonnie Dymond, Jonathan Gabriel Horne


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