Mackenzie Carpenter’s Video for “Huntin’ Season” Double Flips the Script

NASHVILLE, TENN. (October 17, 2022) — Mackenzie Carpenter’s good-time take on “Huntin’ Season” gets the double flip script for the video. Featuring Carpenter and some of her best friends commandeering a dude’s weekend away in her hometown of Hull, Georgia, the pert songwriter’s “Huntin’ Season” clip is a fun-loving, role reversal film. Watch the video here:

Directed by noted fashion photographer and videographer Harper Smith, whose clients include Kate Bosworth, Alexa Chung, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Bruno Mars, Jake Weary, Hilary Duff, Olivia Rodrigo, John Mayer (2021 VMA for Best Rock Video for “Last Train Home”) and Midland with Jon Pardi (2022 CMA Video of the Year nominee “Longneck Way To Go”), the clip harnesses Carpenter’s natural beauty and sense of charm. It also shows a pack of girls four-wheeling, flipping a bass boat, shaking up and shooting beer blasts, laughing and high-fiving.

“When I started talking with Harper about what this video could be, we decided we’d just make the whole hunting experience our own… But in a way that was fun and girly,” says the lithe artist whose followed her own creative path since embarking on making her dream a reality.

In camo garb, Carpenter and her squad take on the outdoor pursuits with all the zeal their male counterparts do. They cavort in the mud, lakes, fields and anywhere else they can stomp, jump or make those big tires fly. One of the girls in the video even brought a four-wheeler that had the ability to float, but when Carpenter confidently drove it into the lake, it ironically sank, providing the cover shot and a riotous memory for all involved. 

With one man left behind, there’s a juxtaposition of “the man of the house” being the target of a spaghetti-tossing toddler. Clearly dumbfounded by the state of being on his own, the young 20-somethings ignore calls, blow off texts and refuse to be lassoed by in-over-their-heads men back home.

“If anybody had a crazy idea, we just went for it. The whole song was about having fun while the men are gone, so, that’s exactly what we did…” Carpenter laughs. 

Produced by Brandon Hood, Carpenter has found a sound that embodies 100% unfiltered joy. Sonically bright, beats that deliver a banging groove, this is a film that’s every bit as frisky and freewheeling as the record. With a romp that adds girl-power to the concept of “Huntin’ Season,” this music video delivers visuals that more than match its sassy lyrics.