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NASHVILLE, TN (October 27, 2023) – SAVANA SANTOS has always been well-versed in the art of transforming angst and heartbreak into pristine, catchy bedroom pop and her innate ability to transmute feelings into music is on full display on her new album 1, out today via The Valory Music Co. Featuring 15 tracks, her full-length solo debut perfectly embodies the modern challenges of coming of age, falling in and out of love and being fiercely honest, even when it hurts. With Santos at the helm of production and songwriting, each track finds her at her best – merging imaginative production and perplexing emotions with her fresh and hypotonic take on the world into an emotive and insatiable soundtrack.


Much of Santos’ debut focuses on one truth: “There are ways you’re supposed to feel about a situation, then there are ways you actually end up feeling and a lot of the times they’re not the same,” she shares. “I think that’s a common theme throughout the album.”

Though each track hits on different memories, each one is tied together by Santos’ goal to not only candidly write about her own life but to be a mirror for listeners who share similar experiences. “Yes, this project was for me to get out all my feelings like a diary but the only reason I want to make music, is to create things that make other people feel seen,” she says. “That’s the only reason that makes it all worth it.”

Santos’ solo effort has been met with widespread praise:

“Savana Santos is a soaring star…” 


“Her captivating soundscapes take the listener on the ins and outs and her most intimate journeys.”


“…Santos doesn’t just wear her heart on her sleeve; she pours her whole humanity out in song.” 


“While Savana Santos’ voice gives off a calming presence, she lyrically flips the script to take accountability.”


“Santos proves once again why she’s become a sought-after artist…”


“…signature crystalline vocals that melt in your soul.”



1” | Written by Savana Santos, Sam Backoff, Jenn Decilveo

messy” | Written by Savana Santos, Julian Bunetta

GOD DAMN” | Written by Savana Santos, Robin Hannibal Moelsted Braun

cheater” | Written by Savana Santos, Madi Diaz, Josh Kerr, Summer Overstreet

bigger man” | Written by Savana Santos, Sam Backoff, Mikey Reaves, Madi Yanofsky

reason” | Written by Savana Santos, Maddy Simmen

(interlude) breaking up with someone is weird” | Written by Savana Santos

die! (featuring Alex Hope)” | Written by Savana Santos, Alex Hope

like a woman” | Written by Savana Santos, Sarah Buxton, Jenn Decilveo

oh my god i’m happy what the fuck” | Written by Savana Santos, Madi Diaz, Maddy Simmen

it’s not you, it’s me” | Written by Savana Santos, Sarah Buxton, Madi Diaz, Karen Fairchild, Ashley Ray, Alysa Vanderheym

idk the title of this cause i’m not calling it ‘vibin’” | Written by Savana Santos, Riley Biederer, Johnny Reno

simple” | Written by Savana Santos, Maddy Simmen, Whakaio Taahi

boring!!!” | Written by Savana Santos, Sam Backoff, Dave Pramik

nogaf” | Written by Savana Santos, Connor McDonough, Riley McDonough

Raised in Quincy, Illinois, Santos has been penning songs since she was just 14, cutting her teeth with visceral, diary-like storytelling. Launching her career as lead vocalist of Avenue Beat, Santos’ love for sharp songwriting led her to production, where she taught herself to craft captivating soundscapes for the viral trio. She co-penned and produced the group’s Top 40 pandemic track “F2020,” which garnered 17M+ views on TikTok and introduced the world to her knack for earnest, witty and devastatingly relatable hits.  Since then, Santos has set her sights on herself and made a name in Nashville working with acts like Bea Miller, Cat Burns, Little Big Town and JP Saxe, among others. For the latest, follow Savana Santos’ journey on Instagram and TikTok.