Hear How Close This Country Boy Is To A Dream In His Newest Track Available Now

NASHVILLE, TN (February 16, 2024) – Rising singer/songwriter Shane Profitt today shares his brand new track, “ Two Down” via BMLG Records.  The new song arrives hot off the trails of his last release, “I Am Who I Am.” and aims to take a turn from a gritty southern anthem to a more laid-back love song, while maintaining the same Country charm as his other projects.

Listen to “Two Down”   HERE

“When compiling songs to cut in the studio, I knew I had beer drinking songs, songs that make you wanna punch a hole through dry wall and songs you’d listen to with the windows down cruising down a backroad. The one thing I was missing was a love song, but I was single at the time. So, I thought about what it would feel like to really love and be really happy in love,” shared Profitt. “I must have manifested it all through the writing process because now I have the most beautiful girl and life couldn’t be better. I feel like I hit the nail on the head.”

The Tennessee born-and-raised artist tells a familiar yet unique story in his latest song. “Two Down” tells how no matter how much you have, it doesn’t mean anything until you have the girl. In this track Profitt tells the story through the eyes of a young farmer who has his land and a good paycheck, but is still missing something, leading to the hook, “Two Down, One to Go.”

Teaming up with legendary songwriter and member of the Peach Pickers, Ben Hayslip and upcomer Jacob Rice, “Two Down” blends elements of classic and modern Country and tells a timeless story of love that all Country fans can relate to. On top of that, they partnered with GRAMMY® Award-winning Producer, Julian Raymond, to give this song a sound that tells you everything you need to know about Profitt.

A salt-of-the-earth southerner with a straight-shooting swagger and kind smile, Shane Profitt’s musical toolbox is full of all-natural talent. At the end of 2021, he was still pulling overtime at his job with the city, busting his back about an hour south of Nashville and living for the weekend — with a few decades left to go. But now, the 23-year-old is rocking sold-out crowds at the historic Ryman Auditorium, earning standing ovations at the Grand Ole Opry, and writing modern Country tunes so genuine, they slip on like a pair of broken-in work boots — because no one has to tell this singer-songwriter what a blue-collar life is all about. Profitt’s journey starts about two years ago, when his grandad asked what he wanted for Christmas and his wish was to learn how to play Hank Jr. songs on the guitar. Beginning with G, C, and D chords, he stuck with it. Gifted with a heavy-duty vocal, Profitt became a regular draw at the popular southern cooking chain, Puckett’s, traveling all over Tennessee to weekend shows while still holding down his job back home. While that made for some long hours, it also led to inspiration for original music. On recent track, “Still Picks Up,” the emerging artist introduces more layers and emotion to his usual feel-good, windows-down sound, storytelling in a way that hits close to home every time. The vulnerable tune follows the debut of his boots-on-the-ground writing style and big, barrel-chested voice on the 3-song collection Maury County Line (BMLG Records/Harpeth 60 Records). With tracks like the hook filled honky tonker “Better Off Fishin’,” chest-thumping charmer “Guys Like Me,” and his hopeful heaven-on-earth Top 15 Country radio single “How It Oughta Be,” it’s clear he puts his life to music — along with the lives of so many others. Keep up with Shane Profitt at