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NASHVILLE, TN (April 16, 2021) – Three-time Grammy® winner and superstar Tim McGraw expands upon his critically acclaimed #1 album HERE ON EARTH with two new digital deluxe versions – HERE ON EARTH Ultimate Edition & HERE ON EARTH Ultimate Video Edition, out now via Big Machine Records. Giving a glimpse into the project, McGraw recently released powerful advance track “God Moves The Pen,” listen here.
The Ultimate Edition features six additional tracks, including “God Moves The Pen,” “Undivided” – McGraw’s latest collaboration with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard – and two additional bonus movie tracks, “Keep Your Eyes on Me” with Faith Hill from the 2017 feature film The Shack and “Gravity” from the 2018 Academy Award ® winning documentary Free Solo. McGraw wrote the former alongside Hill, Lori McKenna and Shane McAnally and the latter with McKenna.
The Ultimate Video Edition includes all tracks on the Ultimate Edition with the addition of videos for six songs: “Here on Earth,” “I Called Mama,” “Gravy,” “Undivided,” “Thought About You,” and “Neon Church.” Full track lists for both albums are below.
McGraw’s original HERE ON EARTH album – his 16th studio album – debuted at #1 on the Billboard Country album chart upon its August 2020 release, marking his 4th straight decade with a #1 album on the Billboard Country Album chart. The album was his 19th worldwide #1 and his 17th U.S. #1, tying him for second most #1 albums in the U.S., just behind George Strait. 
The record offered a collection of songs brought together to create vignettes of shared human emotions such as love, relationships, introspection and fun. HERE ON EARTH Ultimate Edition & Ultimate Video Edition add to the musical tapestry of life presented in the original album, further allowing listeners to connect to each other through the universal language of music.
Additionally, a special edition 12” vinyl of “Undivided” will be available on June 12 for Record Store Day. McGraw and Hubbard’s first live performance of the upbeat and heartfelt collaboration came during the 2021 Celebrating America television special following President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January. Most recently, they released a Director’s Cut version of the song’s music video. 
An acoustic version of McGraw’s hit single “I Called Mama” – originally released in May 2020 – will be on the B-side of the vinyl. The song has continued to serve as a reminder of the importance of home and human connection, especially in the toughest of times.

HERE ON EARTH Ultimate Edition Track List
*indicates video featured on HERE ON EARTH Ultimate Video Edition 
1. LA
2. Chevy Spaceship 
3. Here on Earth*
4. Damn Sure Do
5. Hallelujahville
6. Good Taste In Women
7. Hard to Stay Mad At
8. Sheryl Crow
9. Not From California
10. Hold You Tonight
11. 7500 OBO
12. If I Was A Cowboy
13. I Called Mama*
14. Gravy*
15. War of Art
16. Doggone
17. Undivided / Tim McGraw & Tyler Hubbard*
18. Thought About You*
19. Neon Church*
20. Cuttin’ Onions
21. Truth Is 
22. God Moves the Pen   

Bonus Movie Tracks

23. Keep Your Eyes on Me / Tim McGraw & Faith Hill from feature film The Shack
24. Gravity from Academy Award ® winning documentary “Free Solo”