Single Art Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

NASHVILLE, TN (April 29, 2019) – Three years ago fate stepped in when TYLER RICH caught a glimpse of his free-spirited, now fiancée Sabina Gadecki unabashedly enjoying music at Stagecoach. On Friday (4/26), they returned once again to the Indio festival grounds as he performed a set including new single “Leave Her Wild” that links their random meeting and unfolding love story. The song, available now via The Valory Music Co., expresses just how Tyler sees his beloved … then, now and forever.

Penning the track alongside Chris DeStefano and Jon Nite, Tyler shares, “’Leave Her Wild’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, and I’m so excited to get to share it with the world! Sabina is truly the inspiration, but it’s cool to see how fans are already connecting out on the road. I wrote this song about truly loving somebody for who they are and not trying to change them. So many times, we have our own ideas about how someone should be living their life, rather than just supporting them for who and what they are. If you’re gonna love her … leave her wild.”

With lyrics steeped in the freedom of acceptance, Tyler sings: Don’t tame her, try to chain her, the second you do, you’ll break her / Don’t dull that shine that caught your eye, ‘cause you’re afraid somebody will take her / She ain’t a dial you just turn on and off / She ain’t all found, but she ain’t all that lost / If you’re gonna make her, make her smile, smile / If you’re gonna let her / If you’re gonna let her, let her dance, let her sing / Let her be whatever she wanna be/ Leave her wild. Mixing behind-the-scenes studio footage and clips of “…appreciating the free spiritedness of your partner” (The Boot), watch the first look video: https://TylerRich.lnk.to/LHWvideoPR.

Officially impacting Country radio on May 13, NY Country Swag already notes, “Rich beautifully articulates the importance of always remembering the little things you loved about your person, and to always allow he or she to stay true to themselves.”

Tyler is currently featured in the April Music Issue of Palm Springs Life; read the multi-artist cover here. The Yuba City, CA native has been in the studio and is expected to release more music throughout the year following his SiriusXM chart-topping hit “The Difference.” Rolling Stone called Tyler “the newest member of country music’s radio-minded incoming class, with a homecoming king’s swagger and a valedictorian’s songwriting smarts.” Music lovers can catch Tyler at fairs and festivals throughout the summer; for additional tour dates, visit TylerRich.com.