NASHVILLE, TN (July 28, 2021) – Even through life’s toughest moments, Tyler Rich has always looked to music as a guiding force. Today, the “Better Than You’re Used To” singer/songwriter joins the Dr. Brandt Foundation today for their #SayILoveYou Instagram Live Speaker Series to raise awareness of mental health issues. The powerful conversation with Co-Founder of Sounds of Saving, Charlie Gross offers a message of hope through the power of music and as a way to bring people together. Watch the full livestream here.
Despite increased public awareness around mental health issues like depression and anxiety, lingering stigma means many still avoid openly discussing their personal struggles. Tyler often incorporates themes of self-worth and vulnerability into his music and encourages his fans to remain true to themselves to find their happiness.
“Music is therapy,” Tyler revealed with Charlie, “it’s whatever it needs to be for the listener. There’s a song for everything.”
Tyler further explored how music has impacted his own life with the GMA.com series “Take It From Me.” Through photos of milestone moments, he shares how his passion and support from a community of loved ones led to personal development and career success, plus how he raises awareness for local animal shelters. Watch here
Over the last year, Tyler has used this time to create and connect virtually with fans. His debut album TWO THOUSAND MILES (The Valory Music Co.) reflects all of the feelings people have in common – the needs for acceptance, devotion and places to call their own. After multiple Covid-19 delays, he will hit the road this Fall for headline dates up and down the West Coast with his TWO THOUSAND MILES TOUR in addition to joining Chris Lane for the FILL THEM BOOTS tour. Visit TylerRich.com  for dates or follow on Instagram and TikTok.
ABOUT THE DR. BRANDT FOUNDATION: The Dr. Brandt Foundation is dedicated to supporting the mental health and well-being of diverse and underserved communities and to bring awareness to mental health issues such as depression and suicide prevention. The Foundation was established in 2015, in loving memory of the late Dr. Fredric Brandt, who took his own life following a severe, largely silent struggle with depression. In his honor, the Foundation works to destigmatize conversations around mental health so that no one is afraid to seek help, while providing tangible, accessible mental health support to those in need, online and in real life. Explore more at www.drbrandtfoundation.org.
#SayILoveYou SPEAKER SERIES: The Dr. Brandt Foundation’s #SayILoveYou speaker series aims to create safe spaces and normalize open conversations about mental health. The Foundation invites mental health professionals, high-profile individuals, and diverse community leaders to discuss various mental health topics, share personal stories, and offer advice on coping.