“Looking to re-create some Warped Tour memories… or at least the time you scream-shouted “good 4 u” with your friends? Siblings Lauren and Spencer Carr Reed have you covered” (Billboard)

NASHVILLE, TN (January 27, 2022) –Violet Saturn today released their debut album All the Cool Kids via Big Machine/John Varvatos Records. The young Rock duo made up of siblings Lauren (17) and Spencer (20) Carr Reed have teased fans with several tracks leading into the album’s release which have garnered praise for setting “some high expectations of their debut album” (Sweety High) as they “summon the raw energy and provocations of Pop-Punk and Classic Rock with a fresh twist” (E! Online). Recently included in Billboard’s list of “10 Cool New Pop Songs to Get You Through The Week,” the new fusion of sounds, written by the siblings themselves, could just be what music fans need to get through the lull in new Olivia Rodrigo tunes. 
Across the album, Violet Saturn shares their wisdom and talents beyond their years with songs that can speak to Rock audiences that extend far past their fellow Gen Zers. With the danceable yet moody “All the Cool Kids” setting the tone (and title) with its nonconformal, reflective and disaffected spirit, the pair tackle the disillusions of the real world and some of the ugly yet relatable truths about life’s disappointments and perspectives. As they take a shot at the conventional cool kids, they inadvertently challenge the status quo and are carving out their own path as the new cool kids, as outlets like Sweety High saying “With their playful yet poetic brand of Pop-Punk… Violet Saturn is quickly becoming a standout in the genre.”

Listen to All the Cool Kids HERE.

“I can’t believe All the Cool Kids is actually out there in the universe! We’ve been writing these songs since I was 13 and Spencer was 16 so it’s insane and really exciting that we are finally sharing them with the world,” said Lauren. “The album is really a musical diary of our teenage years—facing the struggles of being young, growing up, expectations, acceptance and all of the feelings that go with it.”
“No matter the age or individual journey, it’s safe to say that there are certain elements we’ve all collectively experienced during our adolescence—whether these songs tap into some sort of nostalgic feeling from youth or folks are in the thick of it now, I hope they can relate to it in a fresh new way…and jam out to it,” added Spencer. “Sonically, we tried to keep people on their toes and buried a twist in each song—I don’t want to spoil it for anybody, so I’ll just say definitely make sure to listen to the end of ‘Over.’”
Produced by the siblings as well as Julian Raymond, All the Cool Kids with its brash, Pop-Punk vibe is an undeniable blend of the duo’s many influences including Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Lana Del Rey and No Doubt. Filled with an extra dose of angst and frustration, the collection of songs was undoubtedly influenced by period in which they were written—while stuck at home in the pandemic, suspended from performing each week. Initially written on a home computer, when recording the final project, the Southern California natives turned to heavy hitters like drummer Josh Freese (Devo, Guns N’ Roses, Paramore) and bassist Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction, Alanis Morissette) to help bring the fun, vibrant yet heavy songs to life. 
On January 28, Violet Saturn will celebrate their album release with an all-ages show at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. For more information and tour dates, please visit

All The Cool Kids Track Listing:
1. “Who Is She?” Lauren Carr Reed, Spencer Carr Reed
2. “All The Cool Kids” | Lauren Carr Reed, Spencer Carr Reed
3. “This Feeling” | Lauren Carr Reed, Spencer Carr Reed
4. “Love U Madly” | Lauren Carr Reed, Spencer Carr Reed
5. “Over” | Lauren Carr Reed, Spencer Carr Reed
6. “U Should Go” | Lauren Carr Reed, Spencer Carr Reed
7. “Say Goodbye” | Lauren Carr Reed, Spencer Carr Reed, Joe Rickard
8. “Young And Dumb” Lauren Carr Reed, Spencer Carr Reed, Joe Rickard